Released 2026-03-14
The current development version, from the GitHub repository or a daily snapshot. If taken from a daily, please indicate the date in the comment.
0006706: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid.EditControls is not working properly. (AHUser)
0006770: [Miscellanous] function TJclUnicodeStrHashSetIterator.GetString returns wrong (AHUser)
0006755: [00 JVCL Components] Excel OLE automation with JvInterpreter does not support cells.range[X,X] (AHUser)
0006769: [00 JVCL Components] Loading of wrong class in TJvRichEdit when RICHED20.DLL is used (AHUser)
0006762: [02 Installation] Various warning on installation (AHUser)
0005632: [02 Installation] Major issue with XP Themes that prevented compiling exe's due to unresolved code reference (AHUser)
0006662: [General] StyleElements (AHUser)
0006749: [02 Installation] parameter missing (2 instead of 3) in copy function in JVCLInstall/DelphiData.pas Line 897 (AHUser)
0006696: [00 JVCL Components] Incorrect pointer arithmatic in JvNTEventLog.pas (AHUser)
0006487: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTrayIcon Animate to Tray component visibility issues (AHUser)
0006461: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSpeedButton appearance when custom VCL style is activated (AHUser)
0006751: [00 JVCL Components] TJvEditButton light corners on Windows 11 dark styles (AHUser)
0006736: [00 JVCL Components] TJvOfficeColorButton, color panel is initially showed at wrong coordinates (AHUser)
0006766: [00 JVCL Components] TJvListView (Items) wrong background color with dark themes (AHUser)
0006763: [00 JVCL Components] JvListView sort error when compiled x64 (AHUser)
0006709: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBLookupEdit not exist Align (obones)
0006710: [00 JVCL Components] It is no longer possible to hide a CheckBox of a JvCheckTreeView (AHUser)
0006693: [02 Installation] Install jvcl - Delphi 7 (obones)
0006294: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHidDeviceController doesn't handle barcode readers properly anymore (obones)
0006041: [00 JVCL Components] JvMemoryData SortOnFields don't work (obones)
0006353: [00 JVCL Components] Incomplete TJvWallpaperStyle (for Windows 7 and later) (obones)
0006664: [00 JVCL Components] JvHidDeviceController does not work on Windows 10 1809 (obones)
0006665: [02 Installation] 10.3 Rio Update 1: Installer fails to compile JvAppIniStorage.pas (obones)
0006677: [04 Feature Request] JvGifAnimator shall have a method for setting the ANimateInterval for all frames (obones)
0006683: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFileListbox.AutoUpdate not working if Directory property changes (obones)
0006361: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBCombobox : Bug because search key is case insensitive (obones)
0006332: [00 JVCL Components] Jvrollout realigns controls on collapse/expand (obones)
0006419: [00 JVCL Components] Position of TJvDesktopAlert with multi screen (obones)
0006508: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBTreeView - unnecessary warning for ftLargeint types of fields (obones)
0006570: [00 JVCL Components] JvMemoryData easilly corrupts buffer when using many fields (obones)
0006497: [00 JVCL Components] Make TJvValidateEdit.Value return Cardinal for dfHex (obones)
0006518: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHidDeviceController - missed OnDeviceDataError handler setup (obones)
0006538: [00 JVCL Components] JvHidControllerClass, BusType should be of type TGUID not string (obones)
0006534: [00 JVCL Components] DecimalPlaces, DecimalPlacesAlwaysShown (obones)
0006610: [00 JVCL Components] JVCreateProcess appears to be running forever. (obones)
0006501: [00 JVCL Components] In JvDBGrid, UseThemedHilighlighting leave out columns with checkbox (obones)
0006642: [00 JVCL Components] JvWaitingGradient/JvImagedrawThread deadlock condition (obones)
0006554: [00 JVCL Components] D7: JvTreeItemsEditorForm.dfm contains the property "AlignwithMargins" -> designtime error (obones)
0006673: [00 JVCL Components] Assigning empty TStrings to TJvSpinEdit.Items raises SListIndexError (obones)
0006671: [00 JVCL Components] Changing TJvDialButton Frequency, Min or Max at runtime leads to exception (AHUser)
0006544: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomComboEdit (and descendants) ignore the user's caret width setting (AHUser)
0006666: [03 Donations] Updated JVCL.PO file for German Language (obones)
0006564: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBImage shows "Bitmap image is not valid" to some kind of jpeg image. (obones)
0006620: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBLookupCombo.IgnoreCase property is applied to the key lookup (obones)
0006578: [00 JVCL Components] Default property in JvTFGlance.TJvTFGlanceViewer not initially set. (obones)
0006595: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTFDays testing wrong integer object typecast test (obones)
0006522: [Miscellanous] TJvApplicationHotKey not works on Windows 10 . (obones)
0006634: [00 JVCL Components] Access violation in Jedi/Jvcl/Run/JvclUtils.pas (AHUser)
0006532: [00 JVCL Components] PError is incompatible with modern Delphi versions (AHUser)
0006651: [00 JVCL Components] Not all German special characters are accepted through EditControls in TJvDBGrid (AHUser)
0006630: [00 JVCL Components] A TJvDBLookupCombo on a TJvWizard page does not show the dropdown button (obones)
0006629: [00 JVCL Components] JVCL can't be download form (obones)
0006631: [00 JVCL Components] Drag and Drop (AHUser)
0006616: [00 JVCL Components] JvCreateProcess - CloseWrite should be made public (AHUser)
0006638: [00 JVCL Components] TJvThread Wait functions can not be used in background threads (solution) (AHUser)
0006635: [Miscellanous] Some fixes (AHUser)
0006615: [00 JVCL Components] JvProgramVersionCheck and JvParameterList are not DPI aware (AHUser)
0006613: [02 Installation] Crash compiling JvDB70 JvDBlookup (using JVCL install) (AHUser)
0006563: [02 Installation] Installation problem - Cannot access private symbol (AHUser)
0006603: [00 JVCL Components] Buttons in JvWizard do not scale correctly for high screen resolutions (AHUser)
0006556: [02 Installation] Compiler 'Warnings' when installing JVCL for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo (obones)
0006415: [00 JVCL Components] Invisible buttons on TJvOutlookBar with Windows Server 2008 (AHUser)
0006523: [02 Installation] Installer: Delphi Berlin 10.1 Pro identified as "10.1 Pers"? (AHUser)
0006480: [00 JVCL Components] Error: Runtime error 217 at 011789DA (AHUser)
0006371: [General API] Installation issues. Concerns all XE6 and XE7 compilers (AHUser)
0006262: [00 JVCL Components] TjvPageListTreeView & TjvStandardPage Enabled = False (AHUser)
0006391: [00 JVCL Components] JvAviCapture - ALT key issue (AHUser)
0006456: [00 JVCL Components] TjvStandardPage / TjvPagelistTreeview BUGs (AHUser)
0006241: [Donation] Range check error in JvPaintFX.pas (AHUser)
0006502: [00 JVCL Components] Request to make TJvDBGrid.DrawThemedHighlighting a virtual method (AHUser)
0006505: [00 JVCL Components] Update for TjvCharMap (AHUser)
0006510: [00 JVCL Components] The selected item appearance in lookup list of TJvDBLookupCombo is not themed (AHUser)
0006520: [02 Installation] Installer crashes due to CSIDL_COMMON_DOCUMENTS not defined (AHUser)
0006474: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid OnMouseDown won't be called (AHUser)
0006484: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFilenameEdit, paint issue when disabled and placed on JvWizard page (AHUser)
0006436: [JclGraphics] Crash in JvPaintFX.pas (AHUser)
0006499: [00 JVCL Components] jvGnuGetText does not work in 64bit with runtime packages (AHUser)
0006476: [02 Installation] Unable to compile with XP Theming enabled (AHUser)
0006457: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSpinEdit handles minus sign incorrectly (AHUser)
0006473: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCPUUsage no longer in JVCL ! (AHUser)
0006464: [00 JVCL Components] Patch to customize Hint of the JvOutlookBar to whichever TAction the mouse is over (AHUser)
0006470: [00 JVCL Components] TJvLinkLabel Out of system resources (AHUser)
0006478: [00 JVCL Components] JvDebugHandler generates the stack trace information with a spelling error!!! (AHUser)
0006479: [00 JVCL Components] Crash in TDataSet due to bug in TJvDbGrid (AHUser)
0006452: [02 Installation] Install 32-bit still fails in Delphi10Seattle with BDE installed. (AHUser)
0006372: [00 JVCL Components] Jvrollout appearance with vcl styles (AHUser)
0006451: [02 Installation] Install 32-bit fails in Delphi10Seattle with BDE installed. (AHUser)
0006312: [00 JVCL Components] The correct support for x64 platform (AHUser)
0006442: [00 JVCL Components] AddConst(cSystem, 'varSrting', Ord(varString)); / JvInterpreter_System.pas (AHUser)
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Not Yet Released
0005894: [00 JVCL Components] HID EControllerError: Device cannot be opened (obones)
0005850: [00 JVCL Components] Incorrect fix of the issue "Mantis 5818" in JvDBGrid.pas (AHUser)
0005920: [00 JVCL Components] jvcolorbutton rendering broken on Enabled toggling (AHUser)
0005923: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomURLGrabber can save a file of 0 size if internet connection not available. (AHUser)
0005926: [Miscellanous] TJvHidDeviceController memory leak. (obones)
0005937: [00 JVCL Components] TJvComboEdit unpublished properties NumbersOnly and TexhHint (AHUser)
0005942: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomOfficeColorButton show dropdown window at wrong position on second monitor (obones)
0005969: [00 JVCL Components] Reading a readonly property raises an exception (AHUser)
0005980: [02 Installation] redundant loop body (AHUser)
0005861: [00 JVCL Components] TJvInspectorClassItem.GetDisplayValue return value might be invalid (JvInspector) (obones)
0005868: [00 JVCL Components] JvSpinEdit has a blocking bug in message handling (obones)
0005891: [00 JVCL Components] JvColorBotton shows JvColorForm off screen or behind the windows task bar (obones)
0005915: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBUltimGrid - Mouse buttons when title buttons are active on mousedown and up events (obones)
0005917: [00 JVCL Components] JvGnugettext TranslateStrings Clear has side effects (obones)
0005922: [00 JVCL Components] HTTPStatus in TJvHttpUrlGrabber should be an integer (or DWord) (obones)
0005924: [00 JVCL Components] TJvURLListGrabber does not have TimeOut property (obones)
0005925: [00 JVCL Components] Sort mess in variable names in JvURLListGrabber (obones)
0005962: [00 JVCL Components] Two TJvBalloonHint shows a last the same image (obones)
0005970: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppInstance component doesnt work proper (obones)
0005971: [00 JVCL Components] TJvID3PictureFrame is not mutlithreaded (obones)
0005975: [00 JVCL Components] jvClock flickering of date part of display and not transparent (AHUser)
0006280: [00 JVCL Components] TJvOutlookBar draws button highlight incorrectly when a page has ParentFont = False and different font size (AHUser)
0006282: [02 Installation] JVCL348 Build 5178 - JCL installer fails to execute (AHUser)
0006284: [02 Installation] The library isn't compiled (AHUser)
0006289: [00 JVCL Components] New HID devices do not use DevThreadSleepTime setting (AHUser)
0006290: [00 JVCL Components] USB HID Controller excessive polling rate (AHUser)
0006291: [00 JVCL Components] USB HID Controller excessive polling rate (missing method implementation) (AHUser)
0006292: [02 Installation] Installation failure with (AHUser)
0006293: [00 JVCL Components] JvSystemPopup does not support 64 bit delphi (AHUser)
0006296: [02 Installation] Installation failure with (AHUser)
0006297: [00 JVCL Components] TJvBalloonHint NOT painting on Windows 7 / 8 (obones)
0006303: [00 JVCL Components] Issue 0006279 Adendum (AHUser)
0006308: [00 JVCL Components] TJvOutlookBar draws buttons behind bottom page button. (AHUser)
0006309: [00 JVCL Components] Unsafe code in the TJvDebugHandler.ExceptionNotifier (AHUser)
0006311: [02 Installation] Problem installing last daily 348 on Windows 7. (AHUser)
0006313: [02 Installation] JvDBLookup.pas fails to compile on Delphi 7 when JVCLThemesEnabled enabled (AHUser)
0006315: [00 JVCL Components] double ( redundant ) calculation of ClientRect in TJvCheckBox.CalcAutoSize (AHUser)
0006316: [03 Donations] Add area graphs to TJvChart (obones)
0006327: [02 Installation] Installer does'nt compile and aborts (AHUser)
0006331: [00 JVCL Components] VFW header translation incorrectly uses packed records (AHUser)
0006334: [02 Installation] Installation failes with compiler error on JVOutlookbar.pas (AHUser)
0006335: [02 Installation] Not able not install JvOutlookBar.pas (AHUser)
0006339: [00 JVCL Components] installation error (AHUser)
0006342: [00 JVCL Components] Disappearing buttons in JvScrollBox (obones)
0006355: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHidDeviceController crash due to premature DLL unloading (obones)
0006363: [00 JVCL Components] JvRichEdit.pas compile error caused by DWORD_PTR is undefined. (AHUser)
0006367: [02 Installation] Incompatible Types TJclWaitResults and TWaitResults (AHUser)
0006368: [00 JVCL Components] JVCL Install cannot continue (AHUser)
0006377: [00 JVCL Components] Access violation in JvDBGridSelectColumnForm (obones)
0006379: [04 Feature Request] Select Encoding in LoadFromCSV & SaveToCSV functions (obones)
0006387: [00 JVCL Components] JvHidControllerClass compile failed with Delphi 7 (AHUser)
0006389: [00 JVCL Components] JvGroupBox crashes when checkable, unchecked and navigating with shift+tab (AHUser)
0006390: [00 JVCL Components] JVCL 3.48 - DWORD_PTR type problem with Delphi 7 (AHUser)
0006406: [00 JVCL Components] TJvInterpreterProgram can not handle xor correctly (obones)
0006408: [00 JVCL Components] JVCL 3.48 Installer fails with JCL version error (AHUser)
0006412: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSpinEdit bound exception when using vtString (obones)
0006421: [00 JVCL Components] JclCompression: Wrong type declaration (Crash on x64 with bound check enabled) (AHUser)
0006423: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCsvStream: Wrong type in GetFileSizeEx() declaration (AHUser)
0006422: [02 Installation] Can't install components in Delphi 2007
59 issues View Issues
Released 2014-05-06
0005992: [00 JVCL Components] RadStudio XE2 Designer hangs with JVCL 3.4.7 (AHUser)
0005989: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCheckedMaskEdit lacks ShowButton property (AHUser)
0005994: [00 JVCL Components] Using mouse can't change the width of column (AHUser)
0005986: [00 JVCL Components] Dropping a TJvAppCommand on a data module raises an access violation (AHUser)
0005985: [00 JVCL Components] JvInspector does not work properly in multi-monitor environment (obones)
0005984: [00 JVCL Components] TJvInterpreterExpression not support int64 (AHUser)
0005997: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData - strange behavior (AHUser)
0006002: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCalcEdit button constricts by 2 pixels on each click when VCL Styles enabled (appeared after fixing of 0005998 issue) (AHUser)
0006016: [00 JVCL Components] TJvArrayButton with property CanDown and Downs for make buttons in pressed state (AHUser)
0006018: [00 JVCL Components] FindText has conflict with Windows FindText for C++ builder 2010 (obones)
0006020: [00 JVCL Components] Setting property LabelColor of JvFullColorLabel throws AV (3.47; not listed in above combo) (outchy)
0006024: [02 Installation] installing JVCL 3.47 in Delphi 7 Prof. Error: File not found: 'System.Types.dcu' (AHUser)
0006028: [00 JVCL Components] JvCreateProcess - Console example incorrect output. (obones)
0006037: [00 JVCL Components] Writing to TJvListview.ItemIndex act differently from TListview (AHUser)
0006045: [00 JVCL Components] Incorrect fix of the issue "Mantis 5818" in JvDBGrid.pas again (AHUser)
0006056: [00 JVCL Components] The plugin wizard (version 3.47 of the jvcl) (obones)
0006061: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid double click to resize (with proposition to fix) (AHUser)
0006069: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGrid.CalcSizingState -> Mantis 5818 issue NOT resolved. (AHUser)
0006074: [00 JVCL Components] Bad type definition in TJvDeviceInfo crashed x64 target (AHUser)
0006082: [00 JVCL Components] Fix for 5818 brought error in sizing columns in JvDBGrid (AHUser)
0006085: [00 JVCL Components] TJvWizard.FindNextEnabledPage causes infinite loop in IDE (AHUser)
0006089: [00 JVCL Components] jvcl\devtools\PackagesGenerator\GenerateDefines.pas(46)Fatal: F1026 File not found: 'System.Types.dcu' (AHUser)
0006101: [00 JVCL Components] JvTracker not update OnChange when you move the cursor keys (AHUser)
0006103: [00 JVCL Components] Assign TJvTreeNode.Checked doesn't work (AHUser)
0006127: [00 JVCL Components] TjvOfficeButton Color form position wrong in multiple monitor (AHUser)
0006130: [00 JVCL Components] Property ExplicitWidth does not exist when using Delphi 7 (AHUser)
0006132: [02 Installation] JVCL Installer won't build (AHUser)
0006133: [00 JVCL Components] JvTrayIcon prevents application from closing with FormCloseQuery() (AHUser)
0006137: [02 Installation] JCL installer fails with DelphiXE4 (AHUser)
0006142: [00 JVCL Components] TJvInterpreterIdentifierList.Sort not work in delphi x64 (AHUser)
0006146: [00 JVCL Components] JVSimpleXml SavetoFile Ends up with malformed and unreadable XML File! (AHUser)
0006147: [02 Installation] Install Fatal Error ! ! ! (AHUser)
0006163: [00 JVCL Components] Truncated bookmark in TJvMemoryData (AHUser)
0006164: [00 JVCL Components] Support for old db components in TJvMemoryData is broken (AHUser)
0005996: [00 JVCL Components] Problems with scrolling JvPrvwDoc (TJvPreviewControl) (AHUser)
0005983: [00 JVCL Components] CheckWin32Version which is used in several components has a bug in Delphi 6 (obones)
0006003: [00 JVCL Components] Dans un TJVRICHEDIT on ne peux plus surdéfinir la fonction OnContextPopup (obones)
0006005: [00 JVCL Components] When using TJvBalloonHint as application hint, the MaxWidth is not respected (obones)
0006023: [00 JVCL Components] WordWrap property to JvOutlookBar (obones)
0006067: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDateTimePicker causes Exception when using NullDate (obones)
0006093: [00 JVCL Components] TJvImageList has no straightforward way to add images (AHUser)
0006118: [00 JVCL Components] AutoSort in JvDBUltimGrid (2) (obones)
0006141: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGrid block with multiple select. (obones)
0006145: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTimeEdit not always displays 00:00 (obones)
0006151: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryDataSet - GoToBookmark doesn't work (AHUser)
0006174: [00 JVCL Components] jvDBLookup and jvDBLookupTreeView don't search by Chars of codes greater than 255 (ex. Polish letters) (AHUser)
0006180: [99 Other] HPPEMIT lines in JvDataProvider causes problem in C++ (obones)
0006181: [00 JVCL Components] EOutOfResources in TJvPreviewControl (obones)
0006182: [00 JVCL Components] Incorrect drawing on TJvDBGrid's title after mouse cursor (obones)
0006190: [00 JVCL Components] Reorganize Columns in Select Columns Dialog of TJvDBGrid (obones)
0006192: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreterAdapter - wrong sorting in SortMethodIdentifier (obones)
0006193: [00 JVCL Components] Access violation calling TJvCustomCsvDataSet.Destroy (obones)
0006197: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDialButton lacks mouse-related properties (obones)
0006198: [00 JVCL Components] SetFocus called without check for CanFocus (AHUser)
0006205: [00 JVCL Components] The issue on TJvFilenameEdit control (AHUser)
0006206: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCsvDataset.locate fails when loPartialKey and cursor is not positioned (AHUser)
0006209: [02 Installation] Package Generator (and JVCL Installer) treats win64 as win32 (obones)
0006211: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSimScope.UpdateTimeSteps can be set to ZERO in Delphi IDE (XE4.1 tested) (AHUser)
0006214: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSimScope.Destroy memory leak (obones)
0006215: [00 JVCL Components] Unit JvLED: forgotten OnChange property (AHUser)
0006223: [00 JVCL Components] [TJvXPMenuItemPainter] Publish BorderColor (USchuster)
0006224: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomDBComboBox.UpdateDropDownItems additional (e.g. UseDisplayText) property (AHUser)
0006226: [00 JVCL Components] TJvComboBox.Add raises Access Violation when CharCase<>ecNormal (AHUser)
0006229: [00 JVCL Components] Small changes in TJvArrayButton to correct painting without flickering (AHUser)
0006230: [00 JVCL Components] TJvBrowseForFolderDialog ignores active monitor (obones)
0006231: [00 JVCL Components] WantReturns always set to true (obones)
0006232: [00 JVCL Components] Optimization of CopyFieldValue in JvMemoryDataset.pas (obones)
0006233: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData.FixReadOnlyFields should be public (obones)
0006234: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData imports indexes incorrectly (obones)
0006235: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData has unnecessary field (obones)
0006236: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData tries to write to readonly fields (obones)
0006239: [03 Donations] Continuation from issue id 0005793 -- allow strings in TJvSpinEdits (obones)
0006240: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBSpinEdit wrong appearance with MinValue/MaxValue (obones)
0006245: [00 JVCL Components] i can't compile jvcl wiht delphi 2007 (obones)
0006246: [00 JVCL Components] TJvxCheckListBox does not support 64 bit delphi properly (AHUser)
0006260: [00 JVCL Components] TJvArrayButton canvas font setting (AHUser)
0006268: [00 JVCL Components] DBLookup controls doesn't supports themes (AHUser)
0006269: [00 JVCL Components] DBLookup controls doesn't appear themed as Delphi ones (AHUser)
0006270: [00 JVCL Components] FileList items being populated twice (AHUser)
0006271: [00 JVCL Components] Error using JVBalloonHint with Application Style in Delphi XE4 (AHUser)
0006273: [00 JVCL Components] 64bit: Access violation when streaming richedit data (AHUser)
0006275: [00 JVCL Components] Very poor performance of JvMemoryData on large datasets (AHUser)
0006279: [00 JVCL Components] TJvStandardPage appearence with application styles (AHUser)
0006159: [00 JVCL Components] Two functions to be removed for XE2+ from JvJCLUtils (AHUser)
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Released 2012-09-11
0006022: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDatePickerEdit makes Delphi crash in conception (AHUser)
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Released 2012-09-10
0005735: [00 JVCL Components] TJvStrHolder saves Cyrillic characters incorrect (AHUser)
