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0001090JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-01-29 10:29
ReporterddonatiAssigned Toobones 
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Summary0001090: TJvHttpGrabber Problem with Dynamic Pages
DescriptionTJvHttpGrabber does not work for pages produced by Perl (and other?) scripts (e.g., but it works fine for static pages (e.g.
Additional InformationIn the OnError event, ErrorMsg is equal to '' (empty string).
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2003-08-20 03:50

administrator   ~0002441

Well, I just created a blank application, dropped a TJvHttpGrabber on it, used the OnDoneStream event to read the result and place it in a memo.
I tested it with both URLs, and I got the result perfectly ok in both cases.
And now error at all.
The test was done with the latest version found in CVS which hasn't been modified since the 27th of July this year.
However, you may want to have a look at bug 0000493 for which the latest change provided a change.


2003-08-20 12:20

reporter   ~0002443

Probably should have mentioned that I'm using the version of the component contained in

Made the change suggested in bug 0000493, this had no effect.

Where would I go under the CSV to get the latest version of all the files required by this component?


2003-08-20 15:40


>Where would I go under the CSV to get the latest version of all the files required by this component?
See the news item titled "How to get JVCL3" at


2003-08-26 09:56

reporter   ~0002459

Just tested this with the latest version of TJvHttpGrabber and it worked fine for both static and dynamic web pages.


2003-08-26 19:01

administrator   ~0002463

Good to know that it now works for you.
This bug is now solved.

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