Released 2005-01-19
The stable release of JVCL 3.00
0002673: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBUltimGrid - TBitmap ambiguity in C++ Builder 6 (obones)
0002808: [00 JVCL Components] jvThread CANNOT show Dialog when Start thread again. (jfudickar)
0003047: [00 JVCL Components] Add property to disable/hide checkbox to 'Show Tips on Startup?' in JvTipOfDay (jfudickar)
0003034: [00 JVCL Components] Please use Field.DisplayText instead of Field.AsString in TJvDBCustomSearchComboBox.ReadList (jfudickar)
0003103: [00 JVCL Components] Update JvJCLUtils.pas (bug fixed) (jfudickar)
0003083: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppFileXMLStorage.IsFolderInt disfunctional (jfudickar)
0003090: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDatabaseBaseAction descendants do not fire OnExecute and OnExecuteDataSource events (jfudickar)
0002128: [00 JVCL Components] JvDocking - Changing hat runtime (remkobonte)
0002822: [00 JVCL Components] TJvAppXMLFileStorage.ReadString bug if string containsLineFeed characters (jfudickar)
0002493: [00 JVCL Components] jvEdit.Flat inside a frame does not work (remkobonte)
0002096: [00 JVCL Components] JvDBGrid and sorting lookup fields (obones)
0001674: [00 JVCL Components] Row height, graphics and memo fields in TJvDBGrid (obones)
0002788: [02 Installation] Installer does not work on WinNT :-( (AHUser)
0002771: [00 JVCL Components] Error after close JvDockableForm with children’s forms (remkobonte)
0002776: [00 JVCL Components] Error code 5 - Access Violation - TJvListView (user72)
0002781: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppEvents bug : JvAppInstances+JvAppEvents crash [access violation or runtime error 216] (AHUser)
0002646: [00 JVCL Components] AutoHide in TJvDockVSNetStyle mess with dock client componet properties (remkobonte)
0002655: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppXMLStorage.WhiteSpaceReplacement doesn't work with JVCL 3.00 RC 1 (jfudickar)
0002709: [00 JVCL Components] Some tweaks for JvDynControlEngineDB (jfudickar)
0002697: [02 Installation] D5 std Installation fail on 02-25-05 JVCL (AHUser)
0002724: [00 JVCL Components] Cannot set image indexes in TJvTabControl (AHUser)
0002739: [02 Installation] Compilation fail on daily zip (2005-03-10) in JvPageList.pas (306) on Delphi 5 (AHUser)
0002756: [00 JVCL Components] TJvStringGrid.SortGrid Fixed parameter interpretation mismatch (user72)
0002740: [00 JVCL Components] Problem saving Properties in TJvCustomAppStorage (jfudickar)
0002751: [00 JVCL Components] Error with TJvCustomAppStorage and tkChar properties (jfudickar)
0002738: [00 JVCL Components] JvExpressButton not responding to Action caption and Glyph (user72)
0002695: [00 JVCL Components] JvExpressButton not storing font information (user72)
0002722: [00 JVCL Components] TJvEnterAsTab does not react on Checkboxes (user72)
0002657: [02 Installation] AnsiLineBreaks in JvProgramVersionCheck.pas (jfudickar)
0002702: [04 Feature Request] TJvAppXXXStorage can't be in datamodules (jfudickar)
0002587: [00 JVCL Components] Replace TJvCustomRichEdit.InsertBitmap with TJvCustomRichEdit.InsertGraphic, like this... (remkobonte)
0002688: [00 JVCL Components] TJvChangeNotify generates change events even when not Active (user72)
0002579: [04 Feature Request] Minor improvements for JvDynControlEngineDBTools.pas (jfudickar)
0002683: [00 JVCL Components] jvRichEdit.SaveToImage ignores the WordWrap (remkobonte)
0002649: [00 JVCL Components] TJvAppIniFileStorage: Error at designtime (jfudickar)
0002612: [00 JVCL Components] App Storage breaks again (jfudickar)
0002663: [00 JVCL Components] Installation fails with compiler error - JvSystemD7R.bpl (obones)
0002552: [00 JVCL Components] jvSpinEdit Problem with Theme enabled Installation. (obones)
0002546: [02 Installation] Can't compile installer. Undeclared identifier: 'IInterface' (obones)
0002411: [00 JVCL Components] Docking-Crash: Refered to Issue-ID 2409 (obones)
0002679: [00 JVCL Components] LoadDockTreeFromReg hides all opened frames in JvDocking component (remkobonte)
0002671: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppIniFileStorage WriteXXXXX() writes only the last (jfudickar)
0002672: [00 JVCL Components] JvAppIniFileStorage WriteXXXXX() writes only the last (jfudickar)
0002681: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHLEditor (AHUser)
0002660: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHotLink does not execute the given URL any longer (AHUser)
0002611: [00 JVCL Components] jvAppStorage do not reload saved stringlist in registry and perhaps the others (jfudickar)
0002606: [00 JVCL Components] JvBackgrounds code cleanup (Robert Rossmair)
0002614: [00 JVCL Components] problem with empty subtitle text in TJvWizardCustomPage (user72)
0002652: [00 JVCL Components] TJvSimpleXml namespace problem at end tag (user72)
0002637: [00 JVCL Components] JvInspector Access violation exception (AHUser)
0002651: [00 JVCL Components] Latest Cvs Version - Access Violation at Designtime in TJvgLabel paint code - jvglabel.pas (wapostma)
0002653: [00 JVCL Components] TJvWizard: The "Default" property for the "Next" or "Finish" button is hardcoded; need to publish this property (AHUser)