0004813: [00 JVCL Components] TJVDBGrid, TJVDBUltimGrid and mouse wheel (obones)
0005539: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPopupMenu.DefaultDrawItem deprecated (obones)
0005577: [00 JVCL Components] TJvColorTrackBar does not react to Mouse Down/Up/Click (obones)
0005598: [02 Installation] D6 Installation fails with JVCLThemesEnabled in JvExplorerBarItems (AHUser)
0005607: [99 Other] Packages Generator: GetRelativePath() fails if Destination is above Orgin (obones)
0005671: [00 JVCL Components] JvBalloonHint.pas: Memory Leak (AHUser)
0005678: [02 Installation] JVCL doesn't install for x64 (AHUser)
0005692: [02 Installation] JVCL 3.45 installer error (Delphi 6) - JvGroupBox.pas (and others) (AHUser)
0005698: [00 JVCL Components] JvThemes fails to compile if {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} is defined (AHUser)
0005703: [04 Feature Request] Please add JVCL version information to IDE Splash Screen and Help/About items (AHUser)
0005710: [00 JVCL Components] JVCL can't be installed for CB6 (AHUser)
0005714: [00 JVCL Components] TJvIPAddress Causes Crash as Win64 Application Closes (AHUser)
0005717: [00 JVCL Components] TJvIPAddress Causes Crash as Win64 Application Closes (AHUser)
0005719: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHttpUrlGrabberThread should not have FContinue private variable (obones)
0005721: [00 JVCL Components] Delphi compiler cannot found 64-bit dcu's for (AHUser)
0005727: [00 JVCL Components] obsolete class in JvJVCLUtls.pas ? (AHUser)
0005744: [00 JVCL Components] JvProgramVersionCheck incompatibility with 64bit (jfudickar)
0005751: [02 Installation] error compiling JVCL with delphi 7 (AHUser)
0005763: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppInst crashes in Windows 64-bit (AHUser)
0005766: [00 JVCL Components] 64-bt incompatibility in AppIniStorage (AHUser)
0005791: [02 Installation] Unable to compile pg.exe / pgEdit.exe (obones)
0005801: [02 Installation] Inconsistent naming / usage of include files (obones)
0004225: [00 JVCL Components] Add HTMLTag <sub> and <sup> to JvHTLabel (obones)
0004406: [00 JVCL Components] All controls on JvPanel not redrawn properly when Transparent property set to True (obones)
0004632: [00 JVCL Components] jvDBRichEdit shows rtf code instead of formatted text (obones)
0004710: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTFDays does not display appointments spanning more than 1 day correctly (obones)
0005007: [00 JVCL Components] TJvListView: add an OnBeginColumnResize, OnColumnResize, OnEndColumnResize events (obones)
0005013: [00 JVCL Components] DrawColumnCell Checkbox not painted (obones)
0005060: [00 JVCL Components] Wrong Display and Return of Float Values by TJvValidateEdit (obones)
0005123: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemo.Transparent do almost nothing in D2010 on Vista with themes (obones)
0005252: [00 JVCL Components] JvAVICapture preview stops application thread when clicked (obones)
0005418: [04 Feature Request] Added a few features for your review to the JvPlugin source. (obones)
0005817: [00 JVCL Components] JvPrvwDoc Hint hide issues (obones)
0005818: [00 JVCL Components] Autosizing single column raises index out of bounds exception. (obones)
0005459: [00 JVCL Components] There is no mechanism to Unregister a Custom Validator Descendant (obones)
0005462: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTFDays does not allow for european time display. (obones)
0005512: [00 JVCL Components] TJVDBCalcEdit Property DecimalPlaces AlwaysShown Incompatible with DefaultDisplayFormat (obones)
0005520: [00 JVCL Components] TJvXpBar :Header title paint over rollup image and rollup image larger than 25 (obones)
0005568: [00 JVCL Components] JvMouseGesture don't work (obones)
0005581: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBDateEdit showing blanks with ClientDataSet when date on the field is seted to 1899-12-30 (obones)
0005592: [00 JVCL Components] [JvRichEdit] New event and new function to add (obones)
0005658: [00 JVCL Components] TJvValidateEdit does not publish the "Align" property (obones)
0005601: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBUltimGrid -> Sort TClientDataSet (jfudickar)
0005603: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBUltimGrid - ADO sorting problem. (obones)
0005610: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGrids, Vertical seperator line on title cells is not displayed. (obones)
0005621: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFormStorage overwrites predefined Form.WindowState (obones)
0005628: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDialButton not properly drawing ticks at runtime, works at designtime (obones)
0005629: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCheckTreeView: checkboxes in tree view do not behave correctly (obones)
0005661: [00 JVCL Components] JvChartDemo doesn't work properly due to bugs in TJvChart and demo form. (obones)
0005647: [00 JVCL Components] problem with ConvertToHtmlStrings (obones)
0005669: [00 JVCL Components] JvValidateEdit dos not have an Events (obones)
0005670: [00 JVCL Components] JvFileEdit behaviour in ReadOnly=true mode (obones)
0005676: [00 JVCL Components] JvPersistance should not be registered for Mac OSX target (obones)
0005682: [00 JVCL Components] JvStringGrid's OnCaptionClick sometimes fires even for column-resizing clicks (obones)
0005689: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFormWallpaper do not update image (obones)
0005696: [02 Installation] Overbyte Internet Components JvNet-R.xml package name (Delphi 7) (obones)
0005736: [00 JVCL Components] TJvInspector lacks PopunMenu and OnContextPopup (obones)
0005749: [00 JVCL Components] USB HID Controller makes CPU go to 100% usage (obones)
0005756: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGridXMLExport produce error XML files when grid column fieldnames contain spaces. (obones)
0005757: [00 JVCL Components] Left and right arrows don't change the current cell in TJvDBGrid with option set dgAlwaysShowEditor (obones)
0005796: [00 JVCL Components] EAccessViolation raised when calling the TJvInspector TypeInfo macro with type UnicodeString in C++ Builder (obones)
0005806: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid - DefaultDrawColumnCell and ShowMemos (obones)
0005813: [00 JVCL Components] jvDocking - JvDockVSNetStyle Drawing transparent icon (obones)
0005814: [00 JVCL Components] JvPrvwDoc hides some pages (obones)
0005815: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDebugHandler no AboutJVCL (obones)
0005819: [00 JVCL Components] TJvLogFile.Add(const Time, Title, Description: string); - mistyped code inside (obones)
0005820: [00 JVCL Components] EAccessViolation in TJvCaptionButton.WndProcAfter (obones)
0005827: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSimpleXML: XMLData gives unreadable characters (AHUser)
0005828: [00 JVCL Components] JvTFManager not working in C++ Builder XE2 (AHUser)
0005833: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData fails to store empty string. You will always get null (AHUser)
0005879: [02 Installation] Delphi 6 Pro installation failure. (AHUser)
0005902: [00 JVCL Components] LoadDLL was sent into death spirale (AHUser)
0005026: [00 JVCL Components] JvScheduledEvents - race condition (AHUser)
0005544: [00 JVCL Components] JvDockSupportControl.pas, BCB6 (D6), Docking and Access Violation (AV) (obones)
0005688: [00 JVCL Components] no Jv Get Text on 64-bit Windows (obones)
0005706: [01 Help] USB HID enumeration using SetupAPI on 64 bit (ChristianWimmer)
0005716: [00 JVCL Components] TJvIPAddress.AddressValues not updating at runtime (Arioch)
0005723: [00 JVCL Components] JvCheckbox in JvCheckBox.pas is broken on transfering focus (obones)
0005726: [04 Feature Request] Missing old Rx 'OnDropDown' and 'OnCloseup' events (obones)
0005745: [02 Installation] Install JVCL for RadXE (obones)
0005759: [00 JVCL Components] Cell hint is shown in wrong position (obones)
0005764: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPopupMenu: Non Autochecked images not centered in WinXP style (obones)
0005769: [00 JVCL Components] TjvArrowButton - Assign Glyph from Action (obones)
0005792: [00 JVCL Components] Whe using TJvRichEdit, URL detection fails when using Text property and no Text is set at design time (obones)
0005795: [00 JVCL Components] Add TerminateTree to JvCreateProcess (obones)
0005804: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemory LoadFromDataset does not copy Null Value (obones)
0005831: [00 JVCL Components] JvTFDays calculates incorrect Rect for Cells to draw (obones)
0005832: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBImage displays useless text when there is no data in the field. (obones)
0005837: [00 JVCL Components] Add TJvOutlookBarButton.LinkedObject property (patch included) (obones)
0005840: [00 JVCL Components] When TJvDBDateTimePicker is set to Kind = dkTime it works incorrectly. (obones)
0005845: [00 JVCL Components] OnPopupShown not called in TJvDatePickerEdit (obones)
0005846: [00 JVCL Components] JvImage Disabled states not working correctly (obones)
0005854: [00 JVCL Components] Enabled property is changed inproperly in TJvDBSpinEdit (obones)
0005857: [00 JVCL Components] When using JvInspector with Variant properties you get an EAbstractError (obones)
0005860: [00 JVCL Components] When using JvInspector with Variant properties the TJvInspector VariantItem does not return 'empty' variant (obones)
0005863: [00 JVCL Components] can not compile for Cbuilfer 6 (obones)
0005864: [00 JVCL Components] The TextHeight for the JwSwitch has wrong value (obones)
0005887: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGrid displays NULL in DateTime field as 30.12.1899 (obones)
0005888: [00 JVCL Components] MessageDlg DefaultButton did not work as before (obones)
0005897: [00 JVCL Components] JvJCLUtils INC(Date,Month,...) should have default parameter (obones)
0005899: [00 JVCL Components] TJvOpenWithDialog filename property (obones)
0005903: [00 JVCL Components] remove garbage from JvBaseDLG ? (obones)
0005666: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBComboBox cant resolve List DataSet FieldsNames (AHUser)
0005695: [00 JVCL Components] tjvcolorbutton does not get focus (obones)
0005768: [00 JVCL Components] JvValidators problems clearing error indicators (obones)
0005856: [00 JVCL Components] JvJVCLUtils.MessageBox incorrectly uses Application.Title when Caption <> '' (obones)
0005866: [00 JVCL Components] JvClock.TJvClock - AMPM wrong display. (obones)
0005867: [00 JVCL Components] JvDriveCtrls.TJvDirectoryListBox - procedure DriveChange(NewDrive: Char) (obones)
0005913: [00 JVCL Components] setupaip.pas missing default define for SP_DEVICE_INTERFACE_DETAIL_DATA (obones)
0005914: [00 JVCL Components] Exception 0xc0000005, JvJVCLUtils.AllocateHWndEx wrong parameter size in SetWindowLong()? (AHUser)
0005936: [00 JVCL Components] JVCL components do not install under Delphi 7 Pro (AHUser)
0005945: [02 Installation] Cannot complete installation (RAD Studio XE2) (AHUser)
0005949: [00 JVCL Components] JvControls issues with VCL Styles enabled (AHUser)
0005955: [00 JVCL Components] JvJVCLUtils: MessageBox function overrides standard one from Windows unit (AHUser)
0005956: [00 JVCL Components] On Change Action Of TJVEdit triggers Feature Not Implemented Error on 64 bit version (AHUser)
0005958: [00 JVCL Components] Strings longer than 255 characters cause exception (AHUser)
0005968: [00 JVCL Components] Error in TJvEditorStrings.InsertText Unicode related (AHUser)
0005979: [02 Installation] installer look, when 120DPI font resolution (LargeFonts in XP terms) is used (AHUser)
0005778: [00 JVCL Components] JvDockServer. On another form i have JvDockClien
120 issues View Issues
Released 2011-09-07
Version for XE2 Partner DVD
0004421: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid and TitlePopup (jfudickar)
0004427: [00 JVCL Components] Drawing bug in TJvIPAddress (AHUser)
0004651: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBDatePicker (obones)
0005008: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid AlternativeRowColor and Column.Color priority (AHUser)
0005037: [Donation] Donated Component (AHUser)
0005325: [00 JVCL Components] JvMemoryData don't load (AHUser)
0005324: [00 JVCL Components] Wrong hint text on TAdtField in JvDbGrid when ShowCellHint = True (AHUser)
0005181: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid. JvDBUltimGrid (AHUser)
0005233: [04 Feature Request] TJvDBGrid wordwrap (AHUser)
0005266: [00 JVCL Components] Error in JvCsvDataSet Filter (AHUser)
0005270: [04 Feature Request] [JvTimeEdit] Jump over ':' while entering time values (AHUser)
0005272: [00 JVCL Components] The property color of the JvSpeedButton in the Down state can not be set to the value different from the default (AHUser)
0005275: [02 Installation] Installer fails to set up resources directory for C++ compilation (AHUser)
0005278: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter and #XX character codes.. (AHUser)
0005284: [00 JVCL Components] mask in jvdbGrid (AHUser)
0005285: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGrid - Columns can't be moved (AHUser)
0005289: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGrid and ScrollBars (AHUser)
0005295: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFileListBox.FileName with space between directory and filename (AHUser)
0005297: [00 JVCL Components] JvDocking Floating form not drawing correctly (AHUser)
0005309: [00 JVCL Components] Suggestion for a new Property in JvID3V2 (AHUser)
0005328: [00 JVCL Components] TMemo's text not showing when on TJvStandardPage (AHUser)
0005334: [00 JVCL Components] jvDBMaskEdit - Problem with display color text when the field is type FLOAT and jvDBMaskEdit.Enabled = False (AHUser)
0005335: [00 JVCL Components] Call Inherited in CNNotify TJvDateTimePicker missing (AHUser)
0005360: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid title colors are wrong when using Windows Classic theme on Windows XP/2003 (AHUser)
0005363: [00 JVCL Components] JvMemoryDataset and type timeStamp (AHUser)
0005374: [00 JVCL Components] JvDataProvider.hpp(116): E2034 Cannot convert '_di_IInterface' to '_GUID' Full parser context Unit1.cpp(6): (AHUser)
0005379: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTimeEdit does not function properly when using the spin buttons with HOUR24 set to FALSE (AHUser)
0005388: [00 JVCL Components] Bug on page changing of JvWizard with JvWizardRouteMapList (AHUser)
0005389: [00 JVCL Components] JvStrToHtml.HtmlToString do not converts characters { and &#x1234; (AHUser)
0005403: [00 JVCL Components] JvJCLUtils.pas vulnerable to a buffer overflow that allows malicious code execution (AHUser)
0005405: [00 JVCL Components] When moving a TLabel on a JvDesignPanel the handles do not follow the TLabel (AHUser)
0005411: [00 JVCL Components] The option dgAlwaysShowEditor of JvDBGrid does not work as the standard DBGrid one (AHUser)
0005412: [00 JVCL Components] # 5396 (AHUser)
0005419: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGrid (AHUser)
0005421: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCheckTreeView and TJvEmbeddedFormPanel / TJvEmbeddedInstanceFormPanel (AHUser)
0005422: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGrid RowResize (AHUser)
0005428: [02 Installation] Can not find JvFormStorage.dcu (AHUser)
0005429: [00 JVCL Components] JvDbGrid Access violation for hint raised on header that occupies two rows (AHUser)
0005431: [04 Feature Request] TJvWavePlayer component lacks a way to immediately cancel a looping sound file (AHUser)
0004846: [00 JVCL Components] [Unit JvDockVSNetStyle] TJvDockVSNetStyle.Timer can cause stack overflow on Vista/Aero (obones)
0005011: [00 JVCL Components] JvListView: the jv Groups have less functionality than the ones in D2009+ (obones)
0005056: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCheckTreeView. Cascading checkboxes clicking glitch (obones)
0005326: [03 Donations] Inverted gradient progressbar feature (AHUser)
0005087: [03 Donations] Improvements in JvLog (obones)
0005330: [00 JVCL Components] Override CheckValidDate of JvDateTimePicker to avoid NullDate (obones)
0005127: [00 JVCL Components] Click event in TThumbNailView does not select the Thumbnail correctly (obones)
0005146: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTreeNode.SetChecked does not work when user changes node state (obones)
0005151: [02 Installation] Language ID in *.res files shipped with JCL\JVCL different (obones)
0005323: [02 Installation] Problem after adding SMImport Support to the JvDB-R.xml (obones)
0005255: [04 Feature Request] A change to TJvAlarms/TJvAlarmItem (obones)
0005258: [00 JVCL Components] TJvBalloonHint NOT painting on Windows 7 (obones)
0005274: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTrayIcon Access Violation if length of hint is more than 255 symbols (obones)
0005296: [00 JVCL Components] Snooze Don't Work In OneShot Schedule Type (JvScheduledEvents Component) (obones)
0005299: [00 JVCL Components] With certain settings, captions of pages of TJvgPageControl are not displayed on x64 Windows 7 (obones)
0005301: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFileListBox does not refreshes when Directory property of linked TJvDirectoryListBox changes (AHUser)
0005302: [00 JVCL Components] JvFunctions.pas compile error (and solution) (obones)
0005304: [00 JVCL Components] Added features to TJvRollOut (obones)
0005307: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBComboBox the "OnCloseUp" event should be published especially if "OnDropDown" is published (obones)
0005311: [00 JVCL Components] Height can't be set below 21 for TJvDateEdit/TJvComboEdit/TJvMaskEdit (obones)
0005341: [00 JVCL Components] Add BeginUpdate/EndUpdate to TJvScrollBox (obones)
0005345: [00 JVCL Components] TJvControlsCompareValidator loses CompareToProperty after loading from dfm (obones)
0005376: [03 Donations] Unload notification events for JvPlugin (obones)
0005394: [00 JVCL Components] JvDockSupportControl crashes at shutdown with Delphi/C++Builder XE (obones)
0005395: [00 JVCL Components] Exposing conversion routines in TJvxSlider (obones)
0005410: [00 JVCL Components] JvWizardInteriorPage.EnableJumpToPage doesn't work for more than one page (AHUser)
0005415: [00 JVCL Components] TJvThreadTimer hangs on toggle from enabled to disable (AHUser)
0005654: [04 Feature Request] Introduce the 'DeleteValue' routine of TJvCustomAppStorage at TJvFormPlacement level (obones)
0004972: [00 JVCL Components] Double-click to resize a column in JvDbGrid (Like ListView) (AHUser)
0004715: [00 JVCL Components] StateImage icons disappear from JvCheckTreeView when i use dock (AHUser)
0004780: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFilenameEdit not working with localized filename on D7 (AHUser)
0004845: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBDateTimePicker not posting changes back to the database (AHUser)
0005017: [04 Feature Request] TJvMaskEdit: Don't validate on exit (AHUser)
0005053: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBUltimGrid Search with no focus not working (AHUser)
0005054: [00 JVCL Components] Progamatically setting JvAviCapture VideoFormat Size (obones)
0005261: [00 JVCL Components] Latest JVCL SVN, TJvFormStorage and AV (obones)
0005264: [00 JVCL Components] Error in Data Received by jvHidController in Delphi 2010 compared to correct data received in Delphi 7 (obones)
0005432: [00 JVCL Components] TJVFooter.Pas: Patch for correct button-position even if some buttons are not visible (AHUser)
0005433: [00 JVCL Components] Access violation when field associated in FieldName of TJvDBGrid don't exists in dataset (AHUser)
0005434: [00 JVCL Components] AssignRecord automatically rounds float values (AHUser)
0005439: [00 JVCL Components] 2 serious flaws in TJvStringGrid.AutoSizeCol (AHUser)
0005443: [00 JVCL Components] TJvOfficeColorPanel does not properly update itself when SelectedColor property is set at runtime (AHUser)
0005445: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCheckTreeView checkboxes can not be toggled with click in D2010 (AHUser)
0005450: [00 JVCL Components] JTvTreeView HideSelection property does not work (AHUser)
0005452: [00 JVCL Components] JvLoginDialog-Window is not visible in Taskbar (obones)
0005456: [00 JVCL Components] JvValidateEdit/JvCustomEdit OnChange event called on Component Loading (AHUser)
0005463: [00 JVCL Components] SubStrBySeparator function doesn't work with 'empty' substring (AHUser)
0005472: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTFDays.GetMinorLabel (obones)
0005477: [00 JVCL Components] JvCabFile does not extract files from archive's subdirectory (obones)
0005479: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData.CreateIndexList mistake (AHUser)
0005481: [00 JVCL Components] jvRichEdit does not expose the default context popup menu (obones)
0005482: [02 Installation] Installation of JVCL from 2011-02-15 09:36:54 UTC fails under D6 (obones)
0005485: [00 JVCL Components] Invalid variant operation in JvDBUtils.pas because of mistake (AHUser)
0005486: [00 JVCL Components] function CompareRecord in JvDBUtils wasn't fixed right way. (AHUser)
0005487: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBCombobox and UpdateFieldImmediatelly (AHUser)
0005500: [02 Installation] "Invalid code page" when trying to install JVCL (outchy)
0005502: [00 JVCL Components] Hid.pas: Incorrect Windows version test in LoadHid funcion (AHUser)
0005518: [00 JVCL Components] TJvWizardRouteMapSteps - ShowNavigators not considered in DetectPage method (obones)
0005519: [00 JVCL Components] TJvWizardRouteMapSteps - Multiline for long page captions (obones)
0005527: [00 JVCL Components] JvDebugHandler with UnhadledExceptionsOnly do not call default exception handler (obones)
0005535: [00 JVCL Components] [TJVCheckedCombobox] Property "CheckCount" doesn't seem to work fine when using "Invert all" (popupmenu) (obones)
0005537: [00 JVCL Components] JvDebugHandler crashes the Delphi XE IDE (obones)
0005543: [00 JVCL Components] JVCL338CompleteJCL201-Build3449 -JVDBGrid using official "good" BDE version 5.02. (AHUser)
0005546: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHidPnPInfo is freed twice (obones)
0005551: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBImage failed to show GIF image (obones)
0005555: [00 JVCL Components] TJvAviCapture.EnumDrivers does not clear list before adding new entries (obones)
0005565: [00 JVCL Components] Rendering speed problem with TJvXPBar on Win7 (AHUser)
0005566: [04 Feature Request] TJvRequiredFieldValidator should support trimming before validation (obones)
0005573: [00 JVCL Components] StringToHTML   causes #0 (<NUL>) in string (AHUser)
0005575: [00 JVCL Components] TImgBtn memory leak (reported by FastMM4) (AHUser)
0005583: [00 JVCL Components] [TJvTracker] Add properties and correct bug (AHUser)
0005589: [00 JVCL Components] TJvID3v2 property Texts expanding causesIDE Error (obones)
