Released 2009-01-21
0004664: [00 JVCL Components] [TJvMemoryData] func. SaveToDataSet never calls EnableControls (obones)
0004657: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTabBar.OnTabClosing breaks "close buttons" mechanism if a modal dialog is invoked (AHUser)
0004233: [00 JVCL Components] TJvGIFAnimator - blinking (AHUser)
0004647: [00 JVCL Components] JvMemo doesn't call OnKeyDown in HideCaret mode (AHUser)
0004641: [00 JVCL Components] jvHTMLParser(v3.35 for delphi2009) can't parse html, and the example jvHTMLParserProj.exe can't parse html too. (AHUser)
0004393: [00 JVCL Components] Setting the Selected property of TJvTreeView does not trigger the OnSelectionChange event (obones)
0004620: [00 JVCL Components] Invalid pointer operation in JvDBSearchComboBox (obones)
0004622: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBSearchComboBox crash with Delphi 2009 (obones)
0004600: [00 JVCL Components] JvSpeedButton's alignment doesn't work (AHUser)
0004626: [00 JVCL Components] Shift+Click on TJvDbGrid with multiselect hangs up the application(endless loop) (obones)
0004586: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppStorage: No longer load/save char property (obones)
0004624: [00 JVCL Components] TJvgExportHTML does not export anything (obones)
0004629: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppDBStorage should publish SubStorages property (obones)
0004530: [00 JVCL Components] TJvWideEditor display Unicode String Error (obones)
0004604: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCsvDataSet uses wrong separator in call to JvCsvStrToFloat (obones)
0004599: [00 JVCL Components] JVCL installer destroys (obones)
0004584: [00 JVCL Components] JvLabel hot tracking not working (obones)
0004587: [03 Donations] JvColorCombo: Make the SampleText accessible (obones)
0004565: [00 JVCL Components] Information of not-shown forms is lost (obones)
0004483: [00 JVCL Components] crash in component JvID3v2 when running .commit command (remkobonte)
0004628: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBFindEdit.DataField cannot be removed if was set once (obones)
0004617: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTrayIcon.SetSwingForthAndBack improper implementation and absence (AHUser)
0004572: [00 JVCL Components] JvSpinEdit: Cannot enter negative value directly if actual value is 0 (AHUser)
0004591: [00 JVCL Components] TJvLogFile is affected by bug 0004540, Unicode bug for AnsiString(0000013#10) (AHUser)
0004605: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid [ and JvDBUltimGrid?] cannot be created in Korean. Access violation occurs (AHUser)
0004602: [02 Installation] Multi IDE Install, 2009 Selects incorrect bpl path (AHUser)
0004592: [00 JVCL Components] TJvGifAnimator is gone from Nov 18th's daily build (AHUser)
0004593: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSpeedButton caption doesn't move when it's pushed (AHUser)
0004585: [00 JVCL Components] JvSpeedButton + Vista glassform: not displayed properly while inside a container (AHUser)
0004581: [02 Installation] Please remove JvUIBD9* references from "Target" section of "D9 Packages.bdsgroup" file! (AHUser)
0004574: [02 Installation] JVCL installer destroys CB2009's include and library path (AHUser)
0004567: [00 JVCL Components] Jv3rd dependencie is not removed in all packages (AHUser)
0004391: [00 JVCL Components] TJvInspector - Editing the caption property for objects of type TSpeedButton does not trigger event (AHUser)
0004351: [00 JVCL Components] Move JvgMailSlot into main part of library (Jv) (AHUser)
0004479: [00 JVCL Components] jvHTMLParser has a bug! (AHUser)
0004394: [00 JVCL Components] SelectedCount is not consistent with CodeGear's VCL functionalities (AHUser)
0004521: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHLEditor is not performing Global Copy/Paste (AHUser)
0004392: [00 JVCL Components] TjvImageList does not Draw. (AHUser)
0004385: [00 JVCL Components] transparency bug in TJvgGroupBox (AHUser)
0004520: [00 JVCL Components] JvRichEditToHtml.pas - ConvertToHtmlStrings changing font style on second character (AHUser)
0004410: [00 JVCL Components] TjvGridPrinter does not print column zero (AHUser)
0004454: [00 JVCL Components] In Delphi 2009 TJvFileNameEdit andT JvFolderEdit do not display unicode filenames correctly (AHUser)
0004557: [00 JVCL Components] JvNavPanelHeader lacks Mouse Enter/Leave events (AHUser)
0004559: [00 JVCL Components] JvFormPlacement (AHUser)
0004560: [00 JVCL Components] JclAppInst - incorrect CMD strings (AHUser)
