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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0005799100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-06-11JvAppStorage connected with JvAppRegistryStorage PROBLEM
   0005182900 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2012-06-11TJvCaptionButton doesn't paint correctly on MDI child form.
   0005267800 JVCL Componentstrivialresolved2012-06-11JVID3V2 frame length error when tag is v2_4
   0005277803 Donationsminoracknowledged2012-06-11Donation Components
   0005805302 Installationcrashresolved2012-06-11It have a error when start c++builder 6.0 with jvcl
   0005896101 Helpmajorresolved2012-06-11Run to cursor (F4) does not work on Delphi Xe2
   0005882100 JVCL Componentsblockresolved2012-06-11AssignRecord is does not copy NULL values
   0005890100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2012-06-11TJvNavigationPane editor of pages in the designtime doesn't work correctly on Delphi XE
   0005877200 JVCL Componentstrivialresolved2012-06-11The TJVFormAutosize doesn't work with Delphi XE2. The controls on the form doesn't resize and appear too big in whatever screen
   0005859200 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-06-11TJvCheckTreeView: checkboxes in tree view do not behave correctly
   0005851100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-06-11Incorrect component registration in JvStdCtrlsReg.pas
   0005849100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2012-06-11Why not register the stripped version (TJvFormPlacement) of TJvFormStorage
   0005843100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2012-06-11if the parent form is NOT a TCustomForm the function GetParentForm produces an EAcessViolation
   0005836100 JVCL Componentsmajoracknowledged2012-06-11JVCL Lacking Style support in XE2
   0005821100 JVCL Componentsfeatureresolved2012-06-11Feature request OnProgress in TJvSHFileOperation
   0005569300 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-06-11JvCsvDataSet: single double quote in a string field corrupts reading "Reloaded 0004025"
   0005521200 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-06-11bug 5190 reappeared from revision 12821 (jvDBlookup don't refresh displayValue when lookupindex is the same value of the previou
   0005536400 JVCL Componentsfeatureresolved2012-06-11Sort Property enhancement
   0004849504 Feature Requestfeatureresolved2012-06-11Update Delphi style
   0005811100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2012-06-11TjvFormStorage not remembering maximised state for MDI child forms since Delphi XE
   0005734400 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-06-11Stylings for all widgets disappears at runtime in C++ Builder projects
   0005803200 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-06-11JvSpeedItems lose transparency!
   0005738200 JVCL Componentsfeatureresolved2012-06-11JvNTEventLog OnChange retrieves only every 5 sec
   0005722300 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2012-06-11Cannot dynamically create subclass of TJvPlugIn, and donate fixed code.
   0005586700 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-06-11TJvTreeView.OnNodeCheckedChange triggered when moving tree node
   0005790700 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2012-06-11Missing Package for units using 3rdParty controls from developer express
   0005579700 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2012-06-11TJvValidateEdit: Issues with DisplayFormat of dfFloat with DecimalPlaces on x64 PT
   0005385800 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-06-11TJvValidateEdit has a bug in DecimalSeparator handling.
   0005648200 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-06-11JvPanel Transparent borders troubles
   0005635300 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-06-11JvImage 'Disabled' picture is not correctly displayed
   0005634300 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2012-06-11TJvComboBox not set Font.Color after setting new EmptyValue in Runtime
   0005886102 Installationblockresolved2012-05-21JVCL components cannot be loaded into IDE when 64-bit version installed in XE2
   00050234100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-03-22ManualTabDock fails to work first time and works incorrectly subsequent times, Dock to Tab Grabber invisibility.
  0005830 00 JVCL Componentsfeatureresolved2012-03-12Restore the Runtime ExecuteVerb feature to the JvCsvDataset designtime code.
  0005783200 JVCL Componentsfeatureresolved2012-03-12Add feature: JV Docking should notify client TForms when they are docked and undocked.
   0005431104 Feature Requestminorresolved2012-02-29TJvWavePlayer component lacks a way to immediately cancel a looping sound file
   0005429100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-02-29JvDbGrid Access violation for hint raised on header that occupies two rows
   0005428102 Installationmajorresolved2012-02-29Can not find JvFormStorage.dcu
   0005422300 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-02-29TJvDBGrid RowResize
   0005421100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-02-29TJvCheckTreeView and TJvEmbeddedFormPanel / TJvEmbeddedInstanceFormPanel
   0005419500 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2012-02-29TJvDBGrid
   0005412400 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-02-29# 5396
   0005411100 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2012-02-29The option dgAlwaysShowEditor of JvDBGrid does not work as the standard DBGrid one
   0005405100 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-02-29When moving a TLabel on a JvDesignPanel the handles do not follow the TLabel
   0005403200 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2012-02-29JvJCLUtils.pas vulnerable to a buffer overflow that allows malicious code execution
   0005389600 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-02-29JvStrToHtml.HtmlToString do not converts characters { and ሴ
   0005388300 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2012-02-29Bug on page changing of JvWizard with JvWizardRouteMapList
   0005379300 JVCL Componentsminorresolved2012-02-29TJvTimeEdit does not function properly when using the spin buttons with HOUR24 set to FALSE
   0005374300 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-02-29JvDataProvider.hpp(116): E2034 Cannot convert '_di_IInterface' to '_GUID' Full parser context Unit1.cpp(6):
   0005363200 JVCL Componentsmajorresolved2012-02-29JvMemoryDataset and type timeStamp
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