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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0006238200 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2014-12-04Display windows 7 with JvDBStatusLabel
   0006227200 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2014-12-04TJvDatePickerEdit displays corrupt data
   0006221300 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2014-12-04JvAppStorage always store Variants as String
   0006216200 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2014-12-04TJvCheckTreeView does not draw checkboxes
   0006208202 Installationcrashresolved2014-12-04JVCL 3.47 install error (Delphi 7) (460) Error: Unexpected end of file in comment started on line 100
   0006202200 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2014-12-04Word wrap on TjvOtlookbar Items
   0006186300 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2014-12-04JvDriveCombo shows inconsistent behavior when drives disappear
   0006179200 JVCL Componentsfeatureresolved2014-12-04change title color in jvdbultimgrid
   0006162100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2014-12-04TComboBox drop down broken when there is a TJvDesignPanel in same From
   0006099400 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2014-12-04Speech recognition in TJvRichEdit / TJvDBRichEdit
   0006131400 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2014-12-04TJvRollOut collapsed takes a Height which hides all other controls
   0006114500 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2014-12-04TJvValidateEdit: Issues with DisplayFormat of dfFloat
   0006152200 JVCL Componentstrivialresolved2014-12-04TJvRollOut visibility of TWinControl instead of TControl
   0006128200 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2014-12-04IDE-Crash when add JVCL standart action to Actionmanager (DB-Action only)
   0006126200 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2014-12-04Transparency get lost when enabling GlyphStreched on JvTransparentButton
   0006120200 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2014-12-04Problem with unicode support.
   0006111200 JVCL Componentscrashresolved2014-12-04JvxSlider Resize Crash
   0006105200 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2014-12-04TJvCheckBox.CalcAutoSize
   0006092200 JVCL Componentstrivialresolved2014-12-04TJvMemoryData - LoadFromDataSet (lmCopy)
   0006084200 JVCL Componentscrashresolved2014-12-04Problem In jvDBControls, working with type field BCD
   0006076100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2014-12-04JvMainMenu - Showing as a flat menu on the form (Delphi 2007).
   0006073200 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2014-12-04Missing Package for units using 3rdParty controls from developer express
   0006070200 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2014-12-04TJvMemoryData filtering on date values
   0006351200 JVCL Componentsmajoracknowledged2014-12-04jvHidControllerClass not working under Windows 8.1
   0006340100 JVCL Componentsminorfeedback2014-12-04jvInterpreterProgram - Function not return Args values
   0006365100 JVCL Componentsminorfeedback2014-12-04JvDatePickerEdit, access violation
   0006333100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2014-12-04TJvBalloonHint as Application Hint causes second form on taskbar to hide below first
   0006319300 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2014-12-04TJvLabel does not respect Layout when using Angle property <> 0
   0006358 00 JVCL Componentsmajoracknowledged2014-12-04JvCheckTreeView displays wrong state image when the items have been set at design time
   0006345200 JVCL Componentscrashfeedback2014-12-04JvZlibMultiple crashes when directory or file to compress/decompress have unicode chars like Chinese or Greek
   0006330100 JVCL Componentsmajorfeedback2014-12-04jvInterpreterProgram, Com Object problem (ex: CreateOleObject('CDO.Message')), property "To" not accessible
   0006277600 JVCL Componentsminoracknowledged2014-12-04Focus with TJvDbGrid - TWebBrowser
   0006264100 JVCL Componentsminoracknowledged2014-12-04JVDBGrid - Not showing arrow in selected line
   0006286200 JVCL Componentsminoracknowledged2014-12-04TJvValidator / TJvErrorIndicator image is bladly positioned
   0005935200 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2014-09-03TjvImgBtn and TJvHTButton property 'Color' does not work
   0006173202 Installationmajorresolved2014-09-03tried many things but can't solve, fatal: Unable to open file 'JVCORED14R.LIB' error
   0006129300 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2014-09-03JvInterpreter evaluated differently using the GetValue method with point numbers
   0006077202 Installationblockresolved2014-09-03JVCL347CompleteJCL241-Build4571
   0006317100 JVCL Componentsminorfeedback2014-09-03JvDocking: No Close Button on Tabs
   0006200200 JVCL Componentsminoracknowledged2014-09-03TJvDBUltimGrid.SearchNext not working properply when dgRowSelect in Options
   0006306100 JVCL Componentsminorfeedback2014-09-03JVScrollText shows different speed running from Embarcadero Delphi 2010 or shell.
   0006305100 JVCL Componentsblockresolved2014-09-03Problems with JvGIF in JVCLCustomDontrols in Delphi XE6 Update 1
   0006276200 JVCL Componentscrashacknowledged2014-09-03Error access violation JvMemoryData.Loadfromdataset.. XE5
   0006295400 JVCL Componentsminorfeedback2014-09-03Functionality request - TJvRichEditToHtml - TEXT Backgroud Color
   0006258200 JVCL Componentsminoracknowledged2014-09-03Incorrect indicator cell border on TJvDBGrid on Windows XP
   0006257100 JVCL Componentsminoracknowledged2014-09-03Incorrect draw of indicator cell on TJvDBGrid
   0006259 00 JVCL Componentsminoracknowledged2014-09-03Flashing sort marker on TJvDBGrid
   0006255100 JVCL Componentsfeaturefeedback2014-09-03Change TJvCABFile.ExtractFile to allow filename override
   0006251 00 JVCL Componentsminoracknowledged2014-09-03Amendment to improve the display of the calculator
   0006169400 JVCL Componentsminoracknowledged2014-09-03Incorrect position of a hint window with ShowCellHint = True
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