Released 2009-08-27
0004866: [00 JVCL Components] Suggestion for JvXPBar and JvDBLookup (obones)
0004864: [00 JVCL Components] JvSpeedButton AV (AHUser)
0004897: [00 JVCL Components] JvCSVDataset problem with comma inside string (AHUser)
0004877: [00 JVCL Components] TJvRichEditToHtml under Delphi 2009 (AHUser)
0004874: [00 JVCL Components] I found a bug in TJvXPButton. I noticed a interesting detail. (AHUser)
0004900: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCsvDataSet, when loading, does'nt parse correctly text that contains a comma (AHUser)
0004898: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDirectoryEdit.PopupDropDown lost call for BrowseForFolder if DialogKind is dkWin32 (obones)
0004893: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDirectoryEdit does not respect DialogKind property (obones)
0004826: [00 JVCL Components] JvMemoryData when used as lookup source fails to locate key (TDBLookupComboBox) FIX provided (obones)
0004892: [03 Donations] jvcl.po: Improvement of italian translation (obones)
0004895: [02 Installation] Can't install on Delphi 6 (pro) with Themeing enabled (obones)
0004896: [00 JVCL Components] Installation on Delphi 6 (pro) fails (obones)
0004754: [00 JVCL Components] [TJvComboEdit] button not well placed (obones)
0004882: [00 JVCL Components] TJvListBox doesn't respect lbOwnerDrawFixed (obones)
0004582: [04 Feature Request] Add another float display with the TJvValidateEdit (obones)
0004732: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDesignSurface: when you click on the surface panel it does not focus (obones)
0004873: [00 JVCL Components] TJVCheckedComboBox - Items in TextBox should be in same order as the items in the Popup List (obones)
0004872: [00 JVCL Components] Right click in TJvCheckedCombBox causes Stack Overflow.when Popup window open. (obones)
0004776: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCheckedComboBox DropDownLines is not respected When Columns > 1 (obones)
0004867: [00 JVCL Components] TJvXPBar causes access violation when Actions are removed at runtime (obones)
0004876: [02 Installation] HidToken and HidUsage units are missing in Lib\xx directories (obones)
0004868: [00 JVCL Components] JvRichEditToHtml incorrectly converts bullets with alignment (obones)
0004860: [04 Feature Request] Extension for TJvShFileOperation (obones)
0004862: [00 JVCL Components] JvPluginManager Linker Error - C++ Builder (obones)
0004304: [00 JVCL Components] TJvContentScroller cannot scroll left or right, only up and down (obones)
0004276: [00 JVCL Components] TJvContentScroller delay (obones)
0004332: [00 JVCL Components] Wrong error message with TJvDBDateTimePicker when Null value with NullText (obones)
0003953: [00 JVCL Components] autohide dock forms ( style) are shown wrong if their poperty "position" set to "paMainFormCenter" (obones)
0004842: [00 JVCL Components] JvProgramVersionCheck fails to compile (obones)
0004840: [00 JVCL Components] TJvScrollMaxBand.CollapsedHeight returns incorrect value if the button is not visible... (obones)
0004836: [00 JVCL Components] Too many GetTempPath encapsulations (obones)
0004669: [00 JVCL Components] [TJvDBMaskEdit] 3.36 when modify a date or datetime DB field you get an EConvertError (obones)
0004679: [00 JVCL Components] ?? ???????????????? ?????? ????????? ? JvCheckedComboBox (obones)
0004682: [00 JVCL Components] TJvValidateEdit: Issues with DisplayFormat of dfFloat with DecimalPlaces (obones)
0004635: [00 JVCL Components] Under non unicode versions of Delphi AppStorage classes may fail to properly save / reload unicode strings (obones)
0004816: [00 JVCL Components] JvCaptionButton draws incorrectly with minimized bsToolWindow (obones)
0004809: [00 JVCL Components] JvBehaviorLabel scrolls right to left in design but always runs left to right when compiled (obones)
0004833: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTimer thread appeareance must be recoded (obones)
0004824: [00 JVCL Components] TJVComboBox does not sort associated objects when sorted (obones)
0004848: [02 Installation] Package JvNetD12R fails to load if USE_3RDPARTY_INDY10 is active (obones)
0004817: [00 JVCL Components] TJVTimer incompatibility with TTimer (obones)
0004779: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCalcEdit basic notification failure and TJvSpinEdit bug (obones)
0004725: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTabDefaultPainter Incorrectly Rotating Text (obones)
0004764: [00 JVCL Components] TJvScrollText: when the property ScrollDirection is valued to drFromRight or drFromLeft, the scrolling text may be cut (obones)
0004763: [00 JVCL Components] Behaviour is inverted for values drFromRight and drFromLeft in the ScrollDirection property (obones)
0004766: [00 JVCL Components] TJvScrollText: Code donation to provide events to TJvScrollText (obones)
0004765: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGridFooter Recalc (obones)
0004675: [00 JVCL Components] [TJvCustomCsvDataSet] procs. GetFileName + Flush: must not raise exception when FTableName = '' (obones)
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