0005591: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBLookupCombo - don't allow changes in KeyDown for VK_UP and VK_DOWN (AHUser)
0005593: [00 JVCL Components] Changing caption of TMenuItem of JvPopupMenu while runtime = crash (only when style:=msXP) (obones)
0005636: [00 JVCL Components] JvBandObject NX/DEP memory protection error (outchy)
0005638: [00 JVCL Components] IDE did not work correct with installed JVCL / Failures in all Dialogs and Objectinspector (obones)
115 issues View Issues
Released 2010-09-12
0005010: [00 JVCL Components] Error while reading from jvDriveList1.ImageSize: List index exceeds maximum (0) (AHUser)
0005033: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCalcEdit at Control Height < 21 draw Control Button wrong (obones)
0005027: [00 JVCL Components] JvScheduledEvents - race condition when handling WM_TIMECHANGE (AHUser)
0005035: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFormStorage not restore TPageControl.ActivePage (jfudickar)
0005041: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBFindEdit: FTimer triggers after ResetFilter (AHUser)
0005057: [00 JVCL Components] Memory leaks in JvDockControlForm.pas (AHUser)
0005080: [00 JVCL Components] JvDateEdit does not recognize property setting CheckOnExit (AHUser)
0005094: [00 JVCL Components] JvDocking - ManualTabDock crashes if application's Main Form is uninitialized yet. (AHUser)
0005096: [00 JVCL Components] JvDocking: A component named TJvDockTabHostForm_<Form1>_<Form2>_7FEFA350 already exists (obones)
0005108: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomCsvDataSet.Locate fails when setting a Filter (AHUser)
0005109: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomCsvDataSet.ClearFilter fires a memory leak (AHUser)
0005110: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomCsvDataSet.FindByCsvKey crashes when used (AHUser)
0005126: [00 JVCL Components] TThumbnailView.AddFromStream doen not sort correctly the thumbnails (AHUser)
0005135: [00 JVCL Components] Physical-/Virtual-/Pagefile-Memory over 4 GB incorrect result by ComputerInfoEx (outchy)
0005140: [00 JVCL Components] Selecting a Thumbnail in TThumbView generates a List index out of bound after EmptyList call (AHUser)
0005322: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHLEditor is not performing Global Copy/Paste again (AHUser)
0005187: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHTButton does not center caption on change (AHUser)
0005210: [00 JVCL Components] TjvDBGrid + TjvDBUltimGrid tabbing when FixedCols > 0 (AHUser)
0005222: [00 JVCL Components] JvWizard - Wizard.OnHelpButtonClick doesn't work (AHUser)
0005225: [00 JVCL Components] runtime designer surface - Issue with WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED handling (obones)
0005229: [00 JVCL Components] JvStrHolder produces EAccessViolation (AHUser)
0005231: [99 Other] Compiling Error in JVCLMegaDemo.dpr with Delphi2010 (obones)
0005232: [04 Feature Request] Add new property to TJvHTLabel (AHUser)
0005234: [00 JVCL Components] Some bugs fixed in the JvUnicodeEditor (AHUser)
0005235: [00 JVCL Components] TjvDbComboBox disappear in runtime when autosize is true (AHUser)
0005236: [99 Other] devtools\FAQBuilder (obones)
0005238: [00 JVCL Components] TJvGridPrinter blocks with an infinite loop while printing grid (AHUser)
0005239: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPreviewControl will not accept the creation of more than one page (AHUser)
0005240: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPreviewControl - Crash on Scrolling (AHUser)
0005242: [00 JVCL Components] TjvThreadTimer memory leak. Object is not freed correctly. (AHUser)
0005245: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGrid - DrawingStyle (gdsGradient) (AHUser)
0005247: [02 Installation] Installer jcl- and JVCL3-2010-05-21 Error (AHUser)
0005256: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData.Filter (AHUser)
0005257: [00 JVCL Components] TJvGroupHeader does not restore Font (AHUser)
0005262: [00 JVCL Components] NONCLIENTMETRICS size changes are not handled correctly (obones)
0005269: [00 JVCL Components] JvXMLTree: LoadFromFile not working on CodeGear 2010 (AHUser)
0005001: [00 JVCL Components] Memory Leak in JvHidControllerClass (obones)
0005119: [00 JVCL Components] TjvTreeView does not fire OnNodeCheckedChange on Windows XP (AHUser)
0005134: [00 JVCL Components] No text in autocomplete dialog for TJvEditor and descendants in D2010 on Vista (AHUser)
0005136: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreterNotepad demo fails to compile in D2010: Invalid typecast (AHUser)
0005172: [00 JVCL Components] RegisterHtHints procedure body is commented (AHUser)
0005180: [00 JVCL Components] TJvAppRegistryStorage.ReadDateTime is not very robust (AHUser)
0005191: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBDateTimePicker not update data (AHUser)
0005197: [00 JVCL Components] JVID3V2 and BPM tags (AHUser)
0005203: [00 JVCL Components] A wrong sequence of restoration of windows in a procedure JCL InternalRestoreMDIChildren (AHUser)
0005208: [00 JVCL Components] JvMemoryData and JvExprParser bugs fixed (AHUser)
0005209: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppStorage & JvAppDBStorage Error when attempt made to store an Variant with NULL contents (AHUser)
0005215: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBLookupCombo, locate behaviour (AHUser)
0004976: [00 JVCL Components] TJvBalloonHint painting problem on Windows Vista (AHUser)
0004727: [00 JVCL Components] TjvDBGrid, EditControl lost it's value.. (obones)
0005029: [00 JVCL Components] JvEnterAsTab is behind other controls (AHUser)
0005016: [00 JVCL Components] JvDebugHandler now always call default exception handler even when OnOtherDestination (AHUser)
0005022: [00 JVCL Components] Useless Finally clauses in TJvCustomRichEdit? (obones)
0005036: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTimeEdit - OnChange never called; OnTopClick and OnBottomClick not published (obones)
0005043: [00 JVCL Components] TJvIPAddress doesn't work (obones)
0005049: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCpuUsage.Usage always returns 0 under Windows 7 x64 (obones)
0005078: [99 Other] Cannot load package IndySystem140. It contains unit idWship6....... (AHUser)
0005079: [00 JVCL Components] TJvRas32 limited to 50 phone book entries (obones)
0005089: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBUltimGrid,JvDBGrid V3.39 - Delphi 2010 Event OnTitleClick (AHUser)
0005114: [00 JVCL Components] JvStringGrid component raises EAccessviolation when trying to use ActivateCell method.
0005122: [00 JVCL Components] Security bug: JvEdit in password mode with Autohint = True allows to see password in hint (obones)
0005124: [00 JVCL Components] Double click on TJvSpeedItem in TJvSpeedBar editor in design-time leads to malfunction procedure insertion in D2010 (obones)
0005129: [00 JVCL Components] JVCL\devtools\JVCLConvert cannot be compiled in Delphi 2010 (obones)
0005131: [00 JVCL Components] JvRichEdit demo update. (obones)
0005143: [00 JVCL Components] JvScheduledEvents -> "cannot assign a TJvEventCollectionItem to a TJvEventCollectionItem" (AHUser)
0005144: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTimeEdit not editing AM/PM correctly. (obones)
0005145: [00 JVCL Components] JvXPBar1ItemClick ElistError (obones)
0005153: [02 Installation] SVN revision 12688 : Installation fails with errors at file JvDockControlForm.pas (obones)
0005161: [00 JVCL Components] TjvMemoryData - FilterOptions support (obones)
0005162: [00 JVCL Components] TjvExprParser - Date/Time, Boolean and 'Like' support (obones)
0005165: [00 JVCL Components] Access Violation JVID3V2Demo.exe (obones)
0005166: [00 JVCL Components] In JvUrlListGrabber.pas, procedure ParseUrl, Error parsing the Port part of the URL (obones)
0005167: [00 JVCL Components] TJvWaitingGradient property "Active" can't be set to False (obones)
0005168: [00 JVCL Components] JvNetscapeSplitter has undesired behavior when double clicked (obones)
0005174: [00 JVCL Components] JvArrowButton: arrwo draw one pixel too much on the right (AHUser)
0005178: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomEditorBase.ClearSelection does not clear, just deselects (AHUser)
0005188: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreterTest Problem (obones)
0005189: [03 Donations] TJVImage State : stDisabled (obones)
0005190: [00 JVCL Components] jvDBlookup don't refresh displayValue when lookupindex is the same value of the previous (AHUser)
       0005207: [00 JVCL Components] stack overflow testing sample of issue 0005190 (AHUser)
0005194: [00 JVCL Components] Right click on a TJvCaptionPanel's caption bar blocks right click on other controls (AHUser)
0005195: [00 JVCL Components] Cannot change LookupDisplayIndex in runtime (AHUser)
0005200: [00 JVCL Components] Patch for JvFooter.Pas to allow each Button to have its own width (AHUser)
0005201: [00 JVCL Components] With a form on a secondary monitor located on the left of primary monitor JvDBLookupCombo drops down to the wrong monitor (AHUser)
0005050: [00 JVCL Components] TJvScrollText ignores Wordwrap (remkobonte)
0005055: [00 JVCL Components] HID Collection Example Fails to Compile in D2010 (remkobonte)
0005051: [00 JVCL Components] JVCLGIF not show GIF when parent is a panel (remkobonte)
0005025: [00 JVCL Components] FormStorage does not restore Form to maximized (jfudickar)
88 issues View Issues
Released 2009-11-05
0005113: [00 JVCL Components] JvRichEdit.Lines.Strings does not get correct string (AHUser)
0005081: [00 JVCL Components] JvOfficeColorButton raises an exception on Windows XP (compiled with D2010) (AHUser)
0004948: [00 JVCL Components] zlib returned: data error on certain files (wapostma)
0005004: [00 JVCL Components] TJvRichEdit should have a OnClick property published (AHUser)
0005003: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppEvent cause unforeseen bugs when using with JvDebugHandler. (AHUser)
0005000: [00 JVCL Components] SVN Revision 12583 fails to install properly. (AHUser)
0004998: [00 JVCL Components] JVCL 3.38 on Delphi 2010 on Windows XP (AHUser)
0004290: [00 JVCL Components] TApplicationEvents vs TJvAppEvents problem (obones)
0004992: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFormPlacement runtime erro in TForm MidChield style Maximized on create form. (AHUser)
0004655: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid Auto Append Issue (AHUser)
0004854: [00 JVCL Components] TJvScrollText: vertical scroll cycles wrongly (AHUser)
0004815: [00 JVCL Components] Bug in JvDBTreeView.pas (AHUser)
0004988: [00 JVCL Components] TJvComputerInfo crash IDE when accessing netbios informations (AHUser)
0004982: [00 JVCL Components] ProductID property is Empty on Windows Seven (AHUser)
0004986: [00 JVCL Components] Access violation after assigning JvAppDBStorage1.DataSet (jfudickar)
0004889: [00 JVCL Components] Problem with displaying selected node in TJvTreeView (AHUser)
0004994: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTreeView: OnSelectionChange triggered several times in a row (AHUser)
0004905: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTreeView.OnNodeCheckChange not triggered (AHUser)
0004984: [00 JVCL Components] Delphi 2009 crash after loadfromresource in Tjvlistview (AHUser)
0004987: [00 JVCL Components] Editor components does not accept cyrrilic characters in Delphi2010 (AHUser)
0004965: [00 JVCL Components] Freezes on TJvWaitingProgress.OnEnded event with showmessage. (obones)
0004640: [00 JVCL Components] TJvExitWindowsDialog.Execute crashes program/or Delphi 2009 under VIsta (AHUser)
0004625: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGridHTMLExport loses Unicode symbols on save in D2009 (AHUser)
0004588: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppIniStorage: Render it completely unicode compliant (AHUser)
0004865: [04 Feature Request] JvDriveCtrls.pas : add OnDrawEvent (AHUser)
0004869: [99 Other] Example JvContentScroller with new directions (AHUser)
0004660: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBSpinEdit has problems with TFMTBCDFields (AHUser)
0004662: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHTLabel is drawn wrong when cursor is placed over the label before it is drawn the first time (AHUser)
0004918: [00 JVCL Components] TJVMemoryData.Locate (AHUser)
0004899: [00 JVCL Components] TJvRichEdit content is not shown when placed on TAdvOfficePager (from TMS-Software) (AHUser)
0004930: [00 JVCL Components] JvgCheckBox inactive (AHUser)
0004901: [00 JVCL Components] [TJvCsvDataSet] loading successively different csv files in a same TJvCsvDataSet fires un unexpected exception (AHUser)
0004545: [00 JVCL Components] TJvLinkLabel: Wrong painting of highlighted links due to Anti-Aliasing (AHUser)
0004968: [00 JVCL Components] Component JvgCheckBox causes memory leak (AHUser)
0004932: [00 JVCL Components] Bad selection in Designer with default messenger class (AHUser)
0004940: [00 JVCL Components] JvGradient Problems (AHUser)
0004828: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGridCSVExport.DoExport with ShowColumnName (AHUser)
0004966: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGridExcelExport with strings from UTF8-Databasetable failed (AHUser)
0004943: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBUltimGrid v.3.38 - Delphi 2010 Event OnTitleClick (AHUser)
0004964: [00 JVCL Components] JvPanel "Sizeable" not working correctly (obones)
0004955: [00 JVCL Components] jvWaitingProgress if you activate it freezes the application (or Delphi if is design time) (obones)
0004961: [00 JVCL Components] TJvRichEditStrings.Get(Index: Integer): use wrong line length (AHUser)
0004912: [00 JVCL Components] bad handling of WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED on runtime designer surface (obones)
0004956: [00 JVCL Components] Value setting in JvValidateEdit with dfCurrency is not correct (obones)
0004782: [00 JVCL Components] jvRichEdit - Create GetTextlenEx function (obones)
0004859: [00 JVCL Components] C++ Builder ambiguity when TBitmap is in the parameters of an event handler (obones)
0004954: [00 JVCL Components] JvFullColorDialog does not show the old colour and the new colour selected - in Delphi 2007 with Themes ON (obones)
0004913: [00 JVCL Components] copy&paste in runtime designer (obones)
0004953: [00 JVCL Components] JvValidateEdit.pas has unicode character (obones)
0004928: [00 JVCL Components] JvLookOutPage, Scrollbars are shown but not needed (obones)
0004945: [00 JVCL Components] Crazy flickering with TJvEdit and hottracking enabled (obones)
0004796: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDynControlCxPanel ignores BorderStyle (jfudickar)
0004952: [00 JVCL Components] Not possible to input decimal point in TJvValidateEdit (3.38) if Currencystring also includes a point (obones)
0004946: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBCalcEdit - External exception C0FB007F (AHUser)
0004947: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDirectoryEdit error on click at design time D2010 (AHUser)
0004914: [00 JVCL Components] [TJvTimerThread] Exception raised when enabling timer thread - solution here (AHUser)
0004934: [00 JVCL Components] External Exception In TJVSpeedButton (AHUser)
0004935: [00 JVCL Components] CSVDataset error (actually v 3.38) (AHUser)
0004904: [00 JVCL Components] JvMail can't send with Outlook 2003 (JvMail.SendMail), generates General MAPI Error 2 (remkobonte)
0004925: [00 JVCL Components] [TJVComboEdit, TJVDBComboEdit] - External Exception (AHUser)
60 issues View Issues
Released 2009-08-27
0004866: [00 JVCL Components] Suggestion for JvXPBar and JvDBLookup (obones)
0004864: [00 JVCL Components] JvSpeedButton AV (AHUser)
0004897: [00 JVCL Components] JvCSVDataset problem with comma inside string (AHUser)
0004877: [00 JVCL Components] TJvRichEditToHtml under Delphi 2009 (AHUser)
0004874: [00 JVCL Components] I found a bug in TJvXPButton. I noticed a interesting detail. (AHUser)
0004900: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCsvDataSet, when loading, does'nt parse correctly text that contains a comma (AHUser)
0004898: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDirectoryEdit.PopupDropDown lost call for BrowseForFolder if DialogKind is dkWin32 (obones)
0004893: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDirectoryEdit does not respect DialogKind property (obones)
0004826: [00 JVCL Components] JvMemoryData when used as lookup source fails to locate key (TDBLookupComboBox) FIX provided (obones)
0004892: [03 Donations] jvcl.po: Improvement of italian translation (obones)
0004895: [02 Installation] Can't install on Delphi 6 (pro) with Themeing enabled (obones)
0004896: [00 JVCL Components] Installation on Delphi 6 (pro) fails (obones)
0004754: [00 JVCL Components] [TJvComboEdit] button not well placed (obones)
0004882: [00 JVCL Components] TJvListBox doesn't respect lbOwnerDrawFixed (obones)
0004582: [04 Feature Request] Add another float display with the TJvValidateEdit (obones)
0004732: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDesignSurface: when you click on the surface panel it does not focus (obones)
0004873: [00 JVCL Components] TJVCheckedComboBox - Items in TextBox should be in same order as the items in the Popup List (obones)
0004872: [00 JVCL Components] Right click in TJvCheckedCombBox causes Stack Overflow.when Popup window open. (obones)
0004776: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCheckedComboBox DropDownLines is not respected When Columns > 1 (obones)
0004867: [00 JVCL Components] TJvXPBar causes access violation when Actions are removed at runtime (obones)
0004876: [02 Installation] HidToken and HidUsage units are missing in Lib\xx directories (obones)
0004868: [00 JVCL Components] JvRichEditToHtml incorrectly converts bullets with alignment (obones)
0004860: [04 Feature Request] Extension for TJvShFileOperation (obones)
0004862: [00 JVCL Components] JvPluginManager Linker Error - C++ Builder (obones)
0004304: [00 JVCL Components] TJvContentScroller cannot scroll left or right, only up and down (obones)
0004276: [00 JVCL Components] TJvContentScroller delay (obones)
0004332: [00 JVCL Components] Wrong error message with TJvDBDateTimePicker when Null value with NullText (obones)
0003953: [00 JVCL Components] autohide dock forms ( style) are shown wrong if their poperty "position" set to "paMainFormCenter" (obones)
0004842: [00 JVCL Components] JvProgramVersionCheck fails to compile (obones)
0004840: [00 JVCL Components] TJvScrollMaxBand.CollapsedHeight returns incorrect value if the button is not visible... (obones)
0004836: [00 JVCL Components] Too many GetTempPath encapsulations (obones)
0004669: [00 JVCL Components] [TJvDBMaskEdit] 3.36 when modify a date or datetime DB field you get an EConvertError (obones)
0004679: [00 JVCL Components] ?? ???????????????? ?????? ????????? ? JvCheckedComboBox (obones)
0004682: [00 JVCL Components] TJvValidateEdit: Issues with DisplayFormat of dfFloat with DecimalPlaces (obones)
0004635: [00 JVCL Components] Under non unicode versions of Delphi AppStorage classes may fail to properly save / reload unicode strings (obones)
0004816: [00 JVCL Components] JvCaptionButton draws incorrectly with minimized bsToolWindow (obones)
0004809: [00 JVCL Components] JvBehaviorLabel scrolls right to left in design but always runs left to right when compiled (obones)
0004833: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTimer thread appeareance must be recoded (obones)
0004824: [00 JVCL Components] TJVComboBox does not sort associated objects when sorted (obones)
0004848: [02 Installation] Package JvNetD12R fails to load if USE_3RDPARTY_INDY10 is active (obones)
0004817: [00 JVCL Components] TJVTimer incompatibility with TTimer (obones)
0004779: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCalcEdit basic notification failure and TJvSpinEdit bug (obones)
0004725: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTabDefaultPainter Incorrectly Rotating Text (obones)
0004764: [00 JVCL Components] TJvScrollText: when the property ScrollDirection is valued to drFromRight or drFromLeft, the scrolling text may be cut (obones)
0004763: [00 JVCL Components] Behaviour is inverted for values drFromRight and drFromLeft in the ScrollDirection property (obones)
0004766: [00 JVCL Components] TJvScrollText: Code donation to provide events to TJvScrollText (obones)
0004765: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGridFooter Recalc (obones)
0004675: [00 JVCL Components] [TJvCustomCsvDataSet] procs. GetFileName + Flush: must not raise exception when FTableName = '' (obones)
48 issues View Issues
Released 2009-06-25
0004772: [00 JVCL Components] errors with dock components in Delphi 2009 (obones)
0004658: [00 JVCL Components] Problem with TJvCalcEdit Component (obones)
0004328: [00 JVCL Components] Filter on TJvMemoryData dont work (wpostma416)
0004793: [00 JVCL Components] locale pt_Br (obones)
0004778: [00 JVCL Components] JvCSVDataset.Sort --> leads to an error (wpostma416)
0004821: [00 JVCL Components] Changing JvPropertyStorage.sPropNameDelimiter is not possible (AHUser)
0004822: [00 JVCL Components] JvStrings.HasStringValue is broken (AHUser)
0004814: [00 JVCL Components] LongToShortPath generates an exception (AHUser)
0004803: [00 JVCL Components] JvCheckedItemsForm does not save CheckBox's checks *at design-time* (AHUser)
0004802: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData.SortOnFields doesn't work in RAD Studio 2009 witht fields of type ftString. (AHUser)
0004656: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTabBar with PageListTabLink=true shows wrong page after closing tab (AHUser)
0004784: [00 JVCL Components] TJvRichEditStrings.Get() not working under D2009 (AHUser)
0004785: [02 Installation] Installation error with C++Buider 6 (obones)
0004449: [00 JVCL Components] Rtf to HTML error conversion (obones)
0004398: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCpationButton does not work correctly in Windows Vista (AHUser)
0004724: [00 JVCL Components] C++ header: tkUnknown not unique (AHUser)
0004631: [00 JVCL Components] TJvAppAnimatedIcon and TJvFormAnimatedIcon generate AV if linked imagelist was deleted (obones)
0004760: [04 Feature Request] TJvDirectoryEdit and Drop File or Directory (obones)
0004733: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDesignSurface: Ctrl-Left/Right/Up/Down and Shift-Left/Right/Up/Down on Windows (obones)
0004730: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMainMenu.GetItemParams - NumGlyphs is useless - MenuItem Glyph resize to default size any time. (obones)
0004714: [00 JVCL Components] JvOrganizeFavoritesDialog not working for IE8 (obones)
0004716: [00 JVCL Components] Crash in TJvDockTree.DoLoadZone (Docking) (obones)
0004699: [00 JVCL Components] Fix for 0003250 causes crash in particular sequence of events (obones)
0004693: [00 JVCL Components] Moving a selected component on a TJvDesignPanel (obones)
0004674: [00 JVCL Components] New DisplayFormat for TJvValidateEdit: dfIdentifier (obones)
0004756: [02 Installation] EnvOptions.proj got corrupted after JVCL install (obones)
