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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0005638300 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2011-09-21IDE did not work correct with installed JVCL / Failures in all Dialogs and Objectinspector
   00056361100 JVCL Componentscrashresolved2011-09-21JvBandObject NX/DEP memory protection error
   0005593300 JVCL Componentscrashresolved2011-09-21Changing caption of TMenuItem of JvPopupMenu while runtime = crash (only when style:=msXP)
   0005591200 JVCL Componentstrivialresolved2011-09-21TJvDBLookupCombo - don't allow changes in KeyDown for VK_UP and VK_DOWN
   0005589100 JVCL Componentscrashresolved2011-09-21TJvID3v2 property Texts expanding causesIDE Error
   0005583400 JVCL Componentsfeatureresolved2011-09-21[TJvTracker] Add properties and correct bug
   0005575400 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2011-09-21TImgBtn memory leak (reported by FastMM4)
   0005573100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2011-09-21StringToHTML   causes #0 (<NUL>) in string
   0005566304 Feature Requestminorresolved2011-09-21TJvRequiredFieldValidator should support trimming before validation
   0005565200 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2011-09-21Rendering speed problem with TJvXPBar on Win7
   0005555100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2011-09-21TJvAviCapture.EnumDrivers does not clear list before adding new entries
   0005551400 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2011-09-21JvDBImage failed to show GIF image
   0005546700 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2011-09-21TJvHidPnPInfo is freed twice
   0005543300 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2011-09-21JVCL338CompleteJCL201-Build3449 -JVDBGrid using official "good" BDE version 5.02.
   00055371200 JVCL Componentscrashresolved2011-09-21JvDebugHandler crashes the Delphi XE IDE
   0005535400 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2011-09-21[TJVCheckedCombobox] Property "CheckCount" doesn't seem to work fine when using "Invert all" (popupmenu)
   0005527400 JVCL Componentsblockresolved2011-09-21JvDebugHandler with UnhadledExceptionsOnly do not call default exception handler
   0005519400 JVCL Componentsfeatureresolved2011-09-21TJvWizardRouteMapSteps - Multiline for long page captions
   0005518600 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2011-09-21TJvWizardRouteMapSteps - ShowNavigators not considered in DetectPage method
   0005502100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2011-09-21Hid.pas: Incorrect Windows version test in LoadHid funcion
   0005500402 Installationblockresolved2011-09-21"Invalid code page" when trying to install JVCL
   0005487300 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2011-09-21JvDBCombobox and UpdateFieldImmediatelly
   0005486100 JVCL Componentscrashresolved2011-09-21function CompareRecord in JvDBUtils wasn't fixed right way.
   0005485100 JVCL Componentscrashresolved2011-09-21Invalid variant operation in JvDBUtils.pas because of mistake
   0005482202 Installationmajorresolved2011-09-21Installation of JVCL from 2011-02-15 09:36:54 UTC fails under D6
   0005481800 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2011-09-21jvRichEdit does not expose the default context popup menu
   0005479200 JVCL Componentsblockresolved2011-09-21TJvMemoryData.CreateIndexList mistake
   0005477800 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2011-09-21JvCabFile does not extract files from archive's subdirectory
   0005472300 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2011-09-21TJvTFDays.GetMinorLabel
   0005463400 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2011-09-21SubStrBySeparator function doesn't work with 'empty' substring
   0005456300 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2011-09-21JvValidateEdit/JvCustomEdit OnChange event called on Component Loading
   0005452700 JVCL Componentstweakresolved2011-09-21JvLoginDialog-Window is not visible in Taskbar
   0005450200 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2011-09-21JTvTreeView HideSelection property does not work
   0005445200 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2011-09-21TJvCheckTreeView checkboxes can not be toggled with click in D2010
   0005443300 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2011-09-21TJvOfficeColorPanel does not properly update itself when SelectedColor property is set at runtime
   0005439100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2011-09-212 serious flaws in TJvStringGrid.AutoSizeCol
   0005434100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2011-09-21AssignRecord automatically rounds float values
   0005433100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2011-09-21Access violation when field associated in FieldName of TJvDBGrid don't exists in dataset
   0005432100 JVCL Componentstweakresolved2011-09-21TJVFooter.Pas: Patch for correct button-position even if some buttons are not visible
   0005264500 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2011-09-21Error in Data Received by jvHidController in Delphi 2010 compared to correct data received in Delphi 7
   0005261700 JVCL Componentscrashresolved2011-09-21Latest JVCL SVN, TJvFormStorage and AV
   0005054200 JVCL Componentstrivialresolved2011-09-21Progamatically setting JvAviCapture VideoFormat Size
   0005053100 JVCL Componentstweakresolved2011-09-21JvDBUltimGrid Search with no focus not working
   0005017204 Feature Requestfeatureresolved2011-09-21TJvMaskEdit: Don't validate on exit
   00049721000 JVCL Componentsfeatureresolved2011-09-21Double-click to resize a column in JvDbGrid (Like ListView)
   0004845100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2011-09-21TJvDBDateTimePicker not posting changes back to the database
   0004780900 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2011-09-21TJvFilenameEdit not working with localized filename on D7
   0004715200 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2011-09-21StateImage icons disappear from JvCheckTreeView when i use dock
   0005655100 JVCL Componentsfeatureresolved2011-09-21I need a component that returns the MD5 hash from files and long strings
   0005652102 Installationmajorresolved2011-09-21JEDI Components doesn't install in RAD Studio 2007
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