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0006659JEDI VCL99 Otherpublic2019-08-06 09:15
ReporterdcabaleAssigned Toobones 
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Summary0006659: Captcha v1 shutdown in JCL/JVCL news portal (
DescriptionHi all,
the JCL/JVCL news portal ( is unavailable for posting new posts, because the reCAPTCHA is shutdown.
Please reactivate.
Additional InformationIf this portal is now in read-only mode, what will be its replacer?
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2019-05-12 14:00

reporter   ~0021826

The portal is not in read only mode! Only the web interface is.

If you use a NNTP based newsreader application like Mozilla Thunderbird or Xananews you can still post!

2019-05-13 10:02


13-05-2019 10-01-20.jpg (180,014 bytes)
13-05-2019 10-01-20.jpg (180,014 bytes)


2019-05-13 10:04

reporter   ~0021834

Then, why do you allow this page -> (13-05-2019 10-01-20.jpg) to make believe to the user, he can post?


2019-05-13 10:41

reporter   ~0021835

To fix this issue, you just need to get a v2 captcha from google, get 2 new keys (one public, one private), and upload some new javascript.

You also need to specify the hostname of the sites you will use it on.

Client side (html) config:

Server side config:

There is no cost to use it.


2019-06-15 16:22

reporter   ~0021860

If you read the newsgroups lately they're setting up new servers and by this they hopefully fix these captcha issues. Just not sure how far they are with this.


2019-08-06 09:15

administrator   ~0021875

Our infrastructure has been upgraded, which means the newsportal is back. It has some quirks, but it's working right now.

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