0004751: [00 JVCL Components] JvProgramVersionCheck incorrectly uses IdHTTP.BoundPort (AHUser)
0004742: [00 JVCL Components] "JvCsvData - Internal Limit of MAXCOLUMNS (120) reached. CSV Data has too many columns." (AHUser)
0004734: [00 JVCL Components] Issue 0004520 isn't solved completely (AHUser)
0004486: [00 JVCL Components] TJvInspector: Lost input focus in MDI never comes back (AHUser)
0004738: [00 JVCL Components] Unable to Insert Object on JvRichEdit/JvDBRichEdit with Delphi 2009 (AHUser)
0004684: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData fails to store and retrieve fields in Delphi 2009 (AHUser)
0004694: [00 JVCL Components] JvJVCLUtils.pas - function GetControlScreenRect return rect postion error fixed. (AHUser)
0004697: [00 JVCL Components] Adding "Alignment" published property to TJvDBMaskEdit component (AHUser)
0004686: [00 JVCL Components] JVStringGrid.savetofile adding space between each letter (AHUser)
0004713: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCaptionButton.Position <> 0 AND WindowsXP-Theme = Blue leads to crash (Delphi 2009) (AHUser)
0004712: [00 JVCL Components] AV in TJvGIFAnimator (AHUser)
0004681: [00 JVCL Components] HID components do not work in Delphi 2009 (obones)
0004665: [00 JVCL Components] TJvProgressDialog not show window in non modal mode (Delphi 2007) (AHUser)
0004666: [00 JVCL Components] Problem on rendering TJvMaskEdit on Windows Vista, Windows 7 (AHUser)
40 issues View Issues
Released 2009-01-21
0004664: [00 JVCL Components] [TJvMemoryData] func. SaveToDataSet never calls EnableControls (obones)
0004657: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTabBar.OnTabClosing breaks "close buttons" mechanism if a modal dialog is invoked (AHUser)
0004233: [00 JVCL Components] TJvGIFAnimator - blinking (AHUser)
0004647: [00 JVCL Components] JvMemo doesn't call OnKeyDown in HideCaret mode (AHUser)
0004641: [00 JVCL Components] jvHTMLParser(v3.35 for delphi2009) can't parse html, and the example jvHTMLParserProj.exe can't parse html too. (AHUser)
0004393: [00 JVCL Components] Setting the Selected property of TJvTreeView does not trigger the OnSelectionChange event (obones)
0004620: [00 JVCL Components] Invalid pointer operation in JvDBSearchComboBox (obones)
0004622: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBSearchComboBox crash with Delphi 2009 (obones)
0004600: [00 JVCL Components] JvSpeedButton's alignment doesn't work (AHUser)
0004626: [00 JVCL Components] Shift+Click on TJvDbGrid with multiselect hangs up the application(endless loop) (obones)
0004586: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppStorage: No longer load/save char property (obones)
0004624: [00 JVCL Components] TJvgExportHTML does not export anything (obones)
0004629: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppDBStorage should publish SubStorages property (obones)
0004530: [00 JVCL Components] TJvWideEditor display Unicode String Error (obones)
0004604: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCsvDataSet uses wrong separator in call to JvCsvStrToFloat (obones)
0004599: [00 JVCL Components] JVCL installer destroys (obones)
0004584: [00 JVCL Components] JvLabel hot tracking not working (obones)
0004587: [03 Donations] JvColorCombo: Make the SampleText accessible (obones)
0004565: [00 JVCL Components] Information of not-shown forms is lost (obones)
0004483: [00 JVCL Components] crash in component JvID3v2 when running .commit command (remkobonte)
0004628: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBFindEdit.DataField cannot be removed if was set once (obones)
0004617: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTrayIcon.SetSwingForthAndBack improper implementation and absence (AHUser)
0004572: [00 JVCL Components] JvSpinEdit: Cannot enter negative value directly if actual value is 0 (AHUser)
0004591: [00 JVCL Components] TJvLogFile is affected by bug 0004540, Unicode bug for AnsiString(0000013#10) (AHUser)
0004605: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid [ and JvDBUltimGrid?] cannot be created in Korean. Access violation occurs (AHUser)
0004602: [02 Installation] Multi IDE Install, 2009 Selects incorrect bpl path (AHUser)
0004592: [00 JVCL Components] TJvGifAnimator is gone from Nov 18th's daily build (AHUser)
0004593: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSpeedButton caption doesn't move when it's pushed (AHUser)
0004585: [00 JVCL Components] JvSpeedButton + Vista glassform: not displayed properly while inside a container (AHUser)
0004581: [02 Installation] Please remove JvUIBD9* references from "Target" section of "D9 Packages.bdsgroup" file! (AHUser)
0004574: [02 Installation] JVCL installer destroys CB2009's include and library path (AHUser)
0004567: [00 JVCL Components] Jv3rd dependencie is not removed in all packages (AHUser)
0004391: [00 JVCL Components] TJvInspector - Editing the caption property for objects of type TSpeedButton does not trigger event (AHUser)
0004351: [00 JVCL Components] Move JvgMailSlot into main part of library (Jv) (AHUser)
0004479: [00 JVCL Components] jvHTMLParser has a bug! (AHUser)
0004394: [00 JVCL Components] SelectedCount is not consistent with CodeGear's VCL functionalities (AHUser)
0004521: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHLEditor is not performing Global Copy/Paste (AHUser)
0004392: [00 JVCL Components] TjvImageList does not Draw. (AHUser)
0004385: [00 JVCL Components] transparency bug in TJvgGroupBox (AHUser)
0004520: [00 JVCL Components] JvRichEditToHtml.pas - ConvertToHtmlStrings changing font style on second character (AHUser)
0004410: [00 JVCL Components] TjvGridPrinter does not print column zero (AHUser)
0004454: [00 JVCL Components] In Delphi 2009 TJvFileNameEdit andT JvFolderEdit do not display unicode filenames correctly (AHUser)
0004557: [00 JVCL Components] JvNavPanelHeader lacks Mouse Enter/Leave events (AHUser)
0004559: [00 JVCL Components] JvFormPlacement (AHUser)
0004560: [00 JVCL Components] JclAppInst - incorrect CMD strings (AHUser)
0004562: [00 JVCL Components] JvTrayIcon and Application.MainFormOnTaskbar (AHUser)
0004558: [02 Installation] JVCL Installer Package Selection ChecklistBox has painting problems (AHUser)
0004495: [00 JVCL Components] JvId3v2 crashes when calling methods CopyFromID3v1 and CopyToID3v1 (remkobonte)
0004555: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTracker missing properties and events of TWinControl (AHUser)
0004463: [00 JVCL Components] JvDateEdit's calendar dialog pops in weird places with a form not on the primary monitor. (AHUser)
0004507: [00 JVCL Components] TJvAni can't load *.ANI files under Delphi 2009. (AHUser)
0004514: [00 JVCL Components] Cannot free JvNTEventlog thread (AHUser)
0004491: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCsvDataSet has issues with floating point values (AHUser)
0004319: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTimerThread incompatibility (AHUser)
0004505: [00 JVCL Components] JvValidateEdit allows entering DecimalSeparator more than once (with patch) (AHUser)
0004430: [00 JVCL Components] Addition to TJVRichEdit (and sample) (AHUser)
0004422: [00 JVCL Components] JvFBGrid Column Titles (AHUser)
0004462: [00 JVCL Components] With a form on a secondary monitor, JvDBLookupCombo drops down to the wrong monitor (AHUser)
0004386: [04 Feature Request] add Periodical property to TJvTrayIcon component (AHUser)
0004554: [02 Installation] Property editors aren't registered on the first install. (AHUser)
0004552: [00 JVCL Components] JvGradient bug: expands like alClient when pasting (AHUser)
0004553: [00 JVCL Components] formstorage designer is too small (AHUser)
0004551: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCheckBox, DataConnector: If Field is null, Checkbox is Checked (AHUser)
0004536: [00 JVCL Components] JvHotTrackPersistent.hpp 'System' is no element of 'system' (AHUser)
0004550: [99 Other] TjTFWeeks, TjTFMonths, TjTFScheduler, JvTFGlanceTextViewer bugs and requests (AHUser)
0004543: [00 JVCL Components] JvWizard do not allow to set empty subtitle on page (AHUser)
0004537: [00 JVCL Components] JvJVCLUtils - Update and added function's description that donated by me. (AHUser)
0004532: [00 JVCL Components] CheckedCombobox does not have anchor setting (AHUser)
0004529: [00 JVCL Components] TJvInterpreter have a Bug when use Set property (AHUser)
0004511: [02 Installation] Installation in Delphi 2007 gives compiling error message compiling JvPluginD11D.bpl (AHUser)
0004540: [00 JVCL Components] Can't use sLineBreak in D2009 for jveditor.pas GetselText (AHUser)
0004528: [00 JVCL Components] TJvEditor bug (obones)
0004538: [00 JVCL Components] Exception in TjvCsvDataset (obones)
0004534: [00 JVCL Components] Compile error during installation (obones)
0004533: [00 JVCL Components] JvComputerInfoEx Hardwareprofile/GUID does not work with D2009 (obones)
0004230: [00 JVCL Components] Sort on non-data fields in TJvMemoryData (obones)
0004445: [02 Installation] Installation failed (obones)
0004453: [02 Installation] Installation stops (obones)
0004471: [00 JVCL Components] TJVDBRadioPanel don´t show corretly information when EVENTS GET/SET text are present (obones)
0004518: [00 JVCL Components] AV when deleting a JvMainMenu in designer; IDE becomes unstable (obones)
0004513: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCreateProcess and console application causes EAccessViolation in CB2009 (AHUser)
0004508: [00 JVCL Components] JvJCLUtils - StrToFloatDef (Index error) (AHUser)
0004506: [00 JVCL Components] procedure BoundsChanged of TJvEx???? missing message WM_MOVE (AHUser)
0004497: [00 JVCL Components] Application don't answer after TjvDice is stopped (obones)
0004485: [00 JVCL Components] tjvhlEditor is dispalynig some odd "++++" like symbols after the end of the line characters for each populated line (obones)
0004492: [02 Installation] not enough parameter error, in TjvTranslator.pas when installing jvcl 3.35 package . (obones)
0004464: [00 JVCL Components] installer does not compile!!! (obones)
0004484: [00 JVCL Components] JvMemoryData doesn't display field information when it is filled. (obones)
0004467: [00 JVCL Components] Bug in TJvMemoryData.GetFieldData + Delphi 2009 (obones)
0004461: [02 Installation] BPL directory on a system with dual installation of D2007 and D2009 is wrong (obones)
0004466: [00 JVCL Components] JvJCLUtils.StrToFloatDef is in conflict with SysUtils.StrToFloatDef (obones)
0004542: [00 JVCL Components] TJvID3v2 writing invalid headers
92 issues View Issues
Released 2008-09-09
Initial support for D2009
0004412: [00 JVCL Components] unit jvMemoryDataset (AHUser)
0004442: [00 JVCL Components] Active Directory Object Picker in JvObjectPickerDialog.pas will not run on Windows Vista (obones)
0004436: [00 JVCL Components] Stack overflow - JvBalloonHint.ActivateHint (obones)
0004432: [04 Feature Request] HTTP Status Codes in TJvHttpUrlGrabber (obones)
0004416: [00 JVCL Components] jvcl\examples\JVCLDemos.bpg is empty when opened in Delphi 7 (obones)
0004434: [00 JVCL Components] JVTIFindReplace Does Not Find Multiple Instances of Single-Character Search String (obones)
0004435: [00 JVCL Components] TJvInspector has no TabStop, TabOrder (obones)
0004433: [00 JVCL Components] Error when install Daily jvc-l2008-8-25,[Error] JvTranslator.pas(500): Undeclared identifier: 'SaveToStringStream' (obones)
0004400: [00 JVCL Components] Can't install Package (obones)
0004399: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBDateTimePicker sets date to NULL (obones)
0004361: [00 JVCL Components] FixedCols and up/down keys error in JvDBGrid (obones)
11 issues View Issues
Released 2008-07-30
0004295: [00 JVCL Components] XPItemPainter glitch (obones)
0003761: [00 JVCL Components] JvDocking focus bug (VID and .NET style) (obones)
0004411: [00 JVCL Components] TjvSimScope crashes with a divide by zero error. (obones)
0004301: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPersistent not support event property correctly.Include fixed files. (obones)
0004013: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBComboBox clear the value when exit (obones)
0004387: [04 Feature Request] enable TJvDropTarget to receive unicode filenames (obones)
0004278: [00 JVCL Components] TJvAppEvents exception and total crash when using OnActiveControlChange (obones)
0004383: [04 Feature Request] Make JvImgBtn control "emulate" hyperlink commands (AHUser)
0004381: [00 JVCL Components] Tjvdbgrid scroll using wheel mouse (AHUser)
0004372: [00 JVCL Components] Memory Leak (AHUser)
0004376: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBImage: Loading images by TBitmap descendants does not work with Delphi 5 (USchuster)
0004354: [00 JVCL Components] JvHTMLParser attributes never shown (obones)
0004357: [00 JVCL Components] Crash with JvIPAddress (obones)
0004349: [00 JVCL Components] JVMenu D7 "Canvas does not allow drawing" (obones)
0004352: [00 JVCL Components] JVDBDateTimePicker.pas - ilegal character (obones)
0004333: [00 JVCL Components] TjvDateTimePicker with ReadOnlyField bug (obones)
0004350: [00 JVCL Components] TJvUltimGrid Search "Focus Error" when searching records and grid is not visible. (obones)
0004302: [00 JVCL Components] JvgMailSlot update (obones)
0004247: [00 JVCL Components] TJvLinkLabel does not call OnDynamicTagInit during/after component load (obones)
0004246: [00 JVCL Components] TJvLinkLabel has problems with painting dynamic tags (obones)
0004348: [02 Installation] Error on installing JVCL - JvPageListTreeView.pas (obones)
0004347: [00 JVCL Components] JVMenu D7 "Canvas does not allow drawing" (obones)
0004170: [00 JVCL Components] JvImagesViewer does raise an exception on JvImagesViewer.Delete (obones)
0004127: [00 JVCL Components] JvSettingsTreeview loses links to JVPageList pages (D2007) (obones)
0003937: [00 JVCL Components] Conflict with cursors (obones)
0003230: [99 Other] Band Object DLL Wizard and JV Plugin Wizard are crashing down Borland C++ Builder 5 (obones)
0004316: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCheckTreeView: Checkmark drawn, but internal state of the node is unchecked (obones)
0004341: [00 JVCL Components] No event for checking uncheking checkbox in TJvGroupBox (obones)
0004218: [00 JVCL Components] Issue 0002603 (wrong TJvMainMenu bar painting if style other then msXP is used) was not resolved:workaround (obones)
0004303: [00 JVCL Components] HTTPS support in TJvHttpUrlGrabber (obones)
0004267: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFormMagnet Glue's slave forms even they are not placed by side (obones)
0004314: [00 JVCL Components] TJvListView: Caption of TJvListItem is drawed incorrectly under Vista/Aero (in vsTile mode) (obones)
0004329: [00 JVCL Components] D7 unable to compile JvDataProviderItemDesign (obones)
0003903: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPlugin Wizard dosen't work in BDS2006. (obones)
0004275: [00 JVCL Components] Affecting property FileName in TJvAppIniFileStorage or TJvAppXMLFileStorage causes BCB5 to crash at design time (obones)
0003788: [00 JVCL Components] VSNET Docking cosmetic (obones)
0003185: [04 Feature Request] TJvDualListDialog form resize (AHUser)
0004318: [00 JVCL Components] JvMemoryDataset raise an EDatabaseError in SaveToDataset (AHUser)
0004266: [00 JVCL Components] installation crash under "Delphi 5 Standard" environment (AHUser)
0004007: [00 JVCL Components] TJvEdit & EmptyValue on showmodal form (obones)
0004138: [00 JVCL Components] Reduce flicker on resize in JvExDBGrids.pas (AHUser)
0004258: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPanel doesn't display a custom cursor (AHUser)
0004185: [04 Feature Request] TJvDBComboBox - response to arrow keys (up and down) (AHUser)
0004285: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData causes access violation when assigning a WideString value to a TWideStringField (AHUser)
0004289: [00 JVCL Components] Donate JvJCLUtils and JvJVCLUtils (Add some useful rect functions) (AHUser)
0004293: [00 JVCL Components] Docklayout restoration for storage for not existign forms (AHUser)
0003890: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBRichEdit puts Dataset in edit mode (AHUser)
0004005: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBComboBox allows to change the value when the dataset is readOnly (AHUser)
0004315: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCheckTreeView: Checkmark is not drawn correctly + FIX (AHUser)
0004313: [00 JVCL Components] Database version of TJvIPAddress (AHUser)
0004311: [00 JVCL Components] JvMaskEdit: make property Alignment published instead of protected (AHUser)
0004305: [00 JVCL Components] JvDocking JvDockVSnetStyle: Forms are autohidden while a context menu is displayed (AHUser)
0004299: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBSpinEdit - FocusKilled - OnEdit gets fired (AHUser)
0004306: [00 JVCL Components] FOnAfterLoad of PluginManager fires _before_ registration (AHUser)
0004308: [00 JVCL Components] OnCreate of TJvPlugIn fires twice (AHUser)
0004294: [00 JVCL Components] Avoid dirty cast in TJvDockVSBlock.ResetActiveBlockWidth (AHUser)
0004257: [00 JVCL Components] Donate JvJCLUtils and JvJVCLUtils (AHUser)
0004274: [00 JVCL Components] Bug in implementation of sort in TJvStringGrid.SortGridByCols (AHUser)
0004284: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBTreeView invalid class typecast (AHUser)
0004283: [00 JVCL Components] [TJvxButtonGlyph] Memory leak in destroy (AHUser)
0004269: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSelectDirectory OnShow, OnClose do not fire (obones)
0004265: [02 Installation] pre-installation crash under "Delphi 5 Standard" environment (obones)
0004175: [00 JVCL Components] JvBrowseFolder: compiler errors with BCB5 on PItemIDList type (obones)
0004231: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid - ignores CanDelete property (obones)
0004182: [00 JVCL Components] TJvExTabControl.DoEraseBackground: EInvalidOperation - Canvas does not allow drawing. (obones)
0004174: [00 JVCL Components] TJvID3V2.Frames.Assign fails when source has multiple PRIV frames (fix included) (obones)
0004078: [00 JVCL Components] Access Violation on closing JvDesktopAlert forms (obones)
0004155: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDateTimePicker and Weeknumbers=TRUE (remkobonte)
0003818: [00 JVCL Components] Decimal Rounding for TJvValidateEdit (obones)
0003974: [00 JVCL Components] JvMemoryData bug in "FindDeleted" Method And new property "OneValueInArray" (obones)
0003990: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppInstances.Check fails if many instances are started in short tiime interval (obones)
0004141: [00 JVCL Components] TJvImage (obones)
0004143: [00 JVCL Components] JvScrollText: Alignment of text doesn't work (obones)
0004035: [00 JVCL Components] Unexpected behaviour of JvDockClient form (obones)
0003992: [00 JVCL Components] TjvMainMenu, style = msXP on VISTA (obones)
       0004146: [00 JVCL Components] JvMenus.TJvXPMenuItemPainter.DrawBorder (remkobonte)
0004228: [00 JVCL Components] BCB5: Daily Failed to compile JVCL installer (AHUser)
0004181: [00 JVCL Components] JvXPButton click raised twice (AHUser)
0004190: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBLookupCombo - Allow TAB key to select records (AHUser)
0004194: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBDateTimePicker Escape do Beep (AHUser)
0004203: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSelectDirectory OnShow, OnClose do not fire (AHUser)
0004202: [00 JVCL Components] Problems with JvPopupmenu and VISTA (obones)
0004173: [00 JVCL Components] ListView and TJvListItems fonts trouble (obones)
0004189: [00 JVCL Components] tjvupdown fails when setting min/max (obones)
0004193: [00 JVCL Components] Bug at JvMTData.pas's finalization section (obones)
0004177: [00 JVCL Components] JvThemes.pas generated header file is "incompatible" with some third party libraries (AHUser)
0004147: [00 JVCL Components] jvInspector, check ADataObj.TypeInfo (obones)
0004163: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBTreeView: new "DefaultValidMasterFields" (obones)
0003958: [00 JVCL Components] JvDocking - Improve SaveDockTreeToAppStorage (AHUser)
0004152: [00 JVCL Components] JvTabBar - Should be possible to drop tab on empty space (AHUser)
0004076: [00 JVCL Components] Cool Extension to JvDocking (alpha blended form dragging) (AHUser)
0004137: [02 Installation] no packages appear in the 'select packages' section of the installer (AHUser)
0004044: [00 JVCL Components] TJvXPButton corrupted display of glyph until mouseover (obones)
0004088: [03 Donations] Modification to JvImage/JvDBImage to use the same LoadFromStream Image format autorecognition (obones)
0004074: [00 JVCL Components] JvHLEditor paint bug (obones)
0004073: [00 JVCL Components] TJvColorButton doesn't select current color in dialog (obones)
0004069: [00 JVCL Components] JvScrollWindow doens't work with vertical direction (obones)
0004065: [00 JVCL Components] Down-Property of TJvgSpeedButton (obones)
0004064: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBTreeView, 4 bugs; Add Node IconField; unique MasterField; delete childs; drag&drop (obones)
0004058: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBDateTimePicker Does not obey DropDownDate when current date = nulldate (obones)
0004006: [00 JVCL Components] TJvRadiobutton: Add an option to decide what linked control will get the the focus during tabstop (obones)
0004021: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTimeItem Data Property (obones)
0004032: [00 JVCL Components] Bug in TJvForm (obones)
0003969: [00 JVCL Components] JvInspector.Clear causes AV (obones)
0004017: [00 JVCL Components] Change label on JvLoginDialog (obones)
0003917: [00 JVCL Components] State and AllowGreyed properties for TJvXPCheckbox... (obones)
0003998: [00 JVCL Components] JvDocking: Hidden Tabbed forms reappearing in VSNetStyle when reloading (obones)
0003967: [00 JVCL Components] Refactoring of Desktop Alert to allow displaying custom forms (obones)
0003973: [00 JVCL Components] JvMemoryDataset, troubles with .RecNo (obones)
0004150: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBSpinEdit improperly firing database actions (obones)
0004140: [00 JVCL Components] TJvBackgroundLink has a memory leak (AHUser)
0003498: [02 Installation] Disable unsupported packages for personal versions (AHUser)
0004129: [00 JVCL Components] JvRichEdit corrupts unicode Lines.LoadFromStream (remkobonte)
0004100: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDockTabHostForm.GetActiveDockForm and TJvDockTree.GetActiveControl are missing (remkobonte)
0004108: [00 JVCL Components] JvDocking and Windows Vista (remkobonte)
0004101: [02 Installation] installer overwrites paths of BDS2006 when using Delphi 2007 on the same machine (obones)
0004105: [00 JVCL Components] TJvUrlListGrabber.MaxSimultaneousGrabbers can raise an exception if URL.Count is smaller (obones)
0004093: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBDatePickerEdit craches Delphi 2007 (obones)
