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0000084JEDI VCL02 Installationpublic2002-09-08 23:56
Reporteruser81Assigned Touser72 
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Summary0000084: Add Install.bat to JVCL
DescriptionFrom Ralf Grenzing <>:

There is another point which I want to mention: As you most
probably know the JCL 1.2 is distributed with an install.bat
which integrates the help file and some paths in Delphi. I think this would be very convenient for the JVCL release, too! I think a pack which includes the latest JCL and JVCL would be very convenient, too.
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has duplicate 0000085 closeduser72 Provide Installation package for JCL and JVCL 



2002-07-03 15:46


I am working on adding an install program to the next release. From this a more capable installation can be built. So, stay tuned!!!


2002-08-18 08:47


Petr Vons has modified the JCL installer to also install the other parts of JEDI (like JVCL), so no separate installer will be created for JVCL

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