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0002733JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-11-22 09:17
ReportermarcgeldonAssigned To 
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Product Version3.00 BETA 2 
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Summary0002733: JvDBTreeView - ReadOnly does not work on Drag'n'Drop
DescriptionIf JvDBTreeView is set to ReadOnly = True, it's possible to drag and drop the treenodes and JvDBTreeView tries to change things in the connected dataset.

Best wishes from Germany,

Marc Geldon

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parent of 0003214 resolvedAHUser Different TJvDBTreeView bugs (with bugfix) 
related to 0002725 closed JvDBTreeVIew - Bug in procedure DeleteNode 



2005-03-10 00:32

reporter   ~0006666

Here is the procedure which has to be changed. We have to check in "DragOver" if the component is set to readonly. This is done now here:

procedure TJvCustomDBTreeView.DragOver(Source: TObject; X, Y: Integer;
  State: TDragState; var Accept: Boolean);
  Node: TTreeNode;
  HT: THitTests;
  inherited DragOver(Source, X, Y, State, Accept);

  if (ValidDataSet and
    (DragMode = dmAutomatic) and
    (not FDataLink.ReadOnly) and
    (not ReadOnly) and
    (not Accept)) then
    HT := GetHitTestInfoAt(X, Y);
    Node := GetNodeAt(X, Y);
    Accept := (Source = Self) and Assigned(Selected) and
      (Node <> Selected) and Assigned(Node) and
      not Node.HasAsParent(Selected) and
      (HT - [htOnLabel, htOnItem, htOnIcon, htNowhere, htOnIndent, htOnButton] <> HT);
    YDragPos := Y;
    TimerDnD.Enabled := ((Y < DnDScrollArea) or (Y > ClientHeight - DnDScrollArea));


2005-03-10 00:55

reporter   ~0006669

TAKE THE ATTACHED FILE! It has the correct DeleteNode and DragOver procedure. Please check and respond. Thank you very much in advance.

2005-03-10 00:56


JvDBTreeView.pas (39,175 bytes)


2005-05-18 09:42

administrator   ~0007224

Could you elaborate a bit more?
Ideally, a small demo application would be even better.


2005-05-22 09:41

reporter   ~0007299

I have told everything you need to know. If you know the JvDBTreeView, it should be no problem.

If you still need further informations, contact me!

Please don't forget: it's a heavy bug on that component!

Best wishes from Germany,

Marc Geldon


2005-05-24 08:29

administrator   ~0007337

Yeah well, I don't use DB related components usually in my applications, and I've never really used the JvDBTreeview.
Further to this, if I ask you to create a sample application, it is to make you help us pinpoint where the problem lies.
I understand it is easier to simply tell me to "find for myself", but thing is, I don't have enough time to simply figure out a simple way to reproduce the bug, while you, as a user can do this.


2005-09-22 04:08

reporter   ~0007955

This bug does still exist. I will create a demo application for you and merge my changes into the actual source code from today.


2005-09-22 05:51

reporter   ~0007960

ATTENTION! This bug is no longer actual. Check out bug no. 0003214 with different bugs I found on the component "JvDBTreeView".


2005-11-22 09:17

administrator   ~0008137

See 3214

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