0004020: [00 JVCL Components] JvDocking error when reading layout (remkobonte)
0004081: [00 JVCL Components] Unable to compile JVCL (AHUser)
0004051: [00 JVCL Components] JvIterpreter record type problems (ivan_ra)
0003935: [00 JVCL Components] TJvWizardCustomPage WMEraseBkgnd behaving incorrectly (obones)
0004038: [00 JVCL Components] JvRichEdit font assignment is incorrect when Font.Color = clWindowText (obones)
0004015: [00 JVCL Components] TJvXBButton.Click method (obones)
0003913: [00 JVCL Components] TjvScheduledEvents don't saves all information about events (obones)
0002556: [02 Installation] Compiling JvQ3rdD7R.bpl fails
0004221: [ASPI and SCSI] jvdockcontrolForm.EndDockLoading don't test if GShowingChanged is nil
0004222: [ASPI and SCSI] Windows can't move when using JvDockClient together with bsToolWindow style
128 issues View Issues
Released 2007-09-20
0003791: [00 JVCL Components] Themed JvDBGrid possible? (Informatix)
0004167: [00 JVCL Components] JvNavigationPane / JvNavPanelPage (AHUser)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2007-03-19
Release for D2007
0004016: [00 JVCL Components] Problem with loading docked forms using TJvAppDBStorage component (jfudickar)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2007-01-14
Released on 2007-01-14
0003210: [04 Feature Request] Re JvTFGlanceTextViewer - Schedule Names (obones)
0004031: [00 JVCL Components] TJvAppRegistryStorage.ValueStored doesn't work (jfudickar)
0003996: [00 JVCL Components] problem with designpanel : controls remain in design state ? (obones)
0003994: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomInspectorItem.SetEditCtrl crashes in unit JvInspector when custom edit control was created (obones)
0003411: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGrid Feature Idea "AllowDelete" (outchy)
0003984: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDbSpinEdit don't allow to enter empty value (empty string) (outchy)
0003985: [00 JVCL Components] Pressing "Esc" in TJvDBSpinEdit should reset the value from database (outchy)
0003979: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomMonthCalendar.Change error (outchy)
0003987: [00 JVCL Components] Strange initial value for TJvDBSpinEdit.DownClick (outchy)
0003970: [00 JVCL Components] TJVLabel do not release mouse focus (obones)
0003915: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomDBGridExport.GetFieldValue crashes export DoExport function (obones)
0003959: [00 JVCL Components] TJvScrollingWindow ignores the value of ScrollAmount property (obones)
0003900: [00 JVCL Components] Application with both Standard and CustomDoking features raise an unneeded assert condition (obones)
0003902: [00 JVCL Components] CustomDock Layout Loading 2 (obones)
0003924: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBCalcEdit does not work correctly with FMTBCD fields (obones)
0003717: [00 JVCL Components] JvTFAlarm (obones)
0003854: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHTLabel draw bug when Transparent is true. (obones)
0003929: [00 JVCL Components] jvDBFindEdit with ADO (obones)
0003798: [00 JVCL Components] When you load SCV file using JvCsvDataSet1.LoadFromFile() you will get runtime error - "Field "..." found in file but not ..." (obones)
0003793: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBMaskEdit does not Mask the editor (obones)
0004022: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTimeLine SupportsColor (outchy)
0003869: [02 Installation] Fatal error: Unable to open file 'JCL.LIB' (obones)
0003833: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBHTLabel doesn't support painting on TDBCtrlGrid (obones)
0003229: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBTreeView not scrolling (obones)
0002138: [00 JVCL Components] Docking: Unexpected focus behaviour (wapostma)
0003751: [00 JVCL Components] JvChangeNotify enters deadlock if directory is deleted (obones)
0003548: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFormPlacement - Windows98 Not read/set Window State Property (obones)
0004003: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDockVSPopupPanelSplitter: Assertion failure (obones)
0003993: [00 JVCL Components] ThemeManager in BCB5 is in my BCB\Projects\Bpl and installer not found the .BPL (obones)
0003923: [02 Installation] Ability for the installer to create .jdbg files (outchy)
0003983: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBSpinEdit should support DataLink Action mechanism (obones)
0003982: [00 JVCL Components] Deleting the component that is assigned to TJvDBSpinEdit.DataSource property produce an exception (obones)
0003986: [00 JVCL Components] Mistypes at jvdbspinedit.pas lines 226-227 (obones)
0003981: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomComboBox and all its descendants never handle OnCloseUp event if compiled on Delphi6+ (obones)
0003977: [00 JVCL Components] JvTranslateString: Adding event to control translation (obones)
0003936: [00 JVCL Components] JvSpinEdit don't work with displayFormat (obones)
0003961: [00 JVCL Components] JvRichEdit.PlainText loses extended characters (remkobonte)
0003956: [00 JVCL Components] JvTabbar repeat scrolling does not work with the left button (AHUser)
0003949: [00 JVCL Components] JVCL3-2006-10-08 not install in BCB5 (obones)
0003905: [00 JVCL Components] JvHLEditor bug when adding lines by code (obones)
0003354: [00 JVCL Components] TJvScheduledEvents runtime creation (obones)
0003756: [00 JVCL Components] JVDocking does not load correctly docktree (obones)
0003934: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBTreeView: Displays same element 2 times when last child is dragged do same parent. (obones)
0003940: [00 JVCL Components] JvXPMenuItemPainter1 does not store SelectionFrame Brush and Pen (obones)
0003941: [00 JVCL Components] Calling .Execute always causes an exception (obones)
0003904: [00 JVCL Components] TjvDBlookupComboslow down when browsing or searching record. (remkobonte)
0003805: [00 JVCL Components] JvWizardRouteMapSteps ShowNavigation property resseting (obones)
0003355: [00 JVCL Components] TJvScheduledEvents - use WM_TIMECHANGE (obones)
0003695: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGrid Scrollbars (obones)
0003755: [02 Installation] Installer does not understand BPL directory with non-english letters (obones)
0003901: [00 JVCL Components] CustomDock Layout saving (obones)
0003601: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomDBTreeView Bug (with bugfix, please add to CVS!) (obones)
0003868: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppInst allows rouge processes (obones)
0003804: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTreeView : OnChanging event fires twice when AllowChange=false (obones)
0003894: [00 JVCL Components] Add LocalInstallerParams property to TJvProgramVersionCheck to run local update installer with params (jfudickar)
0003909: [00 JVCL Components] Memory leak in JvDataProviderItemDesign.pas (outchy)
0003906: [00 JVCL Components] JVListView - Header Image is displayed at the right of the text. (obones)
0003908: [00 JVCL Components] JvListView - Font breaks when Column Order is changed. (obones)
0003895: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBUltimGrid - TBitmap ambiguity in C++ Builder 5 (obones)
0003888: [02 Installation] can't install jvcl 3.30/svn (obones)
0003884: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDbLookupcombo first record not displayed if displayempty used (obones)
0003885: [00 JVCL Components] German Umlaute in TJvBalloonHint (obones)
0003867: [00 JVCL Components] Sorting in JvListView. (obones)
0003814: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTFControl infinitive loop (obones)
0003835: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBDateTimePicker crash on design time using D2006 (obones)
0003846: [Installation] After installing new version cannot compile old code (obones)
0003839: [00 JVCL Components] GDI obj leak (obones)
0003784: [00 JVCL Components] Glitch drawing bug in TjvTreeView (obones)
0003879: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTabBar is broken in the latest SVN snapshot (obones)
0003852: [00 JVCL Components] Allow to set TJvCaptionPanel caption's height (obones)
0003874: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBComboEdit : Glyph and NumGlyph missing (obones)
0003862: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMenu - Problems with check-menuitems (obones)
0003871: [02 Installation] Can not install JVCL JvAppFrmD7R.bpl / JvCaptionButton.DCU missing (obones)
0003845: [00 JVCL Components] Crash on JvDBDrid title button click in 3.30 - with bug fix (obones)
0003857: [Documentation] Unfortunate interaction between JvGradientCaption and JvCaptionButton (obones)
0003858: [00 JVCL Components] TJvValidators.Validate raises access violation if none ErrorIndicator assigned (obones)
0003863: [00 JVCL Components] missing Glyph and NumGlyphs in JvCalcEdit (obones)
0003837: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter Length function is incorrect (obones)
0003861: [00 JVCL Components] TJvBalloonHint draw problem on W98 (obones)
0003851: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTransparentButton : Image has black border (obones)
0003847: [00 JVCL Components] JvInspector painter problem (obones)
0003637: [00 JVCL Components] JvPluginManager Crashes on destroy (obones)
0003781: [00 JVCL Components] jvDBFindEdit (obones)
0003770: [00 JVCL Components] TJvInspectorPropData.New / NewByNames crash if parameter AInstance does not inherit from TPersistent (obones)
0003711: [00 JVCL Components] JvNetscapeSplitter - bad drawing (obones)
0003693: [00 JVCL Components] JVCL installer does not correctly show BPL output directory (obones)
0003517: [00 JVCL Components] JvImagesViewer OnItemChanged when MultiSelect is true (obones)
0003829: [00 JVCL Components] No Constructort Initialization Property QuoteEveryTime (obones)
0003840: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter color constants not defined (obones)
0003801: [00 JVCL Components] JvNavigationPane ignores the font set in TJvNavPaneStyleManager.Fonts.HeaderFont (obones)
0003825: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBLookupComboBox (obones)
0003834: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomComboEdit popup window hides under taskbar (obones)
0003828: [00 JVCL Components] Missing properties in JvDBMaskEdit (obones)
0003827: [00 JVCL Components] JvMemoryData property don't save (obones)
0003819: [00 JVCL Components] Problems with TJvTimer in TJvAnimatedImage (obones)
0003824: [00 JVCL Components] Memory leak on FUrlGrabberThread (obones)
0003815: [00 JVCL Components] TjvGIFAnimator crashes Delphi 2006 (obones)
0003820: [00 JVCL Components] Jan's ArrayButton missing Enabled and Visible properties (obones)
0003811: [00 JVCL Components] TJvAnimatedImage crashes Delphi 7 IDE and BDS2006 IDE (obones)
0003812: [00 JVCL Components] TJvColorButton do not have Anchors property (AHUser)
0003803: [00 JVCL Components] GetStoredValues disfunctional with aeoReportRelative option (obones)
0003808: [00 JVCL Components] JvComputerInfoEx .Folders.trailingPathdelimiter property not stored in executable, setting true or false doesn't change when run (obones)
0003802: [00 JVCL Components] TJvXPProgressBar visible property not published (obones)
0003797: [00 JVCL Components] TJvInterpreter: error in sintaxis (ivan_ra)
0001717: [04 Feature Request] JvInspector: have the inspector show different items at design time to give visual feedback (obones)
0001715: [04 Feature Request] JvInspector: allow to specify different fonts in the painters (obones)
0001716: [04 Feature Request] JvInspector: transform external painter components into internal painter classes. (obones)
0003343: [00 JVCL Components] JvClock-component, not able to set the time (obones)
0003316: [00 JVCL Components] Alpha-blended Lable component? (obones)
0003795: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid: Allow hiding of the CheckBox "with real field names" from SelectColumnsDialog (Informatix)
0003794: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid: Clicking the TitleArrow doesn't show the SelectColumnsDialog if DataSet is Closed (Informatix)
0003792: [99 Other] v3.10 downloads instead of v3.20 at SourceForge? (obones)
0003494: [00 JVCL Components] JvValidateEdit changes negative numbers to positive when DisplayFormat is dfCurrency (obones)
0003787: [00 JVCL Components] SVN JVCL installation stops with error (obones)
0003785: [00 JVCL Components] JvFormStorage not restoring JvDBGrid (obones)
0003786: [00 JVCL Components] HideSelection bug in TjvTreeview drawing (obones)
0003348: [00 JVCL Components] AV in JvInspector when the same object is referenced twice (elahn)
0003730: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter memory leak (ivan_ra)
0003778: [00 JVCL Components] Docking package Tab Images bug (VID and NET Style) (obones)
0002323: [04 Feature Request] Need a way to use TJvDBSecurity, and scramble the users password (obones)
0003407: [Examples] Errors in JvInterpreter examples (ivan_ra)
0003208: [00 JVCL Components] JvTFAlarm1 (obones)
0003186: [00 JVCL Components] AV when adding Variant type variable to JvInspector (obones)
0003194: [00 JVCL Components] Problems with the descendants of tJvWizard (obones)
0002528: [00 JVCL Components] TJvEditor doesn't fully paint the window (obones)
0003623: [00 JVCL Components] Installation of JVCL stops with error (obones)
0003534: [02 Installation] "Packages 'JvSystemD10R' and 'JvCoreD10R' both contain unit 'JvAppStorageSelectList'" (obones)
0003522: [00 JVCL Components] JvInspector's OnItemEdit CONNOT change data Value! (obones)
0003568: [00 JVCL Components] Use "gettext" feature to JvDBGrid***Export components... (obones)
0003391: [00 JVCL Components] edits are lost in db incpestor if not defocusing item, bug or normal behaviour? (obones)
0003676: [00 JVCL Components] JVDBTreeview (obones)
0003678: [00 JVCL Components] DBTreeViewLookup (obones)
0003401: [00 JVCL Components] AutoComplete in JvInspector disabled the 2nd time of input (obones)
0002715: [00 JVCL Components] TJVDBTreeview not updated after calling CancelBatch (obones)
0002686: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBDateTimePicker broken in V3 (obones)
0003038: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBImage on a DBCtrlGrid (obones)
0003037: [00 JVCL Components] TJvInspectorCustomCategoryItem constructor bug (obones)
0003016: [00 JVCL Components] TJvInspector: Stack overflow when inspecting TChart (obones)
0002962: [00 JVCL Components] About JvInspector (obones)
0002700: [00 JVCL Components] Themed JvWizard painting bug (obones)
0002276: [00 JVCL Components] JVAlarm don't work correctly for OnAlarm event (obones)
0002745: [00 JVCL Components] bugs in JvThumbView & JvThumbView (obones)
0002226: [00 JVCL Components] makefile for examples does not compile all examples (obones)
0003772: [00 JVCL Components] Different senders in TJvCustomInspectorItem.EditKeyDown and EditKeyPress (obones)
0003779: [00 JVCL Components] ExecuteAndWait in JvJCLUtils missing two times CloseHandle (obones)
0000980: [00 JVCL Components] Add new functionality to ListView (obones)
0003701: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFormMagnet does not adjust the mouse position, works only on primary screen (AHUser)
0003775: [00 JVCL Components] JvFilenameEdit(JvDirectoryEdit) - OnChange event is not generated with AutoSuggest.. (AHUser)
0003763: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBDateEdit raises "Dataset not in edit mode" when Read-Only (AHUser)
0003671: [00 JVCL Components] TitlePopup on TJvDBGrid (Informatix)
0003776: [00 JVCL Components] JvListView.pas is incompatible with D5 (AHUser)
0003758: [00 JVCL Components] JvBase.dcu not found (obones)
0002073: [00 JVCL Components] OLE automation support does not work correctly in JvInterpreter (ivan_ra)
0003762: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter-D.xml file includes qrpt package name twice (obones)
0003698: [00 JVCL Components] Color match to Office 2003 (obones)
0003721: [00 JVCL Components] Problem with TJvImage Property Transparent (obones)
0001869: [00 JVCL Components] AutoSize, BevelXXXX and ButtonFlat in edits (simple and db aware) (obones)
0003750: [00 JVCL Components] TJvValidators.Validate does not display error indicators (obones)
0003760: [00 JVCL Components] JvScrollText hangs application if Active = false on form close (obones)
0003685: [00 JVCL Components] Impossible to change the Title and Subtitle font of TJvWizard pages (obones)
0003480: [00 JVCL Components] jvAppIniFileStorage (obones)
0003757: [00 JVCL Components] jvGradientCaption : new properties EndColor and FillDirection (obones)
0003747: [00 JVCL Components] JvTrayIcon - Problem when Shell_NotifyIcon(NIM_DELETE) does timeout. (obones)
0003741: [00 JVCL Components] JvSpin mouse click issue (obones)
0003740: [00 JVCL Components] JVDBGrid can't show memo fields in D2006 (obones)
0003739: [00 JVCL Components] SaveDockTreeToFile + VSNETStyle Tabs (obones)
0003733: [00 JVCL Components] Year 1899 when TJvDBDatePickerEdit is null (obones)
0003720: [00 JVCL Components] JvXPProgressBar doesnt work as expected (obones)
0003724: [00 JVCL Components] JvXPProgressBar Smooth property isnt implemented (obones)
0003715: [00 JVCL Components] JvThumbViews keeps directory open (obones)
0003718: [00 JVCL Components] TJvNetscapeSplitter highlighting (obones)
0003692: [00 JVCL Components] JvStringGrid.SortGridByCols doesn't sort more than 1000 rows (obones)
0003662: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMRUManager: MaxLength has no effect if ShowAccelChar is false (user72)
0003654: [00 JVCL Components] Band Object DLL Wizard generates an incorrect code. (obones)
0003752: [00 JVCL Components] JvDocking LoadDockTreeFromAppStorage error (obones)
0003753: [00 JVCL Components] Reopen 0003052 JvDocking save/load bug handling embedded forms (obones)
0003510: [00 JVCL Components] quick and perhaps ugly Lookup for TJvMemoryData (obones)
0003638: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCsvDataSet bug when field is string and size is 1 (obones)
0001862: [00 JVCL Components] JvMainMenu: strange drawing in XP Style (obones)
0003627: [00 JVCL Components] jvdblookupcombo still not working correctly (see 0001677) (obones)
0003553: [00 JVCL Components] Error in JvProgramVersionCheck with Indy 10 (obones)
0003552: [02 Installation] Error under Delphi7 with Indy 10 installed (obones)
0003535: [00 JVCL Components] problem with ShowDockForm used in MDI forms (obones)
0002338: [00 JVCL Components] TIBBCDField sort problem with TJvMemoryData (obones)
0003052: [00 JVCL Components] JvDocking save/load bug handling embedded forms (remkobonte)
0003472: [00 JVCL Components] JvThumbViews faulters on many images in directory (obones)
0003300: [00 JVCL Components] Problem with JvImagesViewer1.add (obones)
0003728: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppStrorage could avoid saving properties with default values (obones)
0002153: [00 JVCL Components] ENTER Key not working with JvDBLookupCombo (obones)
0003244: [00 JVCL Components] TJvXPBar's items ignore overridden captions and always use TAction's caption (obones)
0003294: [00 JVCL Components] TJvListView doublebuffering slower (obones)
0003254: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPageListTreeView invalid PageLinks in D2005 (obones)
0002314: [00 JVCL Components] JvInspector paints incorrectly when UseBands = True (obones)
0003180: [00 JVCL Components] TJvListView and background picture doesn't work always (obones)
0002603: [00 JVCL Components] JvMainMenu appear white in standard style under XP (obones)
0002888: [00 JVCL Components] Jv Leds make errors so not leave memory complete ( Jv Trans Led makes only an error ) in a TStatusBar ( resolved changing code ) (obones)
0003128: [00 JVCL Components] JvCustomImageButton shows focus rect in Win XP (obones)
0002644: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPageManager.PageProxies - access violation (obones)
0003631: [00 JVCL Components] New behaviour of MinValue and MaxValue in TJvValidateEdit (obones)
0003681: [00 JVCL Components] Bug (obones)
0003745: [00 JVCL Components] TJvUIB... package unavailable (obones)
0003707: [00 JVCL Components] Feature Request: Add "Flat" to JvListBox, JvMemo and JVRichEdit (obones)
0003690: [00 JVCL Components] TJvOutlookBarPage: Support for properties - tag, name (obones)
0002889: [00 JVCL Components] Access Violation with JvNTEventLog (obones)
0003697: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPluginManager.Plugins[0].FileName does return invalid file name (obones)
0003736: [00 JVCL Components] Wrong Color Definition in JvTypes.pas (obones)
0003713: [04 Feature Request] Add a "dfFloatGeneral" facility to JvValidateEdit.pas (obones)
0003748: [00 JVCL Components] JvXPCheckbox doesn't answer to space bar pressing (obones)
0003732: [00 JVCL Components] JvMenu - Roll down menu images problem (obones)
0003680: [00 JVCL Components] TJvAppIniFileStorage always add ".ini" extension (obones)
0003734: [00 JVCL Components] Package 'JvUIBC5D' does not use or export 'JvUIBReg.RsPaletteUIB' (obones)
0003737: [02 Installation] With D5, JvThemes does not compile in install because PPointer not defined (AHUser)
0003731: [00 JVCL Components] TJvRichEditToHtml still not formatting correctly (AHUser)
0003392: [00 JVCL Components] AddFromStream only adds ONE thumbnail (rbraasem)
0003706: [00 JVCL Components] TJvRichEditToHtml is not formatting properly (AHUser)
0003729: [00 JVCL Components] GetCPUSpeed crashes on fast processors (AHUser)
0003716: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSpellChecker has a major memory leak (elahn)
0003647: [JclUnitVersioning] 0003646: Wrong/Missing RCSFile information after move from CVS to SVN (obones)
0003686: [00 JVCL Components] Update links to the source repository (obones)
0003708: [02 Installation] JEDI Installer (obones)
0003705: [00 JVCL Components] JclSysInfo was compiled with a different version of SNMP (obones)
0003696: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHidDeviceController does not allow system restart/shutdown (obones)
0003338: [00 JVCL Components] Method CloseThreadDialogForm of JvThreadAnimateDialog didn’t work. (jfudickar)
0003688: [00 JVCL Components] TJvOutlookBarButton: memory leak (obones)
0003689: [00 JVCL Components] TJvOutlookBarButton: Click doesn't support FActionLink (obones)
0003687: [00 JVCL Components] Fatal error during installation of JVCL in BDS2006ProSP2 (obones)
0003514: [03 Donations] Fixed JvInterpreter example (Pas2Rai2) (remkobonte)
0003684: [00 JVCL Components] JvCustomAppIniStorage raises error wnen reads empty value (ivan_ra)
0003650: [00 JVCL Components] Strange code in IvInterpreter (ivan_ra)
0003667: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter: non-standard var params does not works (ivan_ra)
0003666: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreterFm: MakeForm function does not work (ivan_ra)
0003655: [00 JVCL Components] JvPaintFX - Access Violation is raised by the stretch method. (obones)