0004562: [00 JVCL Components] JvTrayIcon and Application.MainFormOnTaskbar (AHUser)
0004558: [02 Installation] JVCL Installer Package Selection ChecklistBox has painting problems (AHUser)
0004495: [00 JVCL Components] JvId3v2 crashes when calling methods CopyFromID3v1 and CopyToID3v1 (remkobonte)
0004555: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTracker missing properties and events of TWinControl (AHUser)
0004463: [00 JVCL Components] JvDateEdit's calendar dialog pops in weird places with a form not on the primary monitor. (AHUser)
0004507: [00 JVCL Components] TJvAni can't load *.ANI files under Delphi 2009. (AHUser)
0004514: [00 JVCL Components] Cannot free JvNTEventlog thread (AHUser)
0004491: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCsvDataSet has issues with floating point values (AHUser)
0004319: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTimerThread incompatibility (AHUser)
0004505: [00 JVCL Components] JvValidateEdit allows entering DecimalSeparator more than once (with patch) (AHUser)
0004430: [00 JVCL Components] Addition to TJVRichEdit (and sample) (AHUser)
0004422: [00 JVCL Components] JvFBGrid Column Titles (AHUser)
0004462: [00 JVCL Components] With a form on a secondary monitor, JvDBLookupCombo drops down to the wrong monitor (AHUser)
0004386: [04 Feature Request] add Periodical property to TJvTrayIcon component (AHUser)
0004554: [02 Installation] Property editors aren't registered on the first install. (AHUser)
0004552: [00 JVCL Components] JvGradient bug: expands like alClient when pasting (AHUser)
0004553: [00 JVCL Components] formstorage designer is too small (AHUser)
0004551: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCheckBox, DataConnector: If Field is null, Checkbox is Checked (AHUser)
0004536: [00 JVCL Components] JvHotTrackPersistent.hpp 'System' is no element of 'system' (AHUser)
0004550: [99 Other] TjTFWeeks, TjTFMonths, TjTFScheduler, JvTFGlanceTextViewer bugs and requests (AHUser)
0004543: [00 JVCL Components] JvWizard do not allow to set empty subtitle on page (AHUser)
0004537: [00 JVCL Components] JvJVCLUtils - Update and added function's description that donated by me. (AHUser)
0004532: [00 JVCL Components] CheckedCombobox does not have anchor setting (AHUser)
0004529: [00 JVCL Components] TJvInterpreter have a Bug when use Set property (AHUser)
0004511: [02 Installation] Installation in Delphi 2007 gives compiling error message compiling JvPluginD11D.bpl (AHUser)
0004540: [00 JVCL Components] Can't use sLineBreak in D2009 for jveditor.pas GetselText (AHUser)
0004528: [00 JVCL Components] TJvEditor bug (obones)
0004538: [00 JVCL Components] Exception in TjvCsvDataset (obones)
0004534: [00 JVCL Components] Compile error during installation (obones)
0004533: [00 JVCL Components] JvComputerInfoEx Hardwareprofile/GUID does not work with D2009 (obones)
0004230: [00 JVCL Components] Sort on non-data fields in TJvMemoryData (obones)
0004445: [02 Installation] Installation failed (obones)
0004453: [02 Installation] Installation stops (obones)
0004471: [00 JVCL Components] TJVDBRadioPanel don´t show corretly information when EVENTS GET/SET text are present (obones)
0004518: [00 JVCL Components] AV when deleting a JvMainMenu in designer; IDE becomes unstable (obones)
0004513: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCreateProcess and console application causes EAccessViolation in CB2009 (AHUser)
0004508: [00 JVCL Components] JvJCLUtils - StrToFloatDef (Index error) (AHUser)
0004506: [00 JVCL Components] procedure BoundsChanged of TJvEx???? missing message WM_MOVE (AHUser)
0004497: [00 JVCL Components] Application don't answer after TjvDice is stopped (obones)
0004485: [00 JVCL Components] tjvhlEditor is dispalynig some odd "++++" like symbols after the end of the line characters for each populated line (obones)
0004492: [02 Installation] not enough parameter error, in TjvTranslator.pas when installing jvcl 3.35 package . (obones)
0004464: [00 JVCL Components] installer does not compile!!! (obones)
0004484: [00 JVCL Components] JvMemoryData doesn't display field information when it is filled. (obones)
0004467: [00 JVCL Components] Bug in TJvMemoryData.GetFieldData + Delphi 2009 (obones)
0004461: [02 Installation] BPL directory on a system with dual installation of D2007 and D2009 is wrong (obones)
0004466: [00 JVCL Components] JvJCLUtils.StrToFloatDef is in conflict with SysUtils.StrToFloatDef (obones)
0004542: [00 JVCL Components] TJvID3v2 writing invalid headers
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