0002605: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCustomAppMemoryFileStorage.GetFullFileName bug? (jfudickar)
0002567: [00 JVCL Components] TjvFormStorage: OnSavePacement doesnt save StoredValues (jfudickar)
0002447: [00 JVCL Components] Defaults for TJvAppRegistryStorage (jfudickar)
0002558: [00 JVCL Components] JvNavPaneToolPanel-Buttons being clicked do not trigger Action.OnExecute-Event (user72)
0002638: [00 JVCL Components] Reload does not empty the storage, if the file is deleted. (obones)
0002633: [00 JVCL Components] TJvAppXMLFileStorage.DeleteSubTree does not work for top level nodes. (obones)
0002634: [00 JVCL Components] Unable to write strings that contain <,> or & chars with TJvAppXMLFileStorage (obones)
0002620: [00 JVCL Components] Run-time constructed AppStorage empties the storage. (obones)
0002599: [00 JVCL Components] OnEnter/OnExit do not occur if JvIPAddress is on the form (obones)
0002626: [00 JVCL Components] SimplePluginDemo doesn't work anymore after compiling MDISample (obones)
0002625: [00 JVCL Components] SimplePluginDemo has unused procedure (obones)
0002624: [00 JVCL Components] SimplePluginDemo doesn't show plugin list (obones)
0002355: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCsvDataSet: inconsistent use of Separator (wapostma)
0002617: [00 JVCL Components] Memory Leak in Constructor of TJvgListBox (robert_marquardt)
0002619: [00 JVCL Components] TjvDropTarget truncate droped filename (robert_marquardt)
0002608: [00 JVCL Components] EInvalidCast error in JvTabBar (AHUser)
0002527: [00 JVCL Components] 3.00 RC1 JvFormStorage creates multiple entries in registry for a form (jfudickar)
0002600: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDBDateEdit in Delphi 2005 missing the NumGlyphs property from the previous version (remkobonte)
0002604: [00 JVCL Components] TJvDockVSNetStyle paint bug (remkobonte)
0002420: [02 Installation] Installation in D7 get FATAL error (obones)
0002452: [00 JVCL Components] FileTimeToDateTime (obones)
0002468: [00 JVCL Components] Jvdatetimepicker.nulldate (obones)
0002473: [00 JVCL Components] TJvValidateEdit forgets DecimalPlaces (obones)
0002405: [00 JVCL Components] TJvCheckTreeView Checked property not reading right array value? (obones)
0002459: [00 JVCL Components] JvNavPaneToolPanel unable to assign TAction to button when using frames (obones)
0002490: [00 JVCL Components] TjvCalcEdit problems (obones)
0002461: [04 Feature Request] Can you add a TJvDbGrid.AlternateRowFontColor property, please ? (obones)
0002563: [04 Feature Request] Change distance between LabelControl and FocusedControl in DynControlEngine (jfudickar)
0002562: [00 JVCL Components] Stack overflow in JvDynControlEngineDBTools.pas (jfudickar)
0002589: [00 JVCL Components] Add in place activation and deactivation events to TJvRichEdit, like this... (obones)
0002597: [02 Installation] 05-02-03 version installation bug. (obones)
0002448: [00 JVCL Components] JVCLConverter missing entry (obones)
0002135: [00 JVCL Components] JvGif could render some part of a gif tranparently but should not (obones)
0002561: [00 JVCL Components] Add Event OnAfterButtonClick to TJvCustomComboEdit (obones)
0002575: [00 JVCL Components] [BUG] TJvDatePickerEdit (obones)
0002578: [00 JVCL Components] Memory Leak in function TJvCustomUpDown.AcceptInteger (obones)
0002555: [02 Installation] installation with thememanager fails (obones)
0002581: [02 Installation] installation file points to wrong version of JCL (obones)
0002566: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTrayIcon does not reappear after Logon/Logoff (remkobonte)
0002565: [00 JVCL Components] No version info avalible in TJvPluginWizard (AHUser)
0002484: [00 JVCL Components] JvFormStorage and Position := poMainFormCenter (jfudickar)
0002526: [00 JVCL Components] 3.00 RC1 JvFormStorage does not restore forms with Postion property of poMainFormCenter (jfudickar)
0002548: [00 JVCL Components] TJvRegistryTreeView doesn't handle special value types (REG_MULTI_SZ, REG_LINK, etc) (user72)
0002553: [00 JVCL Components] Exif Jpeg images not supported in TJvDbImage (user72)
0002519: [00 JVCL Components] JvHttpUrlGrabber freezes application (obones)
0002524: [00 JVCL Components] TJvEditor doesn't invoke OnChange when Lines.Text changed or Lines assigned (AHUser)
0002512: [00 JVCL Components] jvDBGrid will not accept any input in numeric and alfa fields (obones)
0002293: [00 JVCL Components] JvEdit and PasswordChar (remkobonte)
0002525: [00 JVCL Components] TJvHTLabel have not published property Anchors. (obones)
0002510: [00 JVCL Components] SetupApi.pas - static linking bug (obones)
0002507: [00 JVCL Components] TJvFindReplace infinite loop when closing form (remkobonte)
0002346: [00 JVCL Components] TJvTrayIcon stops receiving WM_CONTEXTMENU after BalloonHint (obones)
0002499: [00 JVCL Components] JvRegistryTreeview doesn't work well when a key has null subkeys (JVCL RC1) (user72)
0002495: [00 JVCL Components] Duplicate name TJvImageItem
0002557: [00 JVCL Components] JvDocking report EListError "List index out of bounds" when release on Delphi5 (AHUser)
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