0003641: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTransparentButton is not transparent when clicked (obones)
0003558: [00 JVCL Components] Missing entry point in 3.20 JvCoreC6R.bpl prevents loading by BCB IDE (AHUser)
0003554: [02 Installation] JVCL can't install on d2006 pro. (obones)
0003649: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBMaskEdit edit mask disappears upon entering component during D2006 runtime. (Informatix)
0003663: [00 JVCL Components] Problem of LeftMargin in design time of TJvStandardMenuItemPainter (obones)
0003636: [00 JVCL Components] TJvStandardMenuItemPainter problem (obones)
0003657: [00 JVCL Components] Error in JvDBSearchcomboBox Revision 10423 and Mantis 3215 (AHUser)
0003656: [00 JVCL Components] [Fatal Error] FSysContr.pas(7): Unit JvAppStorage was compiled with a different version of JclBase.MoveChar (obones)
0003600: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter does not recognizes unassigned values (workaround) (obones)
0003430: [00 JVCL Components] JvProgressComponent - preview function (obones)
0003588: [00 JVCL Components] JvProgramVersionCheck terminates an application in a way which causes troubles. (jfudickar)
0003645: [00 JVCL Components] TJvThread.Execute - may lead to inconsistent state (obones)
0003643: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomImageButton, request to change "DrawButtonText" and "CalcButtonParts" to virtual (obones)
0003342: [00 JVCL Components] TJvBrowseForFolderAction action component incomplete and unworkable. Solution provided. (obones)
0003619: [00 JVCL Components] JvChangeNotity does not clean up when an error occurs (obones)
0003585: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPanel loses transparenty at runtime if XPManifest is used (AHUser)
0002326: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBIndexCombo and descending index (obones)
0003520: [00 JVCL Components] Fixed - CellHint for boolean Field display True or False if column width < 25 (obones)
0003621: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFilenameEdit - ASCII Characters (obones)
0001661: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDirectoryEdit Images/ImageIndex property doesn't work (user72)
0003610: [00 JVCL Components] Fixed error in "GetValues" method for JvMemoryData (obones)
0003628: [00 JVCL Components] JvDatePickerEdit (obones)
0003607: [03 Donations] JVCL 3.20 JvEditor: New language "JScript" for syntax highlighter. (obones)
0003199: [00 JVCL Components] JvgLanguageLoader additions (obones)
0003580: [99 Other] Improved DSA dialog (obones)
0003624: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSpeedbutton is not transparent on a transparent TJvPanel (obones)
0003625: [02 Installation] install 3.3 not compil with DxGettext (obones)
0003608: [00 JVCL Components] JvCheckTreeView displays wrong state image when setting checked state from code (obones)
0003614: [03 Donations] TJvApplicationHotKey with property WinModifier. Windows key will now be recognized. (obones)
0003429: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPageListTreeView does not work with AutoExpand, and does not show RowSelect when running. (obones)
0003389: [00 JVCL Components] jvInterpreter finds error (obones)
0003633: [00 JVCL Components] Error while installin JVCL (obones)
0003603: [00 JVCL Components] JvDocking crashes when LoadDockLayoutFromAppStorage used. (obones)
0002723: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBLookupTreeViewCombo does not paint correctly (obones)
0003474: [00 JVCL Components] Diff between ObjSel.pas and ObjSel.h (obones)
0003550: [00 JVCL Components] TJvScheduledEvents can't save by TJvAppRegistryStorage/TJvAppIniFileStorage/TJvAppDBStorage (jfudickar)
0003583: [02 Installation] The TJvEditor did't published the drag property,like dragmode,ondragover,ondragdrop (obones)
0003572: [00 JVCL Components] accessing TJvDesignPanel by name after using LoadFromFile raises an EAccessViolation (obones)
0003620: [00 JVCL Components] Jvcl daily in BCB5: 2 install bugs (obones)
0003575: [00 JVCL Components] JvCheckListBox crashes when removing last item in the list, if this item is checked (AHUser)
0003547: [00 JVCL Components] Default collapsing JvXPBar hangs delphi (obones)
0003317: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGrid - AutoAppend does not fully work (obones)
0003513: [00 JVCL Components] UpDown components - no events, when changing ? (obones)
0003512: [00 JVCL Components] JvCombobox sometimes just is not fully restored form DFM (obones)
0003271: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHTLabel bad background when Transparent = True and Layout <> tlTop (obones)
0003497: [00 JVCL Components] Memory leak in JvDriveCtrls (obones)
0003359: [00 JVCL Components] TJvInspector & TJvInspectorFontItem Scrollbar Bug (obones)
0003479: [00 JVCL Components] JcCSVDataSet - HeaderRow not cleared when HasHeaderRow is false (obones)
0003477: [00 JVCL Components] TJvListBox and Background (obones)
0003445: [03 Donations] TJvBallonHint Unicode (WideString) version (obones)
0003469: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSpin.Thousands := True causes incorrect caret movement (fix) (obones)
0003425: [00 JVCL Components] TJvToolBar with assigned Menu and(or) TMenuItem (obones)
0003424: [00 JVCL Components] JvInspector hangs if EditCtrl is active (obones)
0003427: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDesignSelector: Selecting 2 or more Components on the Designpanel are not available (obones)
0003299: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMarkupViewer.ParseHtml error in nested ParseTag (obones)
0003227: [00 JVCL Components] TNavigationPane - OnChanging event - AllowChange (obones)
0003184: [00 JVCL Components] JvNetscapeSplitter ignores Color property (obones)
0002340: [00 JVCL Components] JvTFDaysPrinter1 print the FancyRowHdr incorrect (obones)
0003351: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCheckTreeView and horizontal Scrollbar (obones)
0003250: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTreeView.HideSelection doesn't work (obones)
0002594: [00 JVCL Components] Unable to multiselect with Shift in TJvTreeview (obones)
0003141: [04 Feature Request] More TJvDesktopAlert events (obones)
0003098: [00 JVCL Components] JvXPBar causes all sorts of error messages when placed on a modal form (obones)
0002970: [00 JVCL Components] JvNTEventLog hangs if OnChange is assigned (obones)
0003021: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBSpinEdit value change isn't saved (obones)
0002131: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBSpinEdit Value is always 0 when Field.DisplayFormat=>'' (obones)
0002491: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDatePickerEdit Problems (ogiesen)
0002842: [00 JVCL Components] jvExpress resorts buttons when visibility changes (obones)
0003518: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBDateTimePicker crashes BDS 2006 (obones)
0002959: [00 JVCL Components] TJvgStringGrid columns not aligned under TJvgGridHeaderControl (obones)
0002899: [00 JVCL Components] TJvgExportExcel always create file even if SaveToFileName is empty (obones)
0002817: [00 JVCL Components] RichEditToHTML does not translate accurately. (obones)
0003170: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter assigns 0 to all integer var parameters (obones)
0002676: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter: Call of derived methods does not work (obones)
0002675: [00 JVCL Components] Format function in JvInterpreter (obones)
0002708: [00 JVCL Components] Make full JvOfficeColorButton to toggle color pallette like Arrow Click does now (obones)
0003215: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBCustomSearchComboBox Bookmarks memory leak (obones)
0003270: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCheckTreeView doesn't show checkboxes in runtime (obones)
0003245: [00 JVCL Components] Setting Action property of JvXPBar will cause the TAction to be disabled. (obones)
0003240: [00 JVCL Components] TJvXPBar's items can't hide? (obones)
0003225: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBCalcEdit decimal separator and numeric keyboard (obones)
0002809: [00 JVCL Components] Transparency problem with embedded forms (obones)
0003191: [00 JVCL Components] Add property to change 'Auto Hide' or 'Close' text in JvDockVSNETStyle (obones)
0003087: [00 JVCL Components] JvCabFile leads to exception on windows 98. (obones)
0003067: [00 JVCL Components] Cannot paste RTF text after TjvRichEdit.clear (obones)
0003089: [00 JVCL Components] Justify Alignment in JvRichEdit (obones)
0003020: [00 JVCL Components] Painting TAB's on JvPageControl?????? (obones)
0002786: [00 JVCL Components] JVDBDateEdit (obones)
0002934: [00 JVCL Components] ShowDockForm function ignores JvDockServer.AutoFocusDockedForm (remkobonte)
0002931: [00 JVCL Components] TJvValidateEdit and FStandardFontColor (obones)
0001823: [00 JVCL Components] Non transparent glyph on TJvArrowButton with Manifest (obones)
0002859: [00 JVCL Components] JVDBCombobox on change not working (obones)
0002726: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGridExcelExport (obones)
0002705: [00 JVCL Components] TJvEdit shows wrong characters if ThemedPassword is set to True and Enabled set to False (obones)
0002521: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBHTLabel doesn't use the DisplayFormat property to display a field (obones)
0003587: [00 JVCL Components] TJvValidateEdit: doesn't validate if set at design time (dtCheckChars) (elahn)
0003602: [00 JVCL Components] Memory leak in TJvListView (AHUser)
0003577: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter: incorrect finally/except block handling (workaround) (AHUser)
0003486: [00 JVCL Components] JvIntepreter crashes on assigning nil to a variable of TObject type (AHUser)
0003589: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter: variant arrays support, finally/except block and custom typecasting (AHUser)
0003592: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCheckListBox scrollbar doesn't fit (AHUser)
0003590: [02 Installation] Changing BPL & DCP path on configuration page without using the browse button does not work. (AHUser)
0003586: [00 JVCL Components] TJvProgramVersionCheck - Expose FThread and FThreadDialog (jfudickar)
0003531: [00 JVCL Components] Installer does not install HTML components in d2006 (obones)
0003559: [00 JVCL Components] tJvTransparentButtons is not drawn correctly at runtime (AHUser)
0003530: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCheckTreeView Checkboxes not displayed when cbsJVCL style is used (AHUser)
0003546: [00 JVCL Components] Missing CompressionLevel in JvZlibMultiple ? (AHUser)
0003541: [00 JVCL Components] JvRequiredFieldsValidator fails, when Control is TJvDateEdit (AHUser)
0003523: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHLEditor: Templates don't position Caret right if on another line using '~' as the CRLF. (AHUser)
0003544: [00 JVCL Components] Bug in appearence of jvIPAddress (AHUser)
0003564: [00 JVCL Components] bug: tjvcolorbutton on a modal form (form sent to back) (AHUser)
0003565: [00 JVCL Components] JvMainMenu - Problem of width measurement(in Japanese locale) (AHUser)
0003571: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPageListTreeView - ShowLines always true in Delphi 7 (AHUser)
0003515: [04 Feature Request] JvDirectoryListBox multi selection (AHUser)
0003569: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter: class fields support (AHUser)
0003570: [00 JVCL Components] AppStorage bug when reading nested object lists in v3.2 (AHUser)
0003521: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSimIndicator Divide By Zero Error if Height is too small (AHUser)
0003384: [00 JVCL Components] Installation of JVCL for Delphi 2005 (AHUser)
0003567: [02 Installation] Installer and BPL directy location (AHUser)
0003557: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter packages compilation error (obones)
0003551: [00 JVCL Components] Installation failed for Package JvInterpreter with QuickReport 4.x installed (obones)
0003537: [00 JVCL Components] JvTipOfDay is broken in 1.36 and OK in 1.35 (obones)
0003511: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid - .Row property is to be read-only or hidden (obones)
0003538: [00 JVCL Components] Many warnings installing in BDS 2006 Architect (AHUser)
0003533: [00 JVCL Components] Bad JVCL version number displayed in IDE (obones)
0003526: [00 JVCL Components] JVCL install fails (AHUser)
0003073: [00 JVCL Components] memory leak in JvXPCheckBox (AHUser)
0003446: [00 JVCL Components] Add FormClose property in JvProgressComponent (AHUser)
0002832: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHttpUrlGrabber does not work within a JvPlugin (obones)
0003119: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBFindEdit (obones)
0003841: [00 JVCL Components] JvFormMagnet, FormGlue doesn't work (obones)
363 issues View Issues
Released 2006-01-08
0002419: [99 Other] Overview of JVCL3 components listing + some new buttons (obones)
0002972: [00 JVCL Components] JvHttpUrlGrabber - cannot configure proxy username or password (obones)
0003642: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFilenameEdit(TJvDirectoryEdit) - AutoSuggest doesn't work when ButtonWidth is changed. (remkobonte)
0003339: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCreateProcess: separate stdout/stderror (remkobonte)
0003617: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCreateProcess - exceptions in OnTerminate (remkobonte)
0003527: [00 JVCL Components] JvDock* seems to block system shutdown/logoff (remkobonte)
0003228: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPoweredByJCL / TJvPoweredByJVCL (AHUser)
0002767: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPopupMenu have crazy item text align at first draw with msStandard Style (obones)
0003029: [00 JVCL Components] SubMenu arrow in TJvPopupMenu painted on the left when compiled with Delphi 2005 (obones)
0003492: [00 JVCL Components] TJvXPBar: OnDblClick don´t work (AHUser)
0003519: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHLEditor Completion doesn't show identifier list (AHUser)
0003500: [02 Installation] Why all JVCL and JCL daily packages are corrupted??? (obones)
0003438: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid Click CheckBox Field, DataSource NOT in Autoedit (jfudickar)
0003507: [04 Feature Request] JvxSlider OnDrawPoints almost useless due to missing public properties (AHUser)
0003509: [02 Installation] Cannot compile installer (AHUser)
0003502: [00 JVCL Components] JvValidateEdit don't accept '-' (obones)
0003493: [00 JVCL Components] JvValidateEdit CriticalPoint color doesn't work when you set value by code (obones)
0003378: [03 Donations] TJvZLibMultiple with ListStoredFiles procedure (outchy)
0003426: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDesignPanel: Set Active=true or false has no affect. (outchy)
0003187: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDbGrid - PickList problem (obones)
0003386: [00 JVCL Components] TJvStringGrid.LoadFromFile is loading only the first Row (obones)
0003366: [00 JVCL Components] Missing Property "ClockStyle" in JvClock Component (obones)
0003485: [00 JVCL Components] bug in installer (AHUser)
0003467: [02 Installation] Install fails when JCL installed in non-standart path (with decision) (AHUser)
0003382: [02 Installation] JVCL installation issue (obones)
0003345: [02 Installation] Error install daily JVCL (6 december 2005) (obones)
0001860: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter: cannot access form fields (obones)
0002868: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBTreeview with JvDock...Component raise exception "expression expected but nothing found" (obones)
0003455: [00 JVCL Components] TJvValidateEdit reset Value property if the HasMaxValue property is set (elahn)
0002914: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBTreeView - working with BIG trees (AHUser)
0003376: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBTreeView AV after deleteng of node (AHUser)
0003373: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBTreeView: change visibility again (AHUser)
0003447: [00 JVCL Components] JVCL Docking: wrong dynamic frame when dragging over a Custom dock site with alClient + FIX (AHUser)
0003462: [00 JVCL Components] ReplaceAllStrings function Error (AHUser)
0003417: [00 JVCL Components] TJvLabel causes TComboBox to close up (elahn)
0003457: [00 JVCL Components] About function InstallProcHook in JvVCL5Utils.pas (AHUser)
0003333: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter: wrong extending in 0003217 (obones)
0003379: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMainMenu and TJvPopupMenu are incompatible with ancestors (TMainMenu and TPopupMenu) (obones)
0003406: [JclStrings] Functions 'substr' and 'addslash2' missing from jvjclUtils.pas (obones)
0003420: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter: Form fields and methods support (obones)
0003181: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDateEdit - Econvert with message "19/19/2005" is not a valid date. (elahn)
0003437: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDropCalendar dosn't update the current day (jfudickar)
0003432: [00 JVCL Components] TJVTabBar Not focussing on the tab properly (AHUser)
0003272: [00 JVCL Components] TJvThumbImage.SaveToFile --> save to JPEG (obones)
0003197: [00 JVCL Components] Parameter "Rect" in the "OnDrawLeftMargin" event in class "TJvStandardMenuItemPainter" is wrong. (obones)
0003190: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFormStorage %FORM_NAME%\ does not work well on inherited form (jfudickar)
0003409: [00 JVCL Components] When using TjvDBDatePicker control on form with FormStyle=fsStayOnTop calendar doesn't appear correctly! (obones)
0003357: [00 JVCL Components] JvDatePickerEdit does not always appear right underneath the input control (obones)
0003387: [03 Donations] TJvXPButton: Button´s glyph without a caption isn´t centered (obones)
0003377: [00 JVCL Components] JVSimpleXML doesn't preserve preceding whitespace for text nodes (obones)
0003399: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDateTimePicker and Weeknumbers=TRUE (obones)
0003334: [00 JVCL Components] Access Violation in TJvDatePickerEdit component (obones)
0003394: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTreeView: Node background is clWhite instead of TJvTreeView.Color (obones)
0003358: [00 JVCL Components] Error in JvJVCLUtils affecting JvHtLabel and like. (obones)
0003418: [00 JVCL Components] TJvBrowseForFolderDialog causes error at compile time (obones)
0003136: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter: "flying functions" in JvInterpreterFm.pas do not work correct. (obones)
0002848: [00 JVCL Components] TJvImagesViewer ScrollBars Repaint (obones)
0003076: [02 Installation] C++ Builder Installation fails. (obones)
0003327: [00 JVCL Components] JvXPButton onClick event triggered twice (obones)
0003346: [00 JVCL Components] Not installing in D2006 (obones)
0003352: [02 Installation] installation fails with BDS 2006 (obones)
0003361: [00 JVCL Components] Get and set checkbox value in TJvTreeView (obones)
0003364: [02 Installation] Can't install JVCL 3.1 on BDS 2006 (obones)
0003390: [00 JVCL Components] Completed Italian Translation JVCL (obones)
0003362: [99 Other] Italian translation (obones)
0003396: [00 JVCL Components] Installation problem with JVCL310CompleteJCL196-Build2070 after JCL installs ok (obones)
0003408: [00 JVCL Components] Fatal : F2039 Could not create outfile file 'C:\program files\borland\bds\4.0\include\vcl\JvGnugettext.hpp' (obones)
0003388: [00 JVCL Components] MDI with tjvForm (AHUser)
0003369: [00 JVCL Components] Move for tjvSimpleXML (elahn)
0003321: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDesktopAlert gives focus to app (elahn)
0003353: [03 Donations] Added Pause, Resume, Terminate, and Ignore Exclusive to JvZlibMultiple (AHUser)
0003344: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomCipher EncodeString / DecodeString broken (but easy fix) (AHUser)
0003340: [00 JVCL Components] TJvNavigationPane.OnChange event firing during component creation (AHUser)
0003365: [00 JVCL Components] JVHLEditor - 'List index out of bound' after pressing backspace (AHUser)
74 issues View Issues
Released 2006-01-08
0003224: [00 JVCL Components] Non-english (russian) text not entered from keyboard in editor (AHUser)
0003335: [00 JVCL Components] Bug in TJvDBGridCSVExport during Export (with Bug fix) (jfudickar)
0003150: [00 JVCL Components] JvFormStorage property editor -> "Form Storage Editor" (elahn)
0003330: [00 JVCL Components] Error install daily JVCL (AHUser)
0003301: [00 JVCL Components] Memory loss and crashes in JvChangeNotify (AHUser)
0003256: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBTreeView: correct solution for change visibility (obones)
0003326: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTranslator - EAccessViolation (obones)
0003216: [00 JVCL Components] Enhanced TJvDBGridCSVExport (obones)
0003065: [00 JVCL Components] TJvValidateEdit changed to work with large integers (obones)
       0003218: [03 Donations] JvValidateEdit, 64bit integer support added (obones)
0003192: [00 JVCL Components] JvCsvData: ProcessCsvHeaderRow(): invalid handling of columns with options ("name:options") (obones)
0003175: [00 JVCL Components] TJvImageComboBox OnChange triggered twice (obones)
0003213: [00 JVCL Components] END_ELLIPSIS for large strings in JvDBGrid cells (obones)
0003323: [00 JVCL Components] Programm crash/freeze with a blinking JvLED and application minimized !!! (AHUser)
0003307: [02 Installation] Compilation fails with C++ Builder (obones)
0003257: [00 JVCL Components] JvFuctions help ? (obones)
0003189: [00 JVCL Components] JVDocking loading problem (obones)
0003203: [02 Installation] Cannot Install JVCL (obones)
0002335: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBTreeView (obones)
0003260: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFormStorage do not write in dfm storedprops in inheritd form (obones)
0003281: [00 JVCL Components] JVDocking causes crash when updating 2 components on a page control (obones)
0002967: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBUltimGrid does not reposition/resize in-place editors when TJvDBUltimGrid resizes (obones)
0003131: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGrid handles OnKeyPress event twice (obones)
0002997: [00 JVCL Components] Using Tabs on JvDBGrid : first column after fixed ones is always jumped (obones)
0003188: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDbGrid - ellipsis button (obones)
0003298: [00 JVCL Components] FormStorage component don't save TEdit.Text value if it's containing only one space! (elahn)
0003217: [03 Donations] JvInterpreter extended (AHUser)
0003283: [00 JVCL Components] Could not create ouput file 'JediInstaller.drf' (obones)
0003267: [Donation] Fix for JvHtmlParser (AHUser)
0003295: [03 Donations] Translation of examples from Delphi to BCB (AHUser)
