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0006733JEDI Code LibraryJclSysInfopublic2022-01-21 17:50
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Summary0006733: Module doesn't compile under Delphi 7
DescriptionDeprecation details and inline are not supported under Delphi 7.
Suggested changes in the attachment.
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Fixed in GIT commit
Fixed in SVN revision
IDE version7


2021-11-05 07:04


JclSysInfo.pas (239,131 bytes)


2022-01-21 17:50

reporter   ~0022020


Installing JCL components does not work by running the 'Install.bat' file.
As mentioned by the author there are some errors.

Delphi IDE ver.: Delphi 7.0 (Build 8.1)
Git branch: Master, last commit 2021-11-10 17:58:22, 3047f7eb64804a630086f98d3eda23294aec9178

     1. JclSysInfo.pas(347) Error: Declaration expected but string constant found | In lines: 347..354
     2. JclSysInfo.pas(1546) Error: Declaration expected but 'INLINE' found | In lines: 1546, 1551, 1556, 1561

After correcting the specified lines, incorrect behavior does not occur. 'JediInstaller.exe' starts when
you run the 'Install.bat' file.

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