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0003214JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-11-22 04:45
ReportermarcgeldonAssigned ToAHUser 
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Product Version3.00 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.10 
Summary0003214: Different TJvDBTreeView bugs (with bugfix)

I've found different bugs in the TJvDBTreeView component. I will provide an demo application and a bug-fixed version of the current JvDBTreeView.pas.

So here are the bugs:
- there is a worse bug in the procedure DeleteNode. Here is how you can produce it: mark a treenode and delete it, the selection (in the treeview) jumps to the next treenode. BUT ONLY THE SELECTION, not the dataset! So if you would press CTRL+DEL again, you delete the right treenode in the treeview, but you delete the wrong data row.

- if you call procedure "Change2" with nil, you'll get a bad exception.

- function "CanEdit" ignored the "ReadOnly" property from the treeview.

- it was possible to drag'n'drop treenodes, also if "ReadOnly" was true.

- If someone edit the dataset and changed the value from the JvDBTreeView DetailField to NULL (which is the StartMasterValue), then the Destination Treenode is nil (this is correct), but in the procedure "TJvDBTreeNode.MoveTo" we try to access the destination treenode. So we also get a bad exception message here. (You'll only get the exception if the children you'll edit in the dataset is also visible in the DBTreeview).

All these bugs are fixed now. Try these things with the version from today (2005-09-22) from the CVS. And then try my new version.

The component seems to be very stable after all that fixes. But it still has one big problem: you should not edit the data in the dataset directly. The treeview does not work with all changes.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes from Germany,

Marc Geldon
Additional InformationThis bug is related to bug no. 0002733 and 0002725. So if you close this bug, don't forget these ones.
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child of 0002733 closed JvDBTreeView - ReadOnly does not work on Drag'n'Drop 
child of 0002725 closed JvDBTreeVIew - Bug in procedure DeleteNode 


2005-09-22 05:42


DBTreeview Test and bugfixed (12,473 bytes)

2005-09-22 05:43


JvDBTreeView (bugfixed version).pas (40,240 bytes)


2005-09-22 05:48

reporter   ~0007958

If you edit the data in the dataset directly, not all changes do work (JvDBTreeView will not show them correctly). The best thing to refresh the JvDBTreeView is to disconnect and reconnect the DataSource. This is the way I'll do it, if I have heavy changes in the dataset directly:

  JvDBTreeView.DataSource := nil;
  JvDBTreeView.DataSource := DataSource1;


2005-11-16 02:09

reporter   ~0008088

Can somebody check this and add it to CVS? There is a fix for this bug! Not much work to do.


2005-11-22 04:45

developer   ~0008113

Added to CVS.

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