0003297: [00 JVCL Components] Can not build JvSystemD6R.dpk (AHUser)
0002909: [02 Installation] can't install (AHUser)
0003263: [00 JVCL Components] TOpenDialog (TSaveDialog) filterindex is ignored (AHUser)
0003262: [00 JVCL Components] dates aren't being bolded in calendar properly (AHUser)
0003308: [00 JVCL Components] Design Editor for TJvImageList produce design-time error - "Invalid typecast" (AHUser)
0003309: [00 JVCL Components] bugs in jvlistview.pas of MoveUp and movedown. (AHUser)
0003214: [00 JVCL Components] Different TJvDBTreeView bugs (with bugfix) (AHUser)
0003311: [00 JVCL Components] PopupPoint in TJvPopupMenu is wrong (AHUser)
0003313: [00 JVCL Components] Donate Enhanced TJvTreeView of JvComCtrls (AHUser)
0003200: [00 JVCL Components] Using LinkedControls in combination with FastMM4 results in AV because of attempt to call a virtual method on a freed object (AHUser)
0003306: [00 JVCL Components] Memory leak in TJvUndoBuffer (AHUser)
0003284: [00 JVCL Components] AV when setting properties of TJVInspectorPainter descendant (elahn)
0003293: [00 JVCL Components] missing ButtonFlat in JvDateEdit (AHUser)
0003275: [00 JVCL Components] JvValidateEdit: EDivByZero when DisplayFormat = dfHex (AHUser)
0003282: [03 Donations] GetItemAt function for TJvXPBar (AHUser)
0002750: [00 JVCL Components] FormStorage XML is not valid. (jfudickar)
0002964: [00 JVCL Components] TJvAppIniFileStorage.PathExists fails if the path is a simple one (jfudickar)
0003265: [00 JVCL Components] Bugfix done: JvDesktopAlertForm.Showing property was not working (AHUser)
0003266: [00 JVCL Components] JvDateEdit Focus Bug (AHUser)
0003251: [00 JVCL Components] JvSpeedBar Editor does not work correctly (AHUser)
0003237: [00 JVCL Components] 0001817: Access violation when using SetBitmapPixelFormat (remkobonte)
0003169: [00 JVCL Components] Access violation at addess 0C25B814 (obones)
0003149: [00 JVCL Components] TJvValidateEdit -> AllowEmpty property added (obones)
0003171: [00 JVCL Components] New TJvSimpleXMLOptions: sxoDontSaveProlog (obones)
0003235: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData silent crash (AHUser)
0003232: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBCustomSearchComboBox DataLink not nil (AHUser)
0003233: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTreeView.SetItemIndex - failed (AHUser)
0001774: [03 Donations] Explido MultipleStringHolder (AHUser)
0003176: [00 JVCL Components] JvCreateProcess, problem using CloseApplication method with a process in Hiden Status (remkobonte)
0003196: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCreateProcess: not all output sent (remkobonte)
0003206: [00 JVCL Components] Memory leaks in MRUList (remkobonte)
0003201: [02 Installation] build.exe not found (obones)
0002812: [00 JVCL Components] JvIPAddress tab error (obones)
0003042: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBDateEdit does not copy correctly. (obones)
0003168: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomAppStorage (unit JvAppStorage) destructor always does a flush. (obones)
0002920: [00 JVCL Components] JvDualListDialog List Index Out Of Bounds (obones)
0002980: [00 JVCL Components] jvDock crashes with Mozilla ActiveX (obones)
0002763: [00 JVCL Components] JvInspector Combobox problem in multi monitor use (obones)
0002897: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData ftMemo Field on Rave Report (obones)
0002849: [00 JVCL Components] Links between JvPageListTreeView and JvPageList aren't working (obones)
0002988: [00 JVCL Components] Installation Bugs in Delphi6PE (obones)
0003154: [00 JVCL Components] JvHLEditor - Parser features for HTML and SQL (obones)
0003138: [00 JVCL Components] EmbeddedWB and TJvPanel (obones)
0002551: [00 JVCL Components] JvArrowButton is not displayed correctly when in a JvWizardInteriorPage (obones)
0002353: [00 JVCL Components] Hints for TJvCustomInspectorItem (obones)
0002184: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSpeedBar background is not refreshed (obones)
0001952: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCSVDataSet Bugs (obones)
0003102: [00 JVCL Components] Click on JvXPBar above the caption does not roll down the bar (obones)
0003125: [00 JVCL Components] Crash of program on startup on certain Windows XP Workstations (obones)
0003140: [02 Installation] E005: HINSTANCE not supported type (obones)
0003167: [00 JVCL Components] Install Error on D5 (2005/08/27) (obones)
0003157: [00 JVCL Components] JVSimeplXML error in SetIndentString (obones)
0002985: [00 JVCL Components] JVCL dirs structure (obones)
0003153: [00 JVCL Components] TJvBalloonHint (obones)
0003111: [00 JVCL Components] TJvgAskListBox Only Push down 2 Buttons (obones)
0003110: [00 JVCL Components] TJvgAskListBox Lose the Items.Objects Value (obones)
0003148: [00 JVCL Components] Abort installation of JVCL3.00 (obones)
0003139: [00 JVCL Components] Memory Leak in TJvHotTrackOptions (obones)
0003151: [00 JVCL Components] JvSpecialProgress not working with longint (AHUser)
0002627: [00 JVCL Components] JEDI Plugin Wizard is installed in the wrong tab for french localized Delphi 7 (obones)
0002586: [99 Other] Changes in TJvDBHTLabel.pas (obones)
0002554: [04 Feature Request] TJvEnterAsTab-Enhancement JVCL-RC1 (obones)
0000200: [00 JVCL Components] update to JvComCtrls: TJVPageControl (obones)
0002508: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFindReplace incorrectly reports number replaced when Whole Word or Match Case options in effect (obones)
0002509: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFindReplace - ReplaceAll doesn't respect WholeWord only (obones)
0002513: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFindReplace frWholeWord or frMatchCase prevents valid matches from being found. (obones)
0002503: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFindReplace dialog doesn't replace all occurences on ReplaceAll (obones)
0002504: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFindReplace dialog doesn't replace with whole-word-only option (obones)
0002505: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFindReplace doesn't make un-found text available to OnNoFound handler (obones)
0002515: [00 JVCL Components] Modified TJvFindReplace source to correct issues 2503, 2504, 2513 (obones)
0002467: [00 JVCL Components] possible bug TJvDatabaseCopyAction.CopyRecord in JvDBActions.pas (jfudickar)
0002429: [00 JVCL Components] Option to have image in TJvComboEdit (obones)
0002374: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCsvDataSet and ExtendedHeaderInfo (obones)
0002198: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomComboEdit.SetClipboardCommands (weired code) (asnepvangers)
0002115: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter: Array to array assignment leads to Access Violation (obones)
0001991: [00 JVCL Components] JvLookupEdit - setting LookupValue to '' (obones)
0001732: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCsvDataSet parse error leaves data loaded (obones)
0003105: [00 JVCL Components] Bolddays with year 0 error in TJvDatePickerEdit (all TJvCustomMonthCalendar descendants) (obones)
0003122: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGridControls: property Items is not tagged as default (obones)
0001393: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCreateProcess cannot capture all output (remkobonte)
0003028: [00 JVCL Components] Bug in TJvCheckTreeView (obones)
0003051: [00 JVCL Components] Index out of bound on clicking on embty list box (obones)
0002689: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPatchFile - The "Patcher Editor" doesn't add differences to the differences string-table in component (obones)
0002942: [00 JVCL Components] JvCustomItemViewer doesn't draw scroll bars correctly with xp theme enabled (obones)
0002607: [00 JVCL Components] moreDock painting bugs (obones)
0002542: [00 JVCL Components] TJvImgBtn and TThemeManagerDB (obones)
0002910: [00 JVCL Components] Event OnChanged for component TJvDateEdit (obones)
0002775: [00 JVCL Components] D7 Installation fail on JVCL 2005-03-16 (AHUser)
0003093: [00 JVCL Components] JvHTMLParser (outchy)
0003003: [00 JVCL Components] Bug in TJvListView.LoadFromCSV (obones)
0002748: [00 JVCL Components] JvgExportComponents export to Excel outputs fields set to Invisible (obones)
0003097: [00 JVCL Components] Fix for TJvCustomGraphicButton and descendants --> Button remains "down" (obones)
0003113: [00 JVCL Components] JvXPBar: add BodyFrame color property (obones)
0002965: [00 JVCL Components] TJvImageListBox - event onClick has happend twice (obones)
0003121: [00 JVCL Components] TJvShapedButton: some shapes do not honour 'Flat' property (obones)
0003142: [00 JVCL Components] TJvStatusBar: Panels' embedded controls do not reposition when status bar is resized (obones)
0003120: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFilenameEdit: Filenames with Spaces and AddQuotes := False (remkobonte)
0003145: [00 JVCL Components] JvHLEditor event OnGutterClick is not present in the Object Inspertor but is present in code completion. (obones)
0003143: [00 JVCL Components] Memory Leak inside of JvComCtrls => TJvTreeNode (obones)
0003035: [02 Installation] Installation problem jvcl - no xml file found (obones)
0003132: [00 JVCL Components] Some methods of TJvDesktopAlertStack should be virtual (obones)
0003022: [00 JVCL Components] TJvListview item click not selected (obones)
0003050: [00 JVCL Components] JvMemoryDataset Fixes & features (obones)
0003107: [00 JVCL Components] Update JvLabel.pas and JvOfficeColorPanel.pas (obones)
0003094: [00 JVCL Components] add Action support to TJvArrowButton (obones)
0003112: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFileDirEdit causes application to crash (obones)
0003109: [03 Donations] Updated Polish locale files (obones)
0002613: [00 JVCL Components] Add column names to first row of CSV export in TJvDBGridCSVExport (obones)
0001753: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCsvDataSet includes quotes in column names (jfudickar)
0002791: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGridCSVExport - generated file not correct (jfudickar)
0003079: [00 JVCL Components] Pages of TJVPreviewControl sent to the printer with TJvPreviewPrinter do not print with the good margins (user72)
0003078: [00 JVCL Components] Updated JvOfficeColorForm.pas. (AHUser)
0003075: [00 JVCL Components] Several Memory Leaks (obones)
0003068: [03 Donations] Updated Polish locale files (obones)
0003070: [00 JVCL Components] Install failed due to "xmlrtl not found" - D2005 PE (AHUser)
0003015: [00 JVCL Components] HaHa! The new JvOfficeColorPanel and JvOfficeColorButton are completed! (AHUser)
0003064: [00 JVCL Components] Please commit the updated new JvOfficeColor pack to cvs (include exe demo) (AHUser)
0003056: [00 JVCL Components] Problem with JvDBDatePickerEdit (obones)
0003058: [03 Donations] Translation of examples from Delphi to BCB (obones)
0003057: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomMonthCalendar.GetFirstSelDate does not return correct result (obones)
0003018: [00 JVCL Components] Wrong images in JvDocking TabHost (remkobonte)
0002992: [00 JVCL Components] Assign in tjvSimpleXMLElem works not correct (obones)
0003009: [00 JVCL Components] TJvXPMenuItemPainter: Class doesn't exists. (obones)
0003002: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHTLabel transparancy issue (obones)
0003026: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid, JvDBUltimGrid cannot be created. Access violation occurs. (obones)
0003005: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHTLabel - first link is always red (obones)
0003019: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMenus SubmenuImages property of TMenuItem is ignored (obones)
0003000: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDatePickerEdit: Setting Checked to True before showing the component triggers ConvertError exception (obones)
0003023: [00 JVCL Components] Memory leak occur in TJvCustomSegmentedLEDDisplay. (obones)
0003014: [00 JVCL Components] JvRichEdit; right-click-menu problems (remkobonte)
0003004: [00 JVCL Components] ProgressPosition is not updated by ProgressStepIt in JVProgressComponent (obones)
0003010: [00 JVCL Components] Memory Leak with TJvDbImage (AHUser)
0002754: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBLookupTreeViewCombo - Problem in procedure DoKillFocus (obones)
0002994: [02 Installation] Install failed due to "'dbrtl' not found" - D2005 PE on WinXP - (AHUser)
0002580: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDateEdit : doesn't set modified flag if user set a date (obones)
0002991: [02 Installation] Install failed due to "xmlrtl not found" - D2005 PE with WinXP - JVCL300CompleteJCL195-Build1848.ZIP (AHUser)
0002987: [00 JVCL Components] JvTabBar causes AV when closing last tab (AHUser)
0002986: [00 JVCL Components] AddressValues properties of JvIPAddress are not changed in runtime (obones)
0002918: [00 JVCL Components] Bad drawing of the TjvSpeedButton when XP themes are enabled (AHUser)
       0002999: [00 JVCL Components] Bad drawing of the TjvSpeedButton when XP themes are enabled (after fixing 0002918) (AHUser)
0002983: [00 JVCL Components] jvAutoComplete (AHUser)
0002943: [03 Donations] JvSimpleXML Prolog additions (AHUser)
0002706: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPageList editor looses focus when adding new items, and cannot be brought to focus again. (AHUser)
0002736: [00 JVCL Components] colored hints does not work in the Example (AHUser)
0002922: [00 JVCL Components] JvNavigationPanel buttons don't open the proper pages (AHUser)
0002930: [00 JVCL Components] Inherited JVXP Controls Save Access Violation (AHUser)
0002950: [00 JVCL Components] Bug in JvInterpreterVarAsType (JvInterpreter) (AHUser)
0002956: [00 JVCL Components] TJvNavPanel click stopped working (AHUser)
0002979: [03 Donations] Improvement of TJvCSVBase (Owner = nil, no DBFields) (AHUser)
0002981: [00 JVCL Components] JvPanel not changing main color when mouse is hoovering over it. (AHUser)
0002975: [00 JVCL Components] JvStrings.HasStrValue always returns False (obones)
0001490: [04 Feature Request] DotNet Style for more components (obones)
0001865: [00 JVCL Components] Component TJvTransparentButton2 disregard change properties Caption and ImageIndex of linked component Action. (obones)
0001806: [00 JVCL Components] JvDocking: tab docking not working with more than two forms? (obones)
0002204: [04 Feature Request] need extended components based on TJVedit but with a tJvlabel (obones)
0002693: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSpecialImage raise AV when set Transparent property to True (obones)
0002747: [00 JVCL Components] JvgExportComponents export to Excel outputs unformatted string (obones)
0002947: [03 Donations] Conversion Of Delphi Examples Into BCB6 (outchy)
0002864: [00 JVCL Components] JvTabBar doesn't preserve the currently selected tab item (AHUser)
0002533: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGrid and EditControls (obones)
0002816: [00 JVCL Components] JvFormStorage for JvColorButton fails on reload when storing Button.Color property. (obones)
0002802: [00 JVCL Components] Formstorage does not restore last active TabSheet (jfudickar)
0002712: [00 JVCL Components] (obones)
0002827: [00 JVCL Components] TJvErrorIndicator raise a "Thread error: The Parameter is incorrect (87)" error (obones)
0002306: [04 Feature Request] Background picture for Listview (user72)
0002863: [04 Feature Request] Proxy support for JvHttpUrlGrabber (obones)
0002582: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTreeView is very slow, and gets slower with use. Memory leak? (obones)
0002917: [00 JVCL Components] TJvXPBar highlights wrong items (outchy)
0002936: [00 JVCL Components] JvValidateEdit problems (outchy)
0002904: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPageListTreeView ignores ShowButtons=False (outchy)
0002948: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTransparentButton2 resource leak (outchy)
0002946: [00 JVCL Components] TJvNavigationPane stop functioning. (AHUser)
       0002949: [00 JVCL Components] TJvNavigationPane stop functioning again (AHUser)
0002932: [00 JVCL Components] New version JvOfficeXXX pack update (Include exe demo) (AHUser)
0002937: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDualListDialog - Listboxes have no scrollbars (AHUser)
0002938: [00 JVCL Components] TjvOfficeColorButton does not expose property ClickColorButton of the internal panel (AHUser)
0002939: [00 JVCL Components] jvHTLabel does not update link colors when mouse leaves (AHUser)
0002940: [00 JVCL Components] HTMLDrawTextEx in jvJVCLUTILS does not always render hyperlink red. (AHUser)
0002919: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomAppMemoryFileStorage stores only one form (jfudickar)
0002903: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid - Copy with Ctrl+C Combination when part of cell text selected. (obones)
0002907: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid AutoSizeColumn does not work well with hidden columns (obones)
0002905: [00 JVCL Components] JvDock when close docked window with autohide enabled (JvDockVSNetStyle) not show all docked windows (remkobonte)
0002885: [00 JVCL Components] TJVMRUManager populates values in incorrect order on initial load (AHUser)
0002871: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomGraphicButton.Click calls inherited in the wrong order (AHUser)
0002894: [00 JVCL Components] GetLineFontEvent never used in TJvgExportExcel.Execute (obones)
0002717: [00 JVCL Components] Incorrect handling of CaretPos in TJvSpinEdit when Thousands is set to true (obones)
0002667: [00 JVCL Components] Errors in qrun\JvQSpin.pas and run\JvSpin.pas (obones)
0002898: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHTLabel goes on white background after onmousemove (obones)
0002896: [00 JVCL Components] TJvLabel with big fonts (obones)
0002602: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid ignores AutoAppend = False in Edit State (obones)
0002744: [00 JVCL Components] about rect function in jclGraphUtils and JvJvclUtils (obones)
0002883: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHLeditor refresh broken (AHUser)
0002803: [00 JVCL Components] JvDockVSNetStyle auto hide bug (remkobonte)
0002866: [00 JVCL Components] TJVCombobox Readonly allows backspacing (outchy)
0002860: [00 JVCL Components] Bug: TJvExXXX control mybe did't send message to Form Designer. (outchy)
0002121: [00 JVCL Components] jvThumbViews onGetTitle doesnt always get called (obones)
0002272: [00 JVCL Components] TJvOutlookbar & XP Theme and Color: 14985086 (obones)
0002518: [00 JVCL Components] Black Hint (obones)
0002591: [00 JVCL Components] TJvRichEditStrings.DoImport bugfix (obones)
0002588: [00 JVCL Components] Add caCharset to TJvConsistentAttribute in JvRichEdit.pas, like this... (obones)
0001677: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBLookupCombo does not update text when changed (obones)
0002813: [00 JVCL Components] JvInspector - support EditorKeyPress event (obones)
0002835: [03 Donations] JvLabel: Corrected Alignment with Angle, etc. (obones)
0002537: [00 JVCL Components] JvgRuler does not show correct units (obones)
0002623: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSchedulerdEvents blocks in run time component creation (obones)
0002658: [00 JVCL Components] TJvBitmapButton does not publish visible property (obones)
0002821: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHTListBox MouseMove leaves wrong color (obones)
0002703: [00 JVCL Components] Converting to TJvValidateEdit (obones)
0002656: [02 Installation] Indy not found !! (obones)
0002716: [00 JVCL Components] JvHTListBox: all items get painted with selected color after selecting an item with the mouse (obones)
0002730: [00 JVCL Components] TJVgchecklistbox -> onclick event with 0 items = error (obones)
0002741: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFontComboBox loads very slowly: GetFonts is called 4 times (obones)
0002670: [00 JVCL Components] Can't use JvgQRLabel (obones)
0002749: [00 JVCL Components] Error in TJvXMLAppStorage and TJvSimpleXML (obones)
0002759: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid column resize event (obones)
0002760: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid column resize event (obones)
0002432: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBgrid Multiline Title Columns (obones)
0002386: [00 JVCL Components] TjvDBGrid column move locked (obones)
0002317: [00 JVCL Components] jvdbgrid alternate autosizecolumn logic (obones)
0002757: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGrid (obones)
0002764: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppEvent conflict with JvAppInst (obones)
0002800: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData.LoadFromDataSet crashes with an empty inputfile (obones)
0002758: [00 JVCL Components] Memory leaks in MRUList (obones)
       0002887: [00 JVCL Components] GPF in TJvMRUList (obones)
0002824: [02 Installation] JVCLConvert precompiled .exe is missing from the distribution (obones)
0002731: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPopUpMenu doesn't show images from associated TImageList at design time (obones)
0002728: [00 JVCL Components] Storing integer properties in an JvFormStorage wich are negative (outchy)
0002854: [00 JVCL Components] Reading and Writing binary data from registry using TJvAppRegistryStorage causes AV (outchy)
0002823: [02 Installation] D5/Win2k JCL195 pkgs will not load (outchy)
0002840: [02 Installation] Proc entry point not located in DJcl50.bpl (outchy)
0002841: [00 JVCL Components] TjvTFWeeks (outchy)
0002829: [00 JVCL Components] Painting error with non-transparant, non-TWinControl Jv component when themes are enabled (AHUser)
0002729: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid reacts not like an DBGrid on input (obones)
0002645: [00 JVCL Components] TJvStringGrid.SortGridByCols does not take notice of FixedRows (obones)
0002547: [00 JVCL Components] if JvDBGrid.MultiSelect then focus rect always draw (obones)
0002810: [00 JVCL Components] With D5, nothing calls TJvCustomComboBox.CloseUp (obones)
0002799: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBCalcEdit is cleaned on exit (remkobonte)
0002797: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBCalcEdit cleaning on exit (remkobonte)
0002792: [02 Installation] D5 Installation Block (AHUser)
0002928: [00 JVCL Components] JvScrollText Long Text cut off (obones)
0002690: [00 JVCL Components] TJvXPBar gets a wrong Design by using an XPManifest (obones)
0003036: [00 JVCL Components] Divizion by zero on PIV 3Mhz Processor (obones)
0002598: [02 Installation] Can not install JVCL 3 RC1 (delphi32)
273 issues View Issues
Released 2005-01-19
The stable release of JVCL 3.00
0002673: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBUltimGrid - TBitmap ambiguity in C++ Builder 6 (obones)
0002808: [00 JVCL Components] jvThread CANNOT show Dialog when Start thread again. (jfudickar)
