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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0006514100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2016-08-04Change TJvRichEdit.Alignment at runtime does not work
   0006484200 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2016-08-04TJvFilenameEdit, paint issue when disabled and placed on JvWizard page
   0006513502 Installationmajorresolved2016-08-03unable to install into delphi 10.1 berlin
   00064365JclGraphicscrashresolved2016-08-03Crash in JvPaintFX.pas
   0005909200 JVCL Componentsminoracknowledged2016-04-01RegExpr-validator is broken
   0006499 00 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2016-03-11jvGnuGetText does not work in 64bit with runtime packages
   0006476102 Installationmajorresolved2015-12-12Unable to compile with XP Theming enabled
   0006457100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2015-12-12TJvSpinEdit handles minus sign incorrectly
   0006473300 JVCL Componentsblockresolved2015-12-12TJvCPUUsage no longer in JVCL !
   0006464100 JVCL Componentsfeatureresolved2015-12-10Patch to customize Hint of the JvOutlookBar to whichever TAction the mouse is over
   0006470100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2015-12-10TJvLinkLabel Out of system resources
   0006478100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2015-12-10JvDebugHandler generates the stack trace information with a spelling error!!!
   0006479100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2015-12-10Crash in TDataSet due to bug in TJvDbGrid
   0006452302 Installationblockresolved2015-09-27Install 32-bit still fails in Delphi10Seattle with BDE installed.
   0006372100 JVCL Componentsfeatureresolved2015-09-27Jvrollout appearance with vcl styles
   0006451202 Installationblockresolved2015-09-27Install 32-bit fails in Delphi10Seattle with BDE installed.
   0006312500 JVCL Componentsblockresolved2015-09-21The correct support for x64 platform
   0005980302 Installationtrivialresolved2015-09-21redundant loop body
   0005969200 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2015-09-21Reading a readonly property raises an exception
   0005942100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2015-09-21TJvCustomOfficeColorButton show dropdown window at wrong position on second monitor
   0005937300 JVCL Componentstweakresolved2015-09-21TJvComboEdit unpublished properties NumbersOnly and TexhHint
   00059262Miscellanousmajorresolved2015-09-21TJvHidDeviceController memory leak.
   0005923200 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2015-09-21TJvCustomURLGrabber can save a file of 0 size if internet connection not available.
   0005920100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2015-09-21jvcolorbutton rendering broken on Enabled toggling
   00058941600 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2015-09-21HID EControllerError: Device cannot be opened
   0005850500 JVCL Componentscrashresolved2015-09-21Incorrect fix of the issue "Mantis 5818" in JvDBGrid.pas
   0006423100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2015-09-21TJvCsvStream: Wrong type in GetFileSizeEx() declaration
   0006421100 JVCL Componentscrashresolved2015-09-21JclCompression: Wrong type declaration (Crash on x64 with bound check enabled)
   0006412100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2015-09-21TJvSpinEdit bound exception when using vtString
   0006408100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2015-09-21JVCL 3.48 Installer fails with JCL version error
   0006406 00 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2015-09-21TJvInterpreterProgram can not handle xor correctly
   0006390100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2015-09-21JVCL 3.48 - DWORD_PTR type problem with Delphi 7
   0006389100 JVCL Componentscrashresolved2015-09-21JvGroupBox crashes when checkable, unchecked and navigating with shift+tab
   0006387200 JVCL Componentsblockresolved2015-09-21JvHidControllerClass compile failed with Delphi 7
   0006379 04 Feature Requestfeatureresolved2015-09-21Select Encoding in LoadFromCSV & SaveToCSV functions
   0006378 00 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2015-09-21Error in TJvRichEdit
   0006377 00 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2015-09-21Access violation in JvDBGridSelectColumnForm
   0006368100 JVCL Componentsblockresolved2015-09-21JVCL Install cannot continue
   0006367102 Installationcrashresolved2015-09-21Incompatible Types TJclWaitResults and TWaitResults
   0006363100 JVCL Componentsblockresolved2015-09-21JvRichEdit.pas compile error caused by DWORD_PTR is undefined.
   0006355 00 JVCL Componentscrashresolved2015-09-21TJvHidDeviceController crash due to premature DLL unloading
   0006342 00 JVCL Componentstweakresolved2015-09-21Disappearing buttons in JvScrollBox
   0006339100 JVCL Componentscrashresolved2015-09-21installation error
   0006335102 Installationblockresolved2015-09-21Not able not install JvOutlookBar.pas
   0006334102 Installationmajorresolved2015-09-21Installation failes with compiler error on JVOutlookbar.pas
   0006331100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2015-09-21VFW header translation incorrectly uses packed records
   0006327102 Installationblockresolved2015-09-21Installer does'nt compile and aborts
   0006316403 Donationsfeatureresolved2015-09-21Add area graphs to TJvChart
  0006315200 JVCL Componentstrivialresolved2015-09-21double ( redundant ) calculation of ClientRect in TJvCheckBox.CalcAutoSize
   0006313102 Installationtrivialresolved2015-09-21JvDBLookup.pas fails to compile on Delphi 7 when JVCLThemesEnabled enabled
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