Released 2014-05-06
0005992: [00 JVCL Components] RadStudio XE2 Designer hangs with JVCL 3.4.7 (AHUser)
0005989: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCheckedMaskEdit lacks ShowButton property (AHUser)
0005994: [00 JVCL Components] Using mouse can't change the width of column (AHUser)
0005986: [00 JVCL Components] Dropping a TJvAppCommand on a data module raises an access violation (AHUser)
0005985: [00 JVCL Components] JvInspector does not work properly in multi-monitor environment (obones)
0005984: [00 JVCL Components] TJvInterpreterExpression not support int64 (AHUser)
0005997: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData - strange behavior (AHUser)
0006002: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCalcEdit button constricts by 2 pixels on each click when VCL Styles enabled (appeared after fixing of 0005998 issue) (AHUser)
0006016: [00 JVCL Components] TJvArrayButton with property CanDown and Downs for make buttons in pressed state (AHUser)
0006018: [00 JVCL Components] FindText has conflict with Windows FindText for C++ builder 2010 (obones)
0006020: [00 JVCL Components] Setting property LabelColor of JvFullColorLabel throws AV (3.47; not listed in above combo) (outchy)
0006024: [02 Installation] installing JVCL 3.47 in Delphi 7 Prof. Error: File not found: 'System.Types.dcu' (AHUser)
0006028: [00 JVCL Components] JvCreateProcess - Console example incorrect output. (obones)
0006037: [00 JVCL Components] Writing to TJvListview.ItemIndex act differently from TListview (AHUser)
0006045: [00 JVCL Components] Incorrect fix of the issue "Mantis 5818" in JvDBGrid.pas again (AHUser)
0006056: [00 JVCL Components] The plugin wizard (version 3.47 of the jvcl) (obones)
0006061: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid double click to resize (with proposition to fix) (AHUser)
0006069: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGrid.CalcSizingState -> Mantis 5818 issue NOT resolved. (AHUser)
0006074: [00 JVCL Components] Bad type definition in TJvDeviceInfo crashed x64 target (AHUser)
0006082: [00 JVCL Components] Fix for 5818 brought error in sizing columns in JvDBGrid (AHUser)
0006085: [00 JVCL Components] TJvWizard.FindNextEnabledPage causes infinite loop in IDE (AHUser)
0006089: [00 JVCL Components] jvcl\devtools\PackagesGenerator\GenerateDefines.pas(46)Fatal: F1026 File not found: 'System.Types.dcu' (AHUser)
0006101: [00 JVCL Components] JvTracker not update OnChange when you move the cursor keys (AHUser)
0006103: [00 JVCL Components] Assign TJvTreeNode.Checked doesn't work (AHUser)
0006127: [00 JVCL Components] TjvOfficeButton Color form position wrong in multiple monitor (AHUser)
0006130: [00 JVCL Components] Property ExplicitWidth does not exist when using Delphi 7 (AHUser)
0006132: [02 Installation] JVCL Installer won't build (AHUser)
0006133: [00 JVCL Components] JvTrayIcon prevents application from closing with FormCloseQuery() (AHUser)
0006137: [02 Installation] JCL installer fails with DelphiXE4 (AHUser)
0006142: [00 JVCL Components] TJvInterpreterIdentifierList.Sort not work in delphi x64 (AHUser)
0006146: [00 JVCL Components] JVSimpleXml SavetoFile Ends up with malformed and unreadable XML File! (AHUser)
0006147: [02 Installation] Install Fatal Error ! ! ! (AHUser)
0006163: [00 JVCL Components] Truncated bookmark in TJvMemoryData (AHUser)
0006164: [00 JVCL Components] Support for old db components in TJvMemoryData is broken (AHUser)
0005996: [00 JVCL Components] Problems with scrolling JvPrvwDoc (TJvPreviewControl) (AHUser)
0005983: [00 JVCL Components] CheckWin32Version which is used in several components has a bug in Delphi 6 (obones)
0006003: [00 JVCL Components] Dans un TJVRICHEDIT on ne peux plus surdéfinir la fonction OnContextPopup (obones)
0006005: [00 JVCL Components] When using TJvBalloonHint as application hint, the MaxWidth is not respected (obones)
0006023: [00 JVCL Components] WordWrap property to JvOutlookBar (obones)
0006067: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDateTimePicker causes Exception when using NullDate (obones)
0006093: [00 JVCL Components] TJvImageList has no straightforward way to add images (AHUser)