0003047: [00 JVCL Components] Add property to disable/hide checkbox to 'Show Tips on Startup?' in JvTipOfDay (jfudickar)
0003034: [00 JVCL Components] Please use Field.DisplayText instead of Field.AsString in TJvDBCustomSearchComboBox.ReadList (jfudickar)
0003103: [00 JVCL Components] Update JvJCLUtils.pas (bug fixed) (jfudickar)
0003083: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppFileXMLStorage.IsFolderInt disfunctional (jfudickar)
0003090: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDatabaseBaseAction descendants do not fire OnExecute and OnExecuteDataSource events (jfudickar)
0002128: [00 JVCL Components] JvDocking - Changing hat runtime (remkobonte)
0002822: [00 JVCL Components] TJvAppXMLFileStorage.ReadString bug if string containsLineFeed characters (jfudickar)
0002493: [00 JVCL Components] jvEdit.Flat inside a frame does not work (remkobonte)
0002096: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid and sorting lookup fields (obones)
0001674: [00 JVCL Components] Row height, graphics and memo fields in TJvDBGrid (obones)
0002788: [02 Installation] Installer does not work on WinNT :-( (AHUser)
0002771: [00 JVCL Components] Error after close JvDockableForm with children’s forms (remkobonte)
0002776: [00 JVCL Components] Error code 5 - Access Violation - TJvListView (user72)
0002781: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppEvents bug : JvAppInstances+JvAppEvents crash [access violation or runtime error 216] (AHUser)
0002646: [00 JVCL Components] AutoHide in TJvDockVSNetStyle mess with dock client componet properties (remkobonte)
0002655: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppXMLStorage.WhiteSpaceReplacement doesn't work with JVCL 3.00 RC 1 (jfudickar)
0002709: [00 JVCL Components] Some tweaks for JvDynControlEngineDB (jfudickar)
0002697: [02 Installation] D5 std Installation fail on 02-25-05 JVCL (AHUser)
0002724: [00 JVCL Components] Cannot set image indexes in TJvTabControl (AHUser)
0002739: [02 Installation] Compilation fail on daily zip (2005-03-10) in JvPageList.pas (306) on Delphi 5 (AHUser)
0002756: [00 JVCL Components] TJvStringGrid.SortGrid Fixed parameter interpretation mismatch (user72)
0002740: [00 JVCL Components] Problem saving Properties in TJvCustomAppStorage (jfudickar)
0002751: [00 JVCL Components] Error with TJvCustomAppStorage and tkChar properties (jfudickar)
0002738: [00 JVCL Components] JvExpressButton not responding to Action caption and Glyph (user72)
0002695: [00 JVCL Components] JvExpressButton not storing font information (user72)
0002722: [00 JVCL Components] TJvEnterAsTab does not react on Checkboxes (user72)
0002657: [02 Installation] AnsiLineBreaks in JvProgramVersionCheck.pas (jfudickar)
0002702: [04 Feature Request] TJvAppXXXStorage can't be in datamodules (jfudickar)
0002587: [00 JVCL Components] Replace TJvCustomRichEdit.InsertBitmap with TJvCustomRichEdit.InsertGraphic, like this... (remkobonte)
0002688: [00 JVCL Components] TJvChangeNotify generates change events even when not Active (user72)
0002579: [04 Feature Request] Minor improvements for JvDynControlEngineDBTools.pas (jfudickar)
0002683: [00 JVCL Components] jvRichEdit.SaveToImage ignores the WordWrap (remkobonte)
0002649: [00 JVCL Components] TJvAppIniFileStorage: Error at designtime (jfudickar)
0002612: [00 JVCL Components] App Storage breaks again (jfudickar)
0002663: [00 JVCL Components] Installation fails with compiler error - JvSystemD7R.bpl (obones)
0002552: [00 JVCL Components] jvSpinEdit Problem with Theme enabled Installation. (obones)
0002546: [02 Installation] Can't compile installer. Undeclared identifier: 'IInterface' (obones)
0002411: [00 JVCL Components] Docking-Crash: Refered to Issue-ID 2409 (obones)
0002679: [00 JVCL Components] LoadDockTreeFromReg hides all opened frames in JvDocking component (remkobonte)
0002671: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppIniFileStorage WriteXXXXX() writes only the last (jfudickar)
0002672: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppIniFileStorage WriteXXXXX() writes only the last (jfudickar)
0002681: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHLEditor (AHUser)
0002660: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHotLink does not execute the given URL any longer (AHUser)
0002611: [00 JVCL Components] jvAppStorage do not reload saved stringlist in registry and perhaps the others (jfudickar)
0002606: [00 JVCL Components] JvBackgrounds code cleanup (Robert Rossmair)
0002614: [00 JVCL Components] problem with empty subtitle text in TJvWizardCustomPage (user72)
0002652: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSimpleXml namespace problem at end tag (user72)
0002637: [00 JVCL Components] JvInspector Access violation exception (AHUser)
0002651: [00 JVCL Components] Latest Cvs Version - Access Violation at Designtime in TJvgLabel paint code - jvglabel.pas (wapostma)
0002653: [00 JVCL Components] TJvWizard: The "Default" property for the "Next" or "Finish" button is hardcoded; need to publish this property (AHUser)
0002605: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomAppMemoryFileStorage.GetFullFileName bug? (jfudickar)
0002567: [00 JVCL Components] TjvFormStorage: OnSavePacement doesnt save StoredValues (jfudickar)
0002447: [00 JVCL Components] Defaults for TJvAppRegistryStorage (jfudickar)
0002558: [00 JVCL Components] JvNavPaneToolPanel-Buttons being clicked do not trigger Action.OnExecute-Event (user72)
0002638: [00 JVCL Components] Reload does not empty the storage, if the file is deleted. (obones)
0002633: [00 JVCL Components] TJvAppXMLFileStorage.DeleteSubTree does not work for top level nodes. (obones)
0002634: [00 JVCL Components] Unable to write strings that contain <,> or & chars with TJvAppXMLFileStorage (obones)
0002620: [00 JVCL Components] Run-time constructed AppStorage empties the storage. (obones)
0002599: [00 JVCL Components] OnEnter/OnExit do not occur if JvIPAddress is on the form (obones)
0002626: [00 JVCL Components] SimplePluginDemo doesn't work anymore after compiling MDISample (obones)
0002625: [00 JVCL Components] SimplePluginDemo has unused procedure (obones)
0002624: [00 JVCL Components] SimplePluginDemo doesn't show plugin list (obones)
0002355: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCsvDataSet: inconsistent use of Separator (wapostma)
0002617: [00 JVCL Components] Memory Leak in Constructor of TJvgListBox (robert_marquardt)
0002619: [00 JVCL Components] TjvDropTarget truncate droped filename (robert_marquardt)
0002608: [00 JVCL Components] EInvalidCast error in JvTabBar (AHUser)
0002527: [00 JVCL Components] 3.00 RC1 JvFormStorage creates multiple entries in registry for a form (jfudickar)
0002600: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBDateEdit in Delphi 2005 missing the NumGlyphs property from the previous version (remkobonte)
0002604: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDockVSNetStyle paint bug (remkobonte)
0002420: [02 Installation] Installation in D7 get FATAL error (obones)
0002452: [00 JVCL Components] FileTimeToDateTime (obones)
0002468: [00 JVCL Components] Jvdatetimepicker.nulldate (obones)
0002473: [00 JVCL Components] TJvValidateEdit forgets DecimalPlaces (obones)
0002405: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCheckTreeView Checked property not reading right array value? (obones)
0002459: [00 JVCL Components] JvNavPaneToolPanel unable to assign TAction to button when using frames (obones)
0002490: [00 JVCL Components] TjvCalcEdit problems (obones)
0002461: [04 Feature Request] Can you add a TJvDbGrid.AlternateRowFontColor property, please ? (obones)
0002563: [04 Feature Request] Change distance between LabelControl and FocusedControl in DynControlEngine (jfudickar)
0002562: [00 JVCL Components] Stack overflow in JvDynControlEngineDBTools.pas (jfudickar)
0002589: [00 JVCL Components] Add in place activation and deactivation events to TJvRichEdit, like this... (obones)
0002597: [02 Installation] 05-02-03 version installation bug. (obones)
0002448: [00 JVCL Components] JVCLConverter missing entry (obones)
0002135: [00 JVCL Components] JvGif could render some part of a gif tranparently but should not (obones)
0002561: [00 JVCL Components] Add Event OnAfterButtonClick to TJvCustomComboEdit (obones)
0002575: [00 JVCL Components] [BUG] TJvDatePickerEdit (obones)
0002578: [00 JVCL Components] Memory Leak in function TJvCustomUpDown.AcceptInteger (obones)
0002555: [02 Installation] installation with thememanager fails (obones)
0002581: [02 Installation] installation file points to wrong version of JCL (obones)
0002566: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTrayIcon does not reappear after Logon/Logoff (remkobonte)
0002565: [00 JVCL Components] No version info avalible in TJvPluginWizard (AHUser)
0002484: [00 JVCL Components] JvFormStorage and Position := poMainFormCenter (jfudickar)
0002526: [00 JVCL Components] 3.00 RC1 JvFormStorage does not restore forms with Postion property of poMainFormCenter (jfudickar)
0002548: [00 JVCL Components] TJvRegistryTreeView doesn't handle special value types (REG_MULTI_SZ, REG_LINK, etc) (user72)
0002553: [00 JVCL Components] Exif Jpeg images not supported in TJvDbImage (user72)
0002519: [00 JVCL Components] JvHttpUrlGrabber freezes application (obones)
0002524: [00 JVCL Components] TJvEditor doesn't invoke OnChange when Lines.Text changed or Lines assigned (AHUser)
0002512: [00 JVCL Components] jvDBGrid will not accept any input in numeric and alfa fields (obones)
0002293: [00 JVCL Components] JvEdit and PasswordChar (remkobonte)
0002525: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHTLabel have not published property Anchors. (obones)
0002510: [00 JVCL Components] SetupApi.pas - static linking bug (obones)
0002507: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFindReplace infinite loop when closing form (remkobonte)
0002346: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTrayIcon stops receiving WM_CONTEXTMENU after BalloonHint (obones)
0002499: [00 JVCL Components] JvRegistryTreeview doesn't work well when a key has null subkeys (JVCL RC1) (user72)
0002495: [00 JVCL Components] Duplicate name TJvImageItem
0002557: [00 JVCL Components] JvDocking report EListError "List index out of bounds" when release on Delphi5 (AHUser)
107 issues View Issues
Released 2005-01-06
0002704: [00 JVCL Components] Error moving docking windows (remkobonte)
0002357: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppIniStorage / JvFormStorage problem when 2nd form is auto-create. (jfudickar)
0002409: [00 JVCL Components] Using Dock-Server/Client: Crash after closing Tap-Form (obones)
0002596: [00 JVCL Components] With RC1 - TJvScrollMax SetParentBackground - Called from inherited Create (obones)
0002466: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGrid.OnKeyPress event is not correctly processed
0002469: [02 Installation] compiling JvGlobusD7R.dpk(47) fatal: Packet required 'vclie' not found
0002472: [00 JVCL Components] TJvEditor doesn't invoke OnChange event for final undo
0002391: [00 JVCL Components] AV in TJvDatePickerEdit if there was an exception in the OnChange Event (AHUser)
0002451: [00 JVCL Components] TJVScrollMax cannot be used
0002395: [00 JVCL Components] can't place a JVScrollMax on a Form
0002456: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPopUpMenu caption incorrect
0002440: [00 JVCL Components] Error loading JvMMD6D when starting Delphi
0002458: [00 JVCL Components] Bug in JvEdit
0002399: [02 Installation] Installer Error (AHUser)
0002400: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDualListDialog
0001629: [00 JVCL Components] TJvWizardRouteMapSteps - navigators doesn't fire OnNext event (Aleksey Kudinov)
0002426: [00 JVCL Components] MessageDlgEx with delphi 2005
0002398: [00 JVCL Components] Problem with TJvDatePickerEdit with Delphi 2005
0002453: [00 JVCL Components] JvGnuGetText - mem leak
0002379: [02 Installation] Personal installation is not possible without enabling {$DEFINE DelphiPersonalEdition} in / different editions (AHUser)
0002396: [00 JVCL Components] Unable to run install
0002418: [02 Installation] Instalation Fails in Delphi 5
0002362: [02 Installation] Path error (bad quotes) DJclVcl.dcp doesn't exist
0002435: [02 Installation] Fatal: does not exist - don't know
0002430: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreter: AV in TypeName2VarTyp
0002439: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppInstances sets "Application" to nil
0002422: [00 JVCL Components] Problem with JvGlobusD7R package!
0002424: [99 Other] TortoiseCVS Configuration
0002427: [00 JVCL Components] Error compiling JvInterpreterD9R.bpl with delphi 2005
0002407: [00 JVCL Components] Asigning a default value to a TJvDateParameter doesn't work (jfudickar)
0002392: [00 JVCL Components] Error installing (AHUser)
0002403: [02 Installation] Installation failed
0002384: [03 Donations] Delphi into BCB6 conversion (JvUIB, JvZoom, JvWndProcHook) (obones)
0002401: [00 JVCL Components] DBGrid shows rtf-codes instead of image - again
0002303: [00 JVCL Components] ImageComboBox not drawing items in Image list
0002274: [00 JVCL Components] Components don't support SQL Server 2000 datetime type
0002279: [00 JVCL Components] ClipboardCommands of TJvExCustomMaskEdit
0001896: [00 JVCL Components] Problems in TjvMemoryData - working on it
0002328: [00 JVCL Components] TJvValidateEdit doesn't accept Value(s) greater than 255
0001805: [00 JVCL Components] For TJvDBDateTimePicker : If NullText = SPACE then pressing DELETE completely disables the control
0002364: [00 JVCL Components] TJvPluginManager
0002354: [00 JVCL Components] Installation failed
0002394: [00 JVCL Components] FGlyph is nil in TJvButtonParameter
0002370: [00 JVCL Components] TJvBitBtn and TJvImgBtn missing Flat property
0002382: [99 Other] Error installing JCL
0002381: [02 Installation] Undeclared Identifier : 'TUnitVersionInfo'
0002380: [00 JVCL Components] Error installing Multimedia Package
0002378: [00 JVCL Components] TJvVersionInfo access violation reading properties when file does not exist.
0002207: [03 Donations] Enhancements (jfudickar)
0002295: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomDBTreeView and Insert new record when DataSet is empty
0002292: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCombobox Autocomplete does not work
0002356: [00 JVCL Components] TJvExpressButton don't draw correctly alpha blended Images
0002372: [00 JVCL Components] JvSimpleXML Rev 1.52 will not compile
0002368: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSimpleXML - reading properties with "default value" when using "sxoAutoCreate"
0002365: [00 JVCL Components] JvMemoryDataset enhaced and bugs fixed
0002371: [00 JVCL Components] JvBdeUtils support for Int64 needed for Locate from JvMemoryData
0002318: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFormStorage and TJvListView.Items storage (bug) (jfudickar)
0002352: [00 JVCL Components] JvStrToHtml.pas 'à'; Html: '&aacute and 'á'; Html: '&agrave not are OK
0002257: [00 JVCL Components] Memory leak in function - DataSetLocateThrough - JvDBUtils.pas
0002337: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMouseGestureHook blocks application
0002350: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomEditor.SelectWordOnCaret cannot select word on line 0
0002290: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid bug
0002061: [00 JVCL Components] TJvAnimatedImage doesn't work on WinXP
0001844: [00 JVCL Components] Dot Net Docking
0002049: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBTreeView
0002126: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCalcEdit Button-width not saved
0002339: [00 JVCL Components] Application not executing on Windows Server 2003
0002325: [00 JVCL Components] JvZoom misses properties (user72)
0002347: [04 Feature Request] Missing Anchors in JvSlider (user72)
0002342: [02 Installation] Error: "Installation Failed" (user72)
0002345: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSimpleXML encoded properites (user72)
0002330: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBLookupCombo crashes with empty lookup table (AHUser)
0002245: [00 JVCL Components] Fatal: File not found: 'JclWideStrings.dcu' in dailys (20041015) under Delphi 5 (AHUser)
0002332: [00 JVCL Components] Setting TJvTimerEvent.RepeatCount to any value causes access violation (AHUser)
0002336: [02 Installation] Doesnt detect delphi 2k5. (AHUser)
0002333: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTimerList doesn't fire timer events in Delphi 5 (AHUser)
0002334: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBTreeView - bug with empty table (user72)
0002319: [00 JVCL Components] TJvImageListBox Anchors not assigned for Delphi 5 (user72)
0002320: [00 JVCL Components] Bad practice to hard code image size in TJvXPBar (user72)
0001906: [02 Installation] JVCL compilation fails disabling Quick Report (latest CVS) (obones)
0002313: [00 JVCL Components] TjvRas32 raising Exception (user72)
0002315: [02 Installation] Fatal: File not found: 'JclUnitVersioning.dcu' ( JvResources.pas(2129)) (obones)
0002302: [00 JVCL Components] ImageComboBox LinkedObject uable to expand error (obones)
0002301: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid Cell Background update problem in fixed Column (obones)
0002151: [00 JVCL Components] String properties are trimmed (jfudickar)
0002283: [00 JVCL Components] JvGroupHeader does not reflect some changes in properties (user72)
0002294: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomWideEditor does not accept spaces (AHUser)
0002237: [00 JVCL Components] DBGrid shows rtf-codes instead of image (user72)
0002285: [00 JVCL Components] JvButton changes should probably appear in Release Notes (user72)
0002120: [00 JVCL Components] JvDocking doesn't restore dockforms (user72)
0002082: [00 JVCL Components] excelgridexport and wordgridexport (user72)
0002278: [01 Help] Expand the 6PluginPackage example (user72)
0002266: [02 Installation] cannot install jvcl, error when compile packages (user72)
0002270: [00 JVCL Components] Error on loading VCL packages while starting D7 (AHUser)
0002202: [00 JVCL Components] TJvXPBar causes an Access Violation when the mouse is over the last item (user72)
0002261: [00 JVCL Components] TJvEdit EmtpyValue problem (user72)
0002258: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBStatusLabel (user72)
0002124: [00 JVCL Components] JvgStaticText flickering (user72)
0002259: [00 JVCL Components] JVFileListBox fails to supply full file name (user72)
0001993: [00 JVCL Components] jvXMLDatabase Example Broken (Solution Included) (user72)
0002193: [00 JVCL Components] JvMemoryData (user72)
0002231: [00 JVCL Components] TJvValidateEdit doesn't accept Value(s) greater than 255 (user72)
0002233: [00 JVCL Components] the TJvCustomLabel procedure AdjustBounds loss key wold virtual (user72)
0002246: [00 JVCL Components] donate fixed JvCombobox.pas (user72)
0002247: [03 Donations] JVCLVer modification (user72)
0002253: [04 Feature Request] Allow control over positioning of TJvHint (user72)
0002251: [00 JVCL Components] Assigning action to JvOutlookBar Button causes error (user72)
0002252: [00 JVCL Components] Memory leak in JvNavigationPane (user72)
0002228: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFormStorage and ComboBox String Items (jfudickar)
0002232: [00 JVCL Components] bug in TjvSearchFiles (remkobonte)
0002208: [02 Installation] Package order in package groups (obones)
0002169: [00 JVCL Components] TJvLabel HotTrack failed to go back in normal font (user72)
0002187: [99 Other] minor update french translation JVCLInstall.po and correction minor for installation program (obones)
0002215: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFindReplaceDialog whole word check is dubious. (user72)
0002216: [00 JVCL Components] TJvEditor doesn't set modified flag if Lines.Text is set (user72)
0002217: [00 JVCL Components] JvFindReplace doesn't start ReplaceAll operation form caret position (user72)
0002213: [00 JVCL Components] JvFindReplaceDialog doesn't use initial value of FindText (user72)
0002214: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFindReplaceDialog.ReplaceAll doesn't ensure dialogs exist (user72)
0002212: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFindReplaceDialog doesn't error if EditControl not assigned. (user72)
0002197: [03 Donations] Hottracking on TJvSpeedButton like Office 2003 Speedbuttons (user72)
0002188: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBImage issue (user72)
0002142: [00 JVCL Components] FClipboardCommands not set in JvExMask.pas (obones)
0002164: [00 JVCL Components] CopyToClipboard on RichEdit doesn't work (user72)
0002181: [04 Feature Request] property for default popup menu edition (copy paste...) for JvRichedit, (user72)
0002194: [00 JVCL Components] TJvgSpeedButton creates its own TCanvas (user72)
0002046: [00 JVCL Components] TjvPageControl error in win98 en win2000 pro (user72)
0002052: [00 JVCL Components] TJvChangeNotify.Active := False blocks System (user72)
0001491: [00 JVCL Components] TJvChangeNotify crashes on deactivating in onChange event (user72)
0002190: [00 JVCL Components] Exception EZeroDevide / RunTimeError 216 (remkobonte)
0002179: [00 JVCL Components] AV in TJvDockServer.DestroyDockPanelAndSplitter (remkobonte)
0002160: [00 JVCL Components] TJvButtonShapes : type o's (AHUser)
0002007: [00 JVCL Components] HTMLParser eventless tag parsing (user72)
0002158: [00 JVCL Components] TJvXPCustomButton.SetDefault raise an exeption when placed on frame and .Default property set to True (user72)
0001947: [00 JVCL Components] Enhancements for Calender TJvTFDays (obones)
0002144: [00 JVCL Components] crash when jvxctrls add to uses on fewcomputer (user72)
0002167: [00 JVCL Components] EventString[] Property never returns anything (user72)
0002437: [00 JVCL Components] Fatal: '"C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi7\Projects\Bpl"\DJclVcl.dcp' does not exist - don't know how to make it
0002376: [02 Installation] Installation error
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Released 2004-09-23
0002166: [00 JVCL Components] TJvAppIniFileStorage and float properties (jfudickar)
0002275: [00 JVCL Components] Appstorage odd result (jfudickar)
0002316: [00 JVCL Components] JvFormPlacement (jfudickar)
0002322: [00 JVCL Components] TjvFormStorage unable to restore persistent “storedprops” (jfudickar)
0002152: [00 JVCL Components] CR/LF in string properties (jfudickar)
0002249: [00 JVCL Components] Changing icons when docked form with autohide are docked/undocked (remkobonte)
0001847: [00 JVCL Components] DotNet Docking - DoAutohideControl, DoUnAutohideControl (remkobonte)
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Released 2003-06-25
0002720: [99 Other] Runtime Error on Intel Xeon(EM64T) Prozessor WorkStation (remkobonte)
0002250: [00 JVCL Components] Divide by Zero in function GetCPUSpeed(var CpuSpeed: TFreqInfo): Boolean; (remkobonte)
0002173: [00 JVCL Components] jvIPAddress doesn't work with XPManifest (remkobonte)
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