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0000907JEDI VCL03 Donationspublic2003-07-12 01:56
ReporterobonesAssigned Touser72 
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Summary0000907: TAVICap : Integrate your webcam in Delphi
DescriptionHi !

You'll find attached to this report a zip file containing my TAVICap component which allows you to integrate a webcam into your Delphi application. Actually, it relies on the AVICap library and so allows you to use every image capture source defined in Windows (the one on your TV card for instance).
All you have to do is install the package and drop the component on a form.
Have a look at the example, it creates the component dynamically so that you don't have to install it.
Of course, the code is not well documented, doesn't respect JVCL guidelines and requires property editors for the driver part, but I could add this if you're interested in this component.
Let me know on my email (obones at meloo dot com)
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2003-05-19 12:55


Thanks. Please note that new components won't likely be added for quite some time yet as we want to restructure the JVCl before we add any new stuff. In the meantime, you could spend your time rewriting to JVCL standards :) This applies equally to other donations. BTW: you stand a beter chance of having your donations integrated if they are easy for us to add. Oh, and some help won't hurt either (descriptions of properties and events in the source is fine if you don't have the time to create full-fledged cross-referenced help documents...)


2003-07-12 01:56


Added to JVCL3

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