0006118: [00 JVCL Components] AutoSort in JvDBUltimGrid (2) (obones)
0006141: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBGrid block with multiple select. (obones)
0006145: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTimeEdit not always displays 00:00 (obones)
0006151: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryDataSet - GoToBookmark doesn't work (AHUser)
0006174: [00 JVCL Components] jvDBLookup and jvDBLookupTreeView don't search by Chars of codes greater than 255 (ex. Polish letters) (AHUser)
0006180: [99 Other] HPPEMIT lines in JvDataProvider causes problem in C++ (obones)
0006181: [00 JVCL Components] EOutOfResources in TJvPreviewControl (obones)
0006182: [00 JVCL Components] Incorrect drawing on TJvDBGrid's title after mouse cursor (obones)
0006190: [00 JVCL Components] Reorganize Columns in Select Columns Dialog of TJvDBGrid (obones)
0006192: [00 JVCL Components] JvInterpreterAdapter - wrong sorting in SortMethodIdentifier (obones)
0006193: [00 JVCL Components] Access violation calling TJvCustomCsvDataSet.Destroy (obones)
0006197: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDialButton lacks mouse-related properties (obones)
0006198: [00 JVCL Components] SetFocus called without check for CanFocus (AHUser)
0006205: [00 JVCL Components] The issue on TJvFilenameEdit control (AHUser)
0006206: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCsvDataset.locate fails when loPartialKey and cursor is not positioned (AHUser)
0006209: [02 Installation] Package Generator (and JVCL Installer) treats win64 as win32 (obones)
0006211: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSimScope.UpdateTimeSteps can be set to ZERO in Delphi IDE (XE4.1 tested) (AHUser)
0006214: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSimScope.Destroy memory leak (obones)
0006215: [00 JVCL Components] Unit JvLED: forgotten OnChange property (AHUser)
0006223: [00 JVCL Components] [TJvXPMenuItemPainter] Publish BorderColor (USchuster)
0006224: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomDBComboBox.UpdateDropDownItems additional (e.g. UseDisplayText) property (AHUser)
0006226: [00 JVCL Components] TJvComboBox.Add raises Access Violation when CharCase<>ecNormal (AHUser)
0006229: [00 JVCL Components] Small changes in TJvArrayButton to correct painting without flickering (AHUser)
0006230: [00 JVCL Components] TJvBrowseForFolderDialog ignores active monitor (obones)
0006231: [00 JVCL Components] WantReturns always set to true (obones)
0006232: [00 JVCL Components] Optimization of CopyFieldValue in JvMemoryDataset.pas (obones)
0006233: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData.FixReadOnlyFields should be public (obones)
0006234: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData imports indexes incorrectly (obones)
0006235: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData has unnecessary field (obones)
0006236: [00 JVCL Components] TJvMemoryData tries to write to readonly fields (obones)
0006239: [03 Donations] Continuation from issue id 0005793 -- allow strings in TJvSpinEdits (obones)
0006240: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBSpinEdit wrong appearance with MinValue/MaxValue (obones)
0006245: [00 JVCL Components] i can't compile jvcl wiht delphi 2007 (obones)
0006246: [00 JVCL Components] TJvxCheckListBox does not support 64 bit delphi properly (AHUser)
0006260: [00 JVCL Components] TJvArrayButton canvas font setting (AHUser)
0006268: [00 JVCL Components] DBLookup controls doesn't supports themes (AHUser)
0006269: [00 JVCL Components] DBLookup controls doesn't appear themed as Delphi ones (AHUser)
0006270: [00 JVCL Components] FileList items being populated twice (AHUser)
0006271: [00 JVCL Components] Error using JVBalloonHint with Application Style in Delphi XE4 (AHUser)
0006273: [00 JVCL Components] 64bit: Access violation when streaming richedit data (AHUser)
0006275: [00 JVCL Components] Very poor performance of JvMemoryData on large datasets (AHUser)
0006279: [00 JVCL Components] TJvStandardPage appearence with application styles (AHUser)
0006159: [00 JVCL Components] Two functions to be removed for XE2+ from JvJCLUtils (